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Syria: Deep State Use of 5th Column/Mercs for War Propaganda

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Syria is making international headlines again, specifically involving Idlib and more specifically involving the threats by the Three Stooges of geopolitics offering protection to the world’s human garbage, who have settled this governate since the early days of the crisis. That the leaders of France, UK, US have changed since 2011 yet continue the same war criminal policies of their predecessors gives evidence that “democracy” should be entered in the next DSM-R, as a paraphilia. 



Deja vu?

Again, for the record, more than 100 countries around the globe have found an inexpensive way to deal with the criminally insane of their populations: Dump them into the Syrian Arab Republic, call them “moderate Syrian opposition,” insist the media call the moral and criminal degenerates “heroes,” give them lots of money, expensive cameras, and weapons and then bomb the country that tries to defend itself within its legal boundaries. Any competent shrink will state that telling raving lunatics that they are sane is not the way to cure them — or at least keep them from being dangers to themselves or others.

But geopolitics is not concerned with reality, and neither are the various sects — fake conservative, fake liberal, fake neutral — of MSM engaged in pimping perpetual war for the perpetual deep state.

A simple rule of thumb to designate deep state media is whichever ones support the breach of international law, explained in the Geneva Treaties. Journalists who breach Nuremberg Principle VI are members of the deep state.

US strikes in Syria may be lawful if Syria consents to the use of force in their country. If Syria does not consent, the strikes would violate international law, unless the US demonstrates that the strikes were taken in self-defense. — Sarah Knuckey, international lawyer and Professor at Columbia Law School.

Inflicted international mourning for John McCain has been the dominant force in news this past week. Nonetheless, during the occasional commercial breaks, the Terrorists Trio continue to threaten Syria, and the usual suspects of media sources have begun re-runs the tired, war whoring script of bathetic pre-emptive grief for those eternal and infernal “lasts” (see December 2016 Aleppo report, here, and April 2018 Douma report, here .). Though many suspect another bombing of Syria by US/UK/France is imminent, it is likely that Washington wants to inter McQaeda first, and also give the MSM the opportunity to interview members of al-Qaeda playing crybabies about their future.

It is simple to recognize the psy-ops once one knows for what to look.  Money and statistical impossibilities are always a helpful start. Consideration should also be given to the utility of various 5th columnists, wetworkers, and assorted mercenaries (whose job descriptions generally overlap). Worth consideration, also, is if they are worth more dead or alive.

Of the many fake journalists with their fake NGOs and their being embedded with every faction of alQaeda in Syria, none was reported to have come from wealth (one was reported to have been homeless in his home country), yet no questions were ever asked about how they got the money to move — illegally — into the SAR.

The US, UK, and Japanese operatives cum orangettes were deemed of more worth dead than alive. Once Syria joined the OPCW, the west needed a new cover story to bomb, and so came the productions of their alleged beheadings. American terrorist Eric Harroun had no value once he returned home, and soon after charges were dropped against him, he conveniently died, quietly, of a drug overdose.

American terrorist in Syria, ‘disabled’ Eric Harroun slaughtered Syrians with FSA and Nusra before returning home to overdose on heroin.

There was no financial backstory to explain how Matthew VanDyke managed to travel throughout the African continent and parts of Asia, with the debt of a Bachelor’s and Master’s hanging over his head. Actually, there is no evidence that prior to being a “film-maker” and mercenary, the only job the man ever had was to teach some English somewhere in Iraq.

Back in 2013, when the American illegal in Syria,  VanDyke . noted that the FSA had weapons of mass destruction, was prepared to use them to blame on the Syrian government, and that “Assad has nothing to gain from chemical weapon use. He is already winning the war.” This American illegal who embedded with terrorists in both Libya and Syria, also stated that “The fact is, if it wasn’t for the foreign fighters and Jabhat al Nusra, we’d be in serious shit right now, military” (both statements were issued from the terrorist-occupied section of Aleppo).

VanDyke has cleverly protected himself against accidental drug overdoses and unsolved hit and runs (as happened to Mr. Rosas, three months after putting the exploding Coca Cola on Omar Torrijos’ airplane. Poor traitor probably didn’t get a chance to spend his silver coins). He created what can be described as a private mercenary company — while maintaining obscene ‘charitable’ 501(c)(3) NP status  — that reputedly goes around the world ‘training minority Christians,’ and is frequently given the deep state faux conservative Fox News audience from which to fund raise. One may wonder how many pious Christians would open their wallets were they to know the complete story: His military training comes from alQaeda (likely true Christians would be disgusted in discovering his beastial carnal knowledge engagements).


Another notorious American terrorist illegal in Syria does not have durable exist strategy; in fact, he appears to have painted himself into a corner, shot himself in the foot (feel free to add other appropriate cliches).

As with all the backstories of the various 5th columnist/wetworkers/mercenaries who have illegally entered Syria, the one of native New Yorker, Bilal Abdul Kareem — née Darrell Lamont Phelps — glaringly omits how a mostly unemployed comedian and actor managed to become a propaganda tool for NATO. Instead, he first magically appeared as an illegal in Libya, carrying the camera equipment for the war pimping Channel 4, which later gave him a camera in order to give him an award in order to give some substance to his backstory fake bio.

Friends of Channel 4.

Prior to the liberation of Aleppo by the Syrian Arab Army, Kareem split his time as an American illegal in Syria between Idlib and Aleppo. In Syria’s second capital, Kareem bragged when terrorists refused UN foodstuffs, because they demanded a ‘no fly zone’ instead. He puts the word “terrorists” into air quotes — also stating “quote unquote” for the visually impaired — and has interviewed Iraqi and Saudi terrorists on terrorists lists, in addition to interviewing ‘potential’ suicide bombers, a Brit illegal once charged with terrorism and whose medical license is permanently revoked, and the stethoscope-less alQaeda “organ traders” Helmets. The failed actor and comedian also supports the FSA-Zinki savages who kidnapped 12 year old Abdullah Issa from a hospital and cut off his head with a kitchen knife (photographic documentation in “The ‘Rift’ between CNN & Mercenary Bilal Abdul Kareem“).

As though burning his bridges with CNN were not stupid enough, Kareem helped cook his goose by having  a Brit NGO hire a DC law firm to file a complaint to keep him off the ‘kill list’ that he is not on. His ‘evidence’ of almost being killed by various previous drone strikes was his word, and also a dent a a car he included in a video (similarly, as evidence of barely escaping a chlorinated, flying IED, he once coughed…once). Considering that the US obliterated most of al Raqqa, but managed not to harm SDN terrorists Muhaysini and Firas, it is doubtful he has ever been on this list. However, having taken a few too many stupid pills he has now given a cover story for an early demise.

Perhaps his recent video will be among his last acting gigs? Though giggling that this is a trench ‘somewhere in Idlib,’ maybe it is a set in al Tanf, at the illegal US military base. Surely he is not so dumb as to believe the cap keeps him safe from SAAF pilots who would bomb him because they recognize his ”foreign” scalp?



American illegal Stephen Sotloff to American illegal VanDyke: “So the trick is to get kidnapped.”

Though the giddy fool is the last western fake journalist in Syria, the script for his dispensation has already been written on the wall. The screams for saving al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib come from more weighty sources, though all of the ‘usual suspects’ — most loudly from the politicians of the Terrorist Trio, though much more subtly through the war pimping media.

Swamp-drunk Trump again threatens to protect alQaeda in Idlib.

alQaeda has kidnapped hundreds of Syrian civilians with plans to execute them on the su

spicion of wanting to engage in the Reconciliation process.


NYT has run an ‘opinion’ piece in support of defending the various subsects of alQaeda in Idlib, Syria. The Guardian is doing its best to catch up, after its premature call in December.

Watch for upcoming, award-winning emotional war porn (including FX’d and children brutalized for imagery) from AFP, which has provided ample evidence to have its assets seized by France, and by the UN.

Look also for the anomalies in anti-Syria media reporting. If the terrorists create a specific massacre that cannot readily be blamed on Syria, msm will go into overdrive to divert attention from the slaughter, onto a viralized hero, likely a member of the death squad. Remember that the al Rashidin slaughter could not be blamed on the SAR. Upwards of 130 were killed, many children kidnapped. The bombings occurred during an exchange of Syrian captives for terrorists, the latter of whom safely got onto buses and moved to Idlib. Msm did not report on the Statement from Families of Fouaa & Kafraya on the Terrorist Opposition Bombing and the abducted children.

Instead, NATO media around the world reported on the ‘opposition photographer’ who was photographed carrying a child, dead or injured. There was no astonishment that this same man happened to be in Aleppo at a key time and also happened to be in Khan Sheikhoun and had been interviewed on several previous occasions.

Great ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed noted, before fake hero dramatically falls to his knees.

Kareem’s alQaeda reporter was in Rashidin, noting that alQaeda was there. HTS is recognized by Uthe S, France, Britain, and UN as one of al-Qaeda/Nursa Front’s aka’s.

That alQaeda admitted being on the scene of a massacre by alQaeda against Syrians was of no matter to deep state msm.

Syria continues to survive the most heinous international conspiracy in history. President Bashar al Assad continues to keep his promise to liberate every inch of his country from the world’s human garbage. Sane persons would want the same from the leaders of their countries.

Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Do not become susceptible to the deep state’s use of 5th columnists and mercenaries propaganda for the criminally insane.

Miri Wood

Syria’s response to the threats from Trump to protect alQaeda in Idlib:



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