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Syria, “De-Escalation Zones” and Ignorant Putinists

image-de-escalation zones in Syria agreement

The Putin-lovers (who support the Russian oligarchy instead of the US- and EU-oligarchy) say that the “safe zones” / “de-escalation zones” in Syria would prevent US-led coalition jets flying in. They repeat what the Russians said a day or so ago, and they celebrate this as big move by their idol, Putin.

I just dare to ask: Are these people brain-dead or desperate?


  1. These “zones” (give them the ‘Teletubbies’ names you like) are a blatant violation of the sovereignty of Syria – a nation that has been brutally crippled and devastated by the bloody Western imperialism for such a long time now. This “deal” between Turkey, Iran, Russia is nothing else but a brazen violation of International Law and a violation of the Syrian sovereignty, especially as the Syrian government was not allowed to take part in the negotiations. The “deal” was imposed on Syria by foreign powers in the very same imperialistic manner the Syrians do know so very well.
  2. As Syria was no integral part of the negotiations for the “deal”, it is pretty clear that the deal does NOT reflect, nor represent, the Syrian state, but it represents the interests of those three Non-Syrian nations who made it.
  3. Regardless the fact the Syrian government finally ‘agreed’ to this plan of their two so-called “allies”, Russia and Iran, with Syria’s deadly enemy, Turkey, it appears strange to me that only foreign powers deal with the fate of 21 mil. Syrians and the sovereign Syrian nation.
    How would we like it if this happened to us?
  4. Now the Putinists (Putinkjieh) claim it was clever to not allow the USA to bomb within these zones. Well… wait a second: Don’t these “zones” collect the regional alQaeda- / ISIS- /FSA-terrorists? They do. Why should the US-led “coalition”, which has proven to be alQaeda’s and ISIS’s air-force AGAINST Syria, fly in and bomb those they created to fight the Syrian state led by Assad?
    Hasn’t the “Coalition” – especially since German Luftwaffe (Air Force) went in to take responsibility for the air “surveillance” and targeting – bombed residential areas, water supply units, electric power plants, the only thermal energy plant in Aleppo, hospitals, bridges, the Euphrates dam, schools, refugee-shelters, bridges, roads – in the attempt to genocide Syrians and destroy the infrastructure of the Syrian nation – in a blatant attempt to prevent the Syrian Arab Army from further progress against the western-made proxies of ISIS and alQaeda? Even if the US-“Coalition” would respect the No-Fly-Zone for her terror-bombers: it does not make much sense to attempt prohibiting a killer from killing those he would never kill.
  5. In fact, this “deal” creates “No-Fly-Zones” for the Syrian Arab Air force- the force which is solely authorized to fly within the Syrian airspace, whilst they will not prevent the USA from further killing Syrians, illegally. Hence, these “zones” will not deliver any profit for Syria.

We have to keep in mind that every “ceasefire” yet has ended with the huge enforcement of terrorist groups, armed by the USA, UK, Germany, Turkey. Every enforcement of the terrorists illegally operating in Syria ended in the deaths of many Syrian soldiers, being killed by the US- and EU-made terrorists brought into Syria within the time frame of ceasefires.
Why do the Putinists assume that this will be different this time?

Dear Putinists – please wake up. You are about to fall for a deception. Russia is now fooling you, as they have sold Syria for Turkish-stream and S-400-sales to Erdoganistan – i.e. for profit. As they blatantly sold Syria, they now have to cover their treason with a bluff. Yes – a BLUFF. But regardless how big they blow the balloon – a bluff keeps being a bluff.
Don’t fall for hot air in a shiny bubble.

To end with a positive thought, here is my idea for an alternative “deal”:

  1. All nations integrated into the anti-Syrian “Coalition” immediately stop all their military engagements, especially they withdraw their fighter jets and their military personnel.
  2. All nations engaged into the war by arming, training, funding the terrorists, end their support immediately. No arms supply, no medical aid, no military or secret service support will be delivered.
  3. Syria will be vastly supported financially and militarily – by arms supply, intel, to fight the western-made terrorists until total victory for the heroic Syrian Arab Army and their allies. The costs for this true anti-terrorist-mission are to be paid by the Western and Arab nations.
  4. The Western nations and their regional partners – Turkey, Al Saud, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, ‘Israel’ – agree into Syria’s indisputable right to claim – and receive! – full material compensation for the war.
  5. The Western nations and their regional partners agree on Syria’s indisputable right to receive reparations. These reparations will be paid to the Syrians and the process will be monitored by an international board which is to be established in Damascus.
  6. ‘Israel’ hands the Syrian Golan Heights over to Syria and does pay compensations for the oil, water and other resources stolen by the Zionist regime during the time of annexation.
  7. The USA, EU and all other nations engaged into the anti-Syrian “Coalition” withdraw all military from the region, which also includes Iraq, Jordan and occupied Palestine.
  8. There will be no ‘Kurdish state’ on the soil of Syria (and Iraq). Kurds will be granted cultural rights by Syria and Iraq, for they officially submit to the nation on which’s soil they live, and pledge their loyalty to the Syrian nation, as most of them have done and been integral part of Syria.
  9. All further measures necessary will be taken and granted by the Western nations, monitored by an international board, to fully re-establish the status-quo ante – means: the political, economical, social status-quo of Syria before the Western-imposed war.
  10. All reforms of the political system of Syria are to be decided by the Syrian people only, without any interference. This has to be formally agreed on by all western and regional enemies of Syria.

The author is a German historian and political scientists.

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