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Syria Demands UN Investigate Terrorists’ Chlorine Bombing of Aleppo

image-Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Walid Moallem - Aleppo

Syria’s Foreign & Expatriates Ministry has sent letters to UN Secretary-General and to the Director-General of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), demanding an immediate investigation into last night’s terrorists’ bombings of four Aleppo neighborhoods, with ground-to-ground bomb canisters filled with weapons-grade chlorine.

These letters “stressed that attacking residential neighborhoods in Aleppo City by terrorist organizations came as a result of facilitating terrorists’ access to chemical substances by some states.”

At this time, 107 civilians have been stricken by these attacks, many of whom remain hospitalized, receiving supplemental oxygen, and intravenous fluids to help cleanse the poison from their bodies.

Russian Minister of Defense Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov stated that troops have been dispatched to the area with chemical protection equipment. Konashenkov reported that Russia had bombed terrorist targets in the “demilitarized” zone, from which some of the Aleppo bombings came. He also noted that intelligence data continues to show further chemical attacks are planned by these terrorists.

The most piercingly accurate remarks came from General Vladimir Shamanov, Head of the Defense Committee at Duma Council. He unequivocally stated that these chemical attacks “should become the focus of attention by the international organizations on top of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).”

General Vladimir Shamanov.

“The OPCW should express a direct response to these events in Aleppo and shouldn’t be preoccupied with directing plays for the (White Helmets)…and they should immediately head for the site of these events, but it seems that they don’t do that,” he stated.

According to SANA, “the Russian Parliamentarian noted that the absence of a reaction by the OPCW towards this attack represents a ‘farcical and clear play for all which proves the bias of the international organizations which don’t implement their official duties, but they work according to political approaches, and this is what they shouldn’t do.”’

The three sources are finally calling the death squad White Helmets, “terrorists,” instead of merely noting their affiliations with takfiri savages.

Moscow plans to have a chit-chat with Ankara, as Turkey is the guarantor of the cessation of hostilities by al Qaeda which still occupies Idlib.

Turkey’s guarantees are worth as much as Qatar’s.

Miri Wood

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