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The Past Year in Syria: The Final Days of Armageddon


Miri Wood, R.N.,c. and Arabi Souri

Authors’ note:  As the world’s leading perpetrators of genocide accelerate their plans for a “final solution” against Syria, as their rabid barking dogs of the media ratchet up war criminal lies against Syria, as the UN mafioso clique continues to self-reveal, it is of imperative consequence that reality be shared, in well-documented detail.  This opus is not for those who have become habituated to geopolitical complexities being reduced to 140 ‘characters;’ it is simply for those whose personal characters still require knowledge of the truth.

goddammit.  We are suffering.  We are suffering.   It’s not right, it’s not right.  Change it. Change it my dear.  This isn’t justice.  Goddammit.  Goddammit, so much martyrs.  . — from a friend, in Syria.

Though the statement “Each civilized person in the world should admit he has two home countries; the one he was born in, and Syria,” is attributed, in one form, or another, to historian, archaeologist, and former Director of the Louvre, Andre Parrot, the maxim that “all roads lead to Damascus,” seems untraceable.

No matter, though, like all things great, and subtle, have flowed from the civilization, Syria:  Syrians invented the alphabet; taught the world how to read and write; how to settle in communities that were later converted to the first and continuous cities; taught the world the three divine religions; taught the world how to tame cattle and use them for food and transportation; taught the world music, shipbuilding, and sailing, merchandising and trade, diplomacy, and wisdom; how to receive and host millions of refugees throughout their history.

All things, great, and subtle, weave into the civilization, Syria — including mobile phone companies; including the Michael Myers Halloween horror movies. 

The leaders of the Orwellianly labeled “free world” of colonialist powers of humanity’s greatest genocide, appear to have outed themselves as suffering a new, virulent strain of Mad Hatter Disease, causing an urgent international security need to put them under quarantine.  As it is not possible to do so, physically, it must be done by condemning their every criminal lie.  While France’s neo-Napoleon — who has great difficulty remembering to keep his fly zipped — calls for assassination, UK’s head of state has RAF bombing, against the vote of his own parliament, and the US leader stands amazed at the disappearance of the 60 war criminal fighters that cost the US taxpayers a mere $500,000, every lie of the humanitarian bastards must be unremittingly halted and cauterized.

The only Syrian revolution of the past century occurred when the Syrian people revolted against the yoke of French Mandate occupation.

There is no civil war in Syria; a civil war does not require an invasion of over a quarter of a million foreign mercenaries, nor the foreign infusion of billions of dollars spent on arming them.

The international plot to destroy, carve, and re-occupy Syria, did not abruptly erupt in 2011; it has been meticulously planned, since the early 1990s.

Shattering the Hyper-Lie of the ‘Moderate Rebel.’ Again, and again, and again.

There is no such thing as a ‘moderate terrorist.’  The fraud labeled “the Free Syrian Army” has always been a terrorist gang of criminals.  It is the al Qaeda sapling planted in Syria, that has grown into a tree of multiple branches of takfiri terror (some of which have even engaged in a delightful bit of fratricide), branches that overlap, branches that “defect” to other tree limbs.

Since 2012, these “moderate rebels” of the FSA — supported by the US and allies and satraps, before branching out into a variety of other terrorist gangs —  have kidnapped Syrian Greek Orthodox Bishops, blown up one of the world’s leading Islamic scholars in a mosque; cut out the body parts of Syrians; remotely bombed cars of Syrian professors; baked Syrians in bread ovens; destroyed or looted hundreds of Syrian mosques, churches, and the world’s oldest synagogue (even CNN admitted this, in early 2013 [1]); murdered Syrians with chemical weapons and used a genetically altered C. tetani bioweapon to massacre more than 50 Syrian soldiers; videoed and cheered the mini-nuking of Damascus countryside; thrown Syrian mailmen from rooftops; devoured the heart of a murdered Syrian soldier

Early December 2012, a Syrian child was coerced by US FSA friends to hack off the head of a Syrian man, with a machete.
Early December 2012, a Syrian child was coerced by US FSA friends to
hack off the head of a tethered Syrian man, with a machete. [2]

Though either ignoring every act of barbarism perpetrated against the Syrian people or blaming the Syrian government of President Bashar al Assad for the atrocities, Vichy urinalism became electrified over the beheadings of US and British assets who had illegally entered the republic and primed the American audience for its president’s speech, a speech that suggested he had suddenly realized there were terrorists in Syria.

On 10 September 2014, United States President Barack Obama gave a blood-curdling live address to the nation, as terrifying as former President George W. Bush’s State of the Union Address of 2003, in which he laid out plans for America’s impending destruction of Iraq, which resulted in the deaths of more than 1.4 million Iraqi citizens, upwards of two million fleeing the nightmare of their country (Syria absorbed 1.6 million poor folk with Jordan taking in the many of the affluent), and the creation of an Iraqi chapter of al Qaeda, led by a Jordanian petty, violent, and mean-drunk criminal.

The succinctness of Obama’s address was more chilling than Bush’s SOTU speech, as he completely ignored his own lies about his own part of the atrocities being committed against the Syrian people with American funding of the earliest generation of FSA terrorists, and he used the recent murders of American mercenary killers who illegally entered Syria, as cover for his intention to even further breach international law: “That means I will not hesitate to take actions against ISIL in Syria… Across the border, in Syria, we have ramped up our military assistance to the opposition.” [3]

Also chilling, was Obama’s calculated and fetid geopolitical decision to choose the ISIL acronym.

ISIS keeps Syria within its post Sykes-Picot borders.

Surely Obama is mindful that the U.S. population is oblivious to the meaning of Levant. This beautiful word encompasses thousands of years of civilization, when Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and much of Jordan were all part of Greater Syria, the marvelous mosaic of the land-bridge that connected the continents of Asia, Europe, and Africa. Surely Obama is mindful that the U.S. population is oblivious to at least one billion taxpayer dollars having been spent on the destruction of Syria. [4]

Greater Syria map

Surely Obama enjoys his private joke, as sadistically as he enjoyed his “two words” public joke at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner, in 2010, when he threatened The Jones Brothers with “Predator drones.”

Nidal Jannoud, Syrian victim of Obama's "moderate opposition," shortly before his murder on 21 April 2011. At that time, the takfiri barbarians were under one umbrella group, the "Free Syrian Army," before branching off into an infinite number of subsect gangs of mass murderers.
Nidal Jannoud, Syrian victim of Obama’s “moderate opposition,” shortly before his murder on 21 April 2011. At that time, the takfiri barbarians were under one umbrella group, the “Free Syrian Army,” before branching off into an infinite number of subsect gangs of mass murderers.

U.S. media has been frenzied in its grizzly reports of purported American (and other) journalists, fraudulent “aid” workers and bona fide terrorists against the Syrian Arab Republic, killed or ‘’held captive’’ while remaining shamelessly mute on the large numbers of Syrian and other Arab journalists who have been murdered by beheadings, bombings, and cowardly sniper fire (independent journalist-activist, Eva Bartlett, is the rare breed who has acknowledged their lives, and their work).


Among the many omissions of the well-paid, well-tailored Vichy journalists, are the very significant biographies of intelligence operatives, illegally in Syria, in order of reported dates of head loss. It is unlikely these individuals possibly imagined they would be better assets, in their deaths, than they were in their lives. While most were killed “off camera,” the productions surrounding their media deaths all involved crisp and clean orange prison uniforms.

James Foley (18 October 1973 – 19 August 2014: U.S. American Foley’s writing career seems to have been born when he was 36, in 2009, when he appeared in Iraq, embedded with USAID, a known CIA/DoD front involved in various bloody coups throughout the world. [5] In 2011, he was embedded with Stars and Stripes, in Afghanistan, and then with the al Qaeda freedom fighters that turned the country of Libya into a land mass, after which he became embedded, in 2012, with the FSA terrorist freedom fighters, until he was transferred to the ISIL branch of al Qaeda, in Syria.

James Foley
Reality check.

Steven Sotloff (11 May 1983 – 02 September 2014): At the age of 37, Sotloff magically appeared in Qatar, 29 May 2010, when he applied to the school for Arabic Non-Native Speakers Arabic, at Qatar University, according to Qatar’s “state” medium, al Jazeera. His writing career was launched with the “Arab Spring,” though there was no Spring in Qatar, which has spent over three billion USD in humanitarian destroying Syria (while committing such acts of kindness within its own population, as sentencing poets who attack emirs, to life imprisonment). Sotloff was embedded with the al Qaeda coup operatives, against Libya, after which he illegally entered Syria, via NATO Turkey, and worked with the FSA terrorists, who, according to his family, sold him to their ISIL friends [6]. It was subsequently announced that Sotloff held joint U.S.-Israeli citizenships, a fact that the family kept quiet, for fear this would jeopardize his life. It is somewhat curious that, despite the Israeli citizenship, Sotloff was intrepid in his relationships with Muslim Brotherhood Qatar, and al Qaeda in Libya and Syria.

David Haines (09 May 1970 – c. 13 September 2014): Illegal alien Haines was a British national “aid worker,” whose history is mostly missing. Before becoming a great humanitarian (which required abandoning his wife and two children), he worked as an aircraft engineer in the Royal Air Force. British media reports him as having engaged in ‘helping Muslim communities in the Balkans,’ including Croatia, and ‘aiding’ in S. Sudan, and various African countries, before settling in Idlib, Syria.

Cue the Illegal Orangettes

Alan Henning  (15 August 1967 – 03 October 2014): This golden soul of a humanitarian was a British cab driver, who, one day had an epiphany of needing to help the citizens of Syria, by illegally entering their country, four times, acting as an ambulance driver for the Rochdale Aid 4 Syria gang, a subsidiary of al Fatiha Global al Fatiha, a British-based group of pro FSA terrorists, which eventually came under investigation for terror activities. [7] British media were quick to report that this saint of a gentleman was woefully ignorant of the fact that he was working with terrorists, to help destroy Syria. [8] Henning’s inherent altruism compelled him, also, to abandon his wife and two adolescent children. This seems to have had a bad impact on his marriage, as, after his fourth departure, his wife and kids moved in with his brother-in-law, according to an interview his abandoned sister gave to The Sun – which published the story of adultery, on its front page, causing [self] righteous indignation in the fine sensibilities of its readership (that were not disturbed over their tax dollars funding death and destruction of another country.). [9]

Peter Kassig  (19 February 1988 – c. October/November 2014): In 2006, Kassig became a U.S. Army Ranger of the 1st Batallion, 75th Ranger Regiment, within the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC). “Spec Ops,” also known as “black ops,” is the malignant sociopath underbelly of the U.S. military. Only the most talented of the malignant sociopaths become ‘’special operatives,’’ engaging in various forms of wetworks. Kassig was deployed to Iraq, from June 2006, until September 2007, when he received a medical discharge. Medical discharges are honorable, and necessary in order to ‘cut out’ wetworkers from the mainstream of the military, for purposes of plausible deniability (a period of time is allowed to elapse, after the honorable discharge, after which the spec ops designee receives a phone call from a stranger, to discuss how he can be a ‘’true patriot,’ and ‘’help’’ his country, in ways that can never be acknowledged).

Kassig did a short stint in college, and, in 2012, he magically appeared in Tripoli, Lebanon, where he used his [1] Emergency Medical Technician or [2] his Medical Assistant experience to help Palestinian and Syrian Refugees, there, focusing on wounded FSA killers. At 24, he founded his own NGO, which he affectionately named Special Emergency Response and Assistance, which U.S. media has described as ‘rapid medical training and supply [mortars? Guns?] deliveries.’

Syrian Army vs. "Syrian Rebels"
Syrian Army vs. “Syrian Rebels”

Tripoli is the second-largest city in Lebanon, whose history dates back to the 14th century B.C.E.. Its history includes occupation by empires of Assyria, Persia, Rome, Byzantium, Caliphate, Seljuk, Crusader State, Mamluks, Ottoman, and France. That Kassig appeared here, demonstrates the keen and cynical wit of the Apocryphials who run the world’s wetworks. Kassig’s also golden soul also caused him to be an illegal alien, every time he entered the Syrian Arab Republic.

There seems to be no record of the exact number of times Kassig illegally entered Syria, but his confinement is reported to have taken place between October and December of 2013. His parents report he converted [to Wahhabism] while in captivity.

Here, we just became a tad rude, and bring up another always-ignored-by-the-media-question, that of simple finance.

Where does a young American man get the money for traveling thousands of miles from home (to commit such reported ‘acts of caring,’ while it might be considered more ‘cost effective’ to engage in them, at home, where U.S. homelessness continues to skyrocket)? U.S. media kept the same question unasked, when ‘reporting’ on the strange story of another U.S. soldier, also honorably discharged after a military–related vehicular injury, within our country.

No American medium noted that U.S. Social Security Disability Income is based, not on costs of food, shelter, and health care, but upon how much the permanently disabled person has paid into the fund.

No one asked how the disabled Eric Haroun managed to find himself illegally in Syria, where he personally threatened the life of Syria’s Head of State, President Dr. Bashar al Asad, and was involved in the murders of unknown numbers of Syrian soldiers, and Syrian people.

Update, August 2017: The recent, massive internet censorship has removed the video previously here.  Both of the two remaining videos of mercenary Haroun are used for anti-Syria propaganda.  One hails the killer as a hero, the other is used to attack Islam.  We offer a photo to replace the censored and accurate video.

US terrorist & illegal in Syria, Haroun, with US-funded weapons.

Upon his return to his own country, Haroun (whose dad, by the way, called him a ‘hero,’ and claimed he was working for the CIA), Haroun was arrested in a State Department photo-op, for having worked with terrorists that are actually on the U.S. terror list, but charges were almost immediately dropped, under reports he was ignorant about the law.

A few months later, Haroun quietly, unobtrusively, died of a drug overdose.

Haruna Yukama (DOB unknown – 18 January 2015): Self-described military contractor, and “CEO” of “Private Military Company,” which does not exist, no one has been so romanticized by U.S. carpetbagger media, since Western reporters fell in love with the FSA cannibal, who was videoed tearing the heart and lung from a murdered Syrian soldier and eating. While reading of his very sad life, one can almost hear bad violinists, playing maudlin music, while trigger words are neatly placed, to capture the hearts of particularly, neo-liberal readers.

He was bullied as a child. His business went bankrupt. He slept on a park bench for a month (why his father did not offer him a sofa, is never mentioned). His wife died of cancer but managed to leave her death bed to rush him to the hospital, once, to save his life after a ritualistic castration attempt. [10] He was reported to have decided to ‘live his life as a woman,’ had he been successful in his desired castration, but a failure in the suicide.

Penniless, hungry, with or without genitalia, this tortured soul nonetheless managed to seek out the meaning of life, by magically – and illegally — arriving in Syria, where he forged intense, brotherly, relationships with FSA killers, in Aleppo, killers who trained him how to use AK-47s (U.S. media, moved by his pathetic aura, describe his use of the weapon as “awkward.” This cynical author, however, found his prowess with the automatic, particularly his movement from double-tap to full, rather graceful.). [11] Also, Orangette Kenji Goto (bio, below) was so very touched by Yukama’s friendship with also non-Syrian FSA terrorist from Yugoslavia, who was half Korean.

Though how many times Yukawa illegally entered the Syrian Arab Republic, is as much a secret as his simple date of birth, he was there at least twice, meeting Goto there, once, and possibly traveling with Goto, to Kirkuk, Iraq (which ping-pongs between being under the rule of “the Kurds” and under the rule of the other terrorists, the takfiri).

What U.S. media leaves out of the sad, sad, story of the sad, sad, soul housed in Yukawa’s possibly voce bianca-esque body – besides the fact that he was an illegal alien, in Syria, and he was there to murder Syrians – is that, despite his poverty, and his being a ‘nobody,’ his travels allowed him to be photographed, in a nice suit, and in the posh lobby of a posh Tokyo hotel, with Toshio Tamogami, Japan’s former Chief of Staff of the Air Self Defense Force, and somehow.

Poor, lost soul, and subsequent #orangette, Haruna Yukawa, enjoying a rare moment of luxury, while fine-dining, in Tokyo, with Motohide Yoshikawa, Japan's Ambassador to the United Nations.
Poor, lost soul, and subsequent #orangette, Haruna Yukawa, enjoying a
rare moment of luxury, while fine-dining in luxury hotel in Tokyo
The homeless Yukawa cleaned up, quite nicely. In this luxury Tokyo hotel, he stands with Toshio Tamogami, Former Chief of Staff of Japan's Air Self Defense Force.
The homeless Yukawa cleaned up, quite nicely. In this luxury Tokyo
hotel, he stands with Toshio Tamogami, Former Chief of Staff of
Japan’s Air Self Defense Force.

We lose our sons…the oppositions lose mercenaries.  — from a friend, in Syria.

Yukawa's Facebook wall is littered with photos of him, AK-47 in hands, proudly posing before bombed-out buildings in Aleppo, Syria's second largest city.
Yukawa’s Facebook wall is littered with photos of him, AK-47 in hands,
proudly posing before bombed-out buildings in Aleppo, Syria’s second
largest city.
Yukawa, with terrorist friends, in Aleppo. The facial-alopeciac, to his left, must be the Korean-Yugoslav criminal whose “intense friendship” motivated Goto to leave his 2-week old newborn to illegally re-enter Syria, in search of his Japanese friend.

Kenji Goto (1967 – 30 January 2015): Reportedly a Japanese award winner for journalism (though none of his writings seem to have been translated into any other language), this independent freelance writer worked for UNICEF and the U.N. Refugee Agency, before founding his own writing service. It is unknown how many times he illegally entered the Syrian Arab Republic, but the final time was inspired by the dramatic need to rescue his dear friend, Yukawa, who had somehow been stolen from his terrorist FSA friends, by the terrorist ISIL.

Do u remember Tabaq…also a mom saw the head of her son on fb…but this mom lost her mind and after short time she passed away. — from a friend, in Syria.

Before becoming an Orangette, Goto abandoned his wife, and two children, one of whom was only two weeks old at the time of his departure. [12]

In a tearful plea to Goto’s captures, his mother made a telling statement: “My son is not an enemy of Islamic State.” [13]

Yukama and Goto traveled together, to Kirkuk, Iraq, where they were photographed, with probable members of the Peshmerga, the military wing of The Kurds, occupying approximately 40% of the U.S. satrap, Iraq.

goto and yukawa in iraq
Happier time for Goto and Yukawa, in Iraq.

According to whichever branch of al Qaeda held possession of these two illegal aliens, in Syria, prior to their reported deaths, the Japanese government was afforded the opportunity to ransom both, for $200 million. ISIL demanded this amount, claiming it was what Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had pledged, in his Cairo speech of 18 January 2015.

Yet, according to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Abe stated: “Based exactly on those thoughts, my government pledged two years ago assistance of 2.2 billion U.S. dollars towards the entire region of the Middle East. The entirety of that has already been put into execution. It is with tremendous pleasure I am reporting this to you here today…That all said, here, to you, I will make another pledge. The Government of Japan will newly carry out the assistance of 2.5 billion U.S. dollars in non-military fields including humanitarian assistance and infrastructure development, intended for the entire region.” [14]

This “put into execution” is a huge sum of money, yet, Mr. Abe made no mention of any great projects of infrastructure development, having been set into motion, from such a vast sum. In fact, his speech made no mention of what the generous contribution was funding. Perhaps the reason that he chose not to ransom the terrorist Japanese nationals, was that there was no need of the money-laundering scheme that Italy engaged in, to ‘rescue’ its two operatives in distress.

To further make the geopolitical waters even murkier, in his press briefing of 20 January, Abe abruptly mentions the “200 million U.S. dollars” that ISIL had demanded [15] and reiterated that figure, in a phone conversation with Britain’s MP, David Cameron [16], on 22 January. Also on 20 January, Abe extended his “sincere respect to King Abdullah of Jordan, who stands at the fore of these efforts [to fight terrorism].” [17]

On 1 February, P.M. Abe’s press statement involved apologizing to everyone, for the deaths of Yukama and Goto — except to Syria. 

In not a single statement from the Japanese government, was there ever an apology to the Syrian people, for two Japanese nationals illegally entering their country, and being involved in the deaths of unknown numbers of Syrian martyrs. [18] Instead of promising Syria to do its best to keep Japanese nationals from illegally entering the country, Japan announced that its embassy in Syria has been “suspended” (though there are no reports that its “temporary” closure, 12 March 2012, had been ”temporary”) and that diplomatic work between Japan and Syria would be conducted in Jordan. [19]

On 4 February, The Japanese Times reported that also on 20 January, Abe had called Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (affectionately nicknamed “rabid erDOGan” by some friends of the Syrian people), to thank him for his [useless] assistance in freeing the two Japanese nationals terrorists. [20]

Might it be possible, that Prime Minister Abe is encephalic, and that some invisible genius ventriloquist speaks his words, and moves him about?

Surely this is a more reasonable hypothesis, than imagining the leader of a country that has given a gift of 2.2 billion U.S.D. to the region, is a wantonly feckless ignoramus, who has no idea Turkey and Jordan transported 3,000 tons of Croatian weapons to the moderate terrorists destroying Syria; that 18,000 Syrian children in Turkish have been the victims of organ harvesting; that the Turkey he so graciously thanked, dismantled and stole – with the assistance of the petro station, in the Gulf, Qatar (“pronounced ‘gutter’”) — many of the factories of Aleppo, Syria’s second-largest city; that Turkey is renting Syrian female refugees to sex tourists, and training Syrian child refugees to be killers.

If the Japanese Prime Minister were born with a brain, instead of offering gratitude, to the Prime Minister of Turkey, for his great unsuccess, he might have, begged to know the secret of The Miracle of Turkey’s Border with Syria: Though Turkey has been non-compliant in clearing its landmines (along 877 kilometers/545 miles), not a single one of the more than 125,000 terrorists invading Syria via the Turkish border has been killed, or even injured, by any of the 615,000 still operational APMs. [21]

Not the terrorists from Chechnya. Not the terrorist Senator John McCain. Not the terrorist reporter from CNN, driving with other terrorists from Hatay Airport. Not the terrorist reporter from the BBC, driving with other terrorists from Hatay Airport. Not a single Orangette terrorist.

Such a miracle and Abe did not ask about it. 

War Criminal Muath al Kasabeh (29 May 1988 – c. 3 January 2015): Though history, since the end of World War II, has shown us that the Geneva Conventions of 1949 were a photo op, it still would really be nice for one MSM reporter to mention that the treaties signed, at that time, under the umbrella of “International Law,” stated that it is a war crime for one country to attack another, except in self-defense.

Syria has not attacked Jordan — though it now has every right — yet the media swoons over the reported death by fire, of war criminal Kasabeh (some murmurings coming out of Syria report that bomber Kasabeh was bombing the Syrian military when he was shot down), and the bleating sheep news voyeurs get excited, in every Freudian sense of the word, seeing the little demon puppet casino king of Jordan (whose very name is a blasphemy, who spends much time in Las Vegas, gambling, and in his mummy’s UK home country, which has 140 casinos), stuffed into military garb. The voyeurs become further titillated when the stuffed dweeb quotes one of the most malignantly sociopathic lines from any Hollywood movie: “I’m not only going to kill him, I’m going to kill his wife and all of his friends and burn his damn house down.” U.S. media was also quick to quote the fiefdom “leadership” of Saudi occupied Arabia (which once emptied an entire death row jail into Syria, to butcher, and which, as of 1 February 2015, had executed 17 people, by public beheadings), condemning Kasabeh’s death as “unforgiven.” Saudiscumstan’s public outrage against the atrocities of the ISIL it has funded, armed, trained, is the result of the threats by its rabid Wahhabi offspring to return home, and devour the heads that created them.

Jordan King
War criminal not embarrassed to pose for this photo op
Jordan war crimes
Jordan war crimes – full video of burning the Jordanian pilot (GRAPHIC).

Though there was massive outrage — internationally — a few months ago, against the execution of an Iranian woman, found guilty of murdering her husband, there was no semblance of an affront when the ‘Casino King’ immediately inflicted the death penalty upon Sajida al Rishauri.

Iraqi terrorist Rishauri was hung on 4 February 2015. The takfiri occupying Raqa’a, Syria, had offered to exchange Kassassbeh for her.

Rishauri was part of the al Qaeda suicide bombings of three hotels, in Amman, Jordan, on 9 November 2005, which killed 60 persons, and injured 115. She claimed that her detonator ‘malfunctioned,’ though it is more credible that she was not willing to die, though quite comfortable in murdering others.

While driving the American public into a swooning frenzy, over the stuffed sausage, Casino King, our ‘objective’ media neglected to mention that the founder of al Qaeda in post-devastation Iraq, was Jordanian. 

Abu Musab al Zarqawi was reported to have been raised in a mining town, 17 miles from Amman, where he was a petty, violent, alcoholic, criminal. In 1989, his petty criminal activity having afforded him discretionary travel funds, he went off to Afghanistan, to fight the Soviets. Apparently, his drunken stupor precluded his knowing that the Soviets were leaving, so he — of course — became a journalist, bouncing around Pakistan, Iraq, and Jordan, where he eventually spent six years in jail, on weapons charges.

Amidst the U.S. media blurbs of “terror” “Jordan hotel bombings” is the blatant omission of a prominent individual among the murder victims. A small measure of homage is due to this honorable man, as it is not unlikely that the carnage of 9 November was the collateral damage outcome of Saudistan’s orchestration of the murder of Mustapha al Akkad. Akkad and his daughter, Rima al Akkad Monla, 30, were attending a wedding in the Philadelphia Ballroom, of the Grand Hyatt, when a suicide bomb exploded. Rima died immediately, and he succumbed to his lethal injuries, two days later.

There exists virtually no U.S. American who has not seen at least one of his Halloween Massacre movies, despite not recognizing his name.

al Akkad was born 1 July 1930, in Aleppo, when Syria was under French occupation. Upon high school graduation from Aleppo American College, his father gave him $200.00 and a Qur’an and sent him to the U.S., where he studied film direction and production at UCLA, after which he received a Master’s degree from the University of California.

The martyred Mustapha al Akkad [r.], with the late Anthony Quinn.
The martyred Mustapha al Akkad [l.], with the late Anthony Quinn.

al Akkad’s lifelong goal was to build a bridge between the West, and Islam, via sharing some of Islam’s significant history with his American audience. As part of this engineering feat, al Akkad produced and directed Muhammed, Messenger of God (released as “The Message,” in the US, starring Anthony Quinn, and Irene Papas).

al Akkad was forced to leave Hollywood, to make this story, and filmed most of it in Morocco.

Despite having consulted with Islamic clerics, to ensure the proper respect for Islam was maintained, the Wahhabi Sauds wanted no part of the West having an accurate portrayal of the religion of Islam, and its Muslim [sic] World League, in Mecca, hounded Morocco until the government halted production.

The late Muammar Gaddafi permitted the film to be completed in Libya.

The Message
The Message

al Akkar’s second, epic, film, Lion of the Desert, was the story of Libyan Bedouin, Omar Mukhtar, who led the twenty-year resistance to Fascist Italy’s “Quarta Sponda,” a re-creation of a new Roman Empire, of colonization of Northern Africa. Mussolini’s army captured and hung Mukhtar, in 1931.

Upon its release, in 1982, Italy banned this movie, as an ‘affront’ to its military, and the U.S. trashed it because it had partially been funded by Gaddafi (and, of course, to keep Italy’s fascism, and occupation of Libya sealed, hermetically, in the Orwellian memory hole.).

Banned in Italy, 1982, lest Italians be reminded that they were once under fascist dictatorship.
Banned in Italy, 1982, lest Italians are reminded that they were once under a fascist dictatorship.

At the time of his murder, al Akkad was about to begin production of his $80 million film on Salahu’d-din Ayyoubi (“Saladin”). Its screenplay was completed, and Sean Connery was to be its lead actor.

Despite their in-breeding, and penchants for camel bestiality, the Wahhabi Sauds have extraordinary memories, when it comes to their insatiable revenge, and their heinous preventions.

Kayla Jean Mueller  (14 August 1988 – c. 6 February 2015): Though, strictly speaking, Mueller was not an Orangette, she “coulda been a contender,” [22] had Jordan’s illegal bombing not killed her, as she was considered to have been an ISIL captive (one particularly fetid Orwellian report claimed that the bombing was a “retaliatory airstrike,’ despite the fact that the takfiri have never invaded Jordan; they are trained there).

Three years ago, she joined an embarrassingly unsuccessful you tube psyops campaign, aimed at demonizing the government of President Bashar al Assad, called “Syrian Sit-in.” [23]

Mueller graduated the Northern Arizona University, in 2009, with an unknown degree, that afforded her the ability to work in an “orphanage in India,” an AIDs clinic in Arizona, to teach English to Tibetan refugees, in India, and to work in a hospital, with a non-existent medical group, “Spanish Doctors Without Borders,” in Aleppo, Syria.

[Perhaps two separate western media meant Doctors without Borders/Medecins sans Frontieres, also illegal aliens in Syria, reported to be running several hospitals and clinics, in northern Syria. Perhaps MSF is providing health care in the residue of Aleppo’s Al Kindi cancer hospital, established in 2003, and destroyed by twin FSA suicide bombers, 1 December 2013.]

Additionally, this young wonder woman taught painting to Syrian children, in Turkish refugee camps (possibly during the children’s ‘downtime,’ from being rented to sex tourists, or having their organs harvested), in 2012 [24], before illegally entering Syria, miraculously avoiding all of those 615,000 APMs, with her “Syrian boyfriend,” about whom nothing else is known, and whose existence was most likely created, to add a romantic touch to the US version of Mother Theresa.

The Twenty-One Egyptian Christian Orangettes, who dominated the news, for a period, were not criminals illegally in Syria, either murdering Syrians, or abetting the murderers, little will be said of them.

Per modus operandi, the newly released ISIL film is quite Hollywood, minus the special effects.

As the US sadism voyeurs became enrapt with the most absurd Orangette trailer, to date, two pertinent questions — neglected, of course, by carpetbagging media — were not asked: [1] What were 21 Egyptian Christians doing in the land mass created by the John McCain, Christopher Stevens, and al Qaeda coup, finalized with Barack Obama’s “humanitarian” destruction of Libya (beginning with the bombing of the Eighth Wonder of the World, and all of its infrastructure)? [2] Considering that, upon the destruction of Libya, al Qaeda (which was not in Libya, during the rule of the brutally raped and murdered Mommar Gaddafi) immediately slaughtered thousands of black African immigrant workers — who were deemed “Gaddafi loyalists,” as Libya treated its immigrant employees with economic justice — why, specifically, would any black man enter that land mass?


Though the Italian government “sort of” denied having spent 12 million euros (almost 14 million USD, at the time. Some U.S. reporters are so indolent that they don’t even use a currency converter) to ‘rescue’ the illegal alien terrorists, from their friends in Jahbat al Nusra, that Greta Ramelli, 21, and Vanessa Marzullo, 20, did not become members of the Orangettes, and, instead, were released one week after the heinous Hebdo wetworks operation [aa], suggests otherwise.

Vichy urinals report Ramelli and Marzullo being rapt upon leaving what sounds remarkably like the same ‘healthcare’ center in Aleppo that Orangette Mueller was leaving, when kidnapped.

According to all western sources, these two have illegally entered the Syrian Arab Republic, multiple times, since 2012 (which would have made one of them still a high school student.). One Italian blog notes that prior to her ‘aid’ work in Syria, she also ‘aid’ worked in both Calcutta and Zambia (“At the age of in utero?” a thinking mind might ask.).

Reports have not explained how Marzullo, of Bergamo (northeast of Milan), and Ramelli, of Varese (north of Milan), came to find themselves in many anti-Syria demonstrations, in Rome, wrapped in flags of French Mandate occupation of Syria, and photographed with Haisam Saqar, who left Italy in the spring of 2012, to illegally enter Syria, and join the terrorist FSA in Idlib, where he was photographed with others, about to murder seven Syrian soldiers. [25] Prior to committing mass murder in Syria, Saqar was the head of something called “Free Syrian Coordination of Milan,” led, in February 2012, an assault on the Syrian Embassy, in Rome, and had been interviewed on Italian television, in the capacity of what might be described as a State Department mouthpiece, during which time he refrained from sharing his racist desires posted to his Facebook account: “my foot crushes the Alawites…we must burn the Alawites...”.

Saqar, circled in red. Rome. Milan's prosecutor has an 'open file' on him.
Saqar, circled in red,far left, Rome. Milan’s prosecutor has an ‘open file’ on him.

Shortly before Italy’s huge infusion of euros, to the death squads butchering the people of Syria, Vichyite media reported on the video of Marzullo and Ramelli, dressed in black, quasi-niqab, reading a statement, in English, asking their Italian government to help them get back to Italy. Media described them as ‘terrified,’ but the only fear they might have had, was not to burst out laughing, as their ‘captors’ were their friends, the taqfiristi. 

How did the media not notice one of the ‘captives’ addressed her country, in English, not Italian?

Though the West’s yellow urinalists  brayed and bleated about how these young Mother Teresas were seized soon after their arrival, probably outside the ‘health clinic,’ where they were doing ‘aid’ work, around 30 July 2014, Ramelli had told a handful of her friends, that it was her third trip. Marzulla had been in Homs, in early July, enjoying the company of such killers as Jahbat al Nusra, a takfiri group that still remains on the U.S. terrorist list.

In September 2014, before the rapt-ure of “these two odalisques of Italy, for whom we will pay a very high ransom” [26] became repeated news, among the anti-Syria countries, investigative journalist, Gianni Fraschetti, wrote an in-depth piece on them, which included ‘snapshots’ of disturbing Facebook posts, and photographs: “Here: Who Are Greta Ramelli and Vanessa Marzullo.”

Rome. Odalisques hold Arabic sign: "To the heroes of Iiwa Shuhada, thanks for the hospitality and God willing we will see the city of Idlib free when we return."
Rome. Odalisques hold Arabic sign: “To the heroes of Iiwa Shuhada,
thanks for the hospitality and God willing we will see the city of
Idlib free when we return.”

yesterday the mother of two martyrs one of the father of […] was crying and walking under the rain…she was talking by loud voice. God I want to smell my boys..God let me see them in my dream. then the brought her and gavr her injuction [sedative injection]  — from a friend in Syria

Let us take a very personal look at the humanity of the ‘freedom fighters’ to whom the concubines blow kisses: In this video, we see beloved, non-Arabic-speaking, taqfiristi, butchering Syrians, and one, struggling, valiantly, against a dull knife, while severing a Syrian head.

In the screenshot, below, Marzullo has posted news, written in Homs, 188 km/117 mi from the “aid” facility from which she was reported captured.

"Homs -- 3 June, the revolutionaries have taken assault against the village...Since then, led by Jahbat al Nusra,, Ahrar al Sham and other battalions have taken control of 60% of the town, depriving the regime of several weapons caches...[W]hat is the importance of Um Sharshouh? Its geographical location. It is located on a hill overlooking the rest of the villages that we [emphasis added] want to free. Has a fortress, castle Um Sharshouh -- whose control is critical to the battles. Most Shabiha, government militiamen, were inside...".
“Homs — 3 June, the revolutionaries have taken assault against the
village…Since then, led by Jahbat al Nusra,, Ahrar al Sham and other
battalions have taken control of 60% of the town, depriving the regime
of several weapons caches…[W]hat is the importance of Um Sharshouh?
Its geographical location. It is located on a hill overlooking the
rest of the villages that we [emphasis added] want to free. Has a
fortress, castle Um Sharshouh — whose control is critical to the
battles. Most Shabiha, government militiamen, were inside…”.

Marzullo managed to break away from the “hospitality” of her Jabhat al Nusra and other terrorist friends, to post this somewhat cryptic urgent message, to her cohorts, in Italy:

"URGENT URGENT - Nawal Syriahorra cannot connect [itself], asks to Syrians/Arabic speakers to contact this number [---] turaya number present on the boat which has been mentioned in these groups with at least 450 persons on board abandoned to the sea. "Call hoping someone may respond and ask: are all alive? are the people in the water? the woman has given birth? where they reached by Italians or Maltese? Soon!"
“URGENT URGENT – Nawal Syriahorra cannot connect [itself], asks to
Syrians/Arabic speakers to contact this number [—] turaya number
present on the boat which has been mentioned in these groups with at
least 450 persons on board abandoned to the sea.
“Call hoping someone may respond and ask: are all alive? are the
people in the water? the woman has given birth? where they reached by
Italians or Maltese? Soon!”

Marzullo, criminal who illegally entered Syria, more than once, spending time with JaN and other terrorist friends, is also involved in human trafficking?

Of note: Marzullo demonstrates her perfection of the written English language, in the ensuing comment thread.


Have we all not watched news, at least once, showing the plight of refugees, fleeing the terror that has been rained down, upon their country, watched videos of them jammed into boats, even seen video clips of overcrowded ones, capsizing, and not been moved by the horror?

Have we shed a salty tear, or two, in empathy, and then gone no further, because media coverage ceases, on that sour note?

Let us call these ‘boat people’ by their more accurate names: Victims of human traffickers, harmed doubly; first by the countries that cause torment to them, in their homes, and then by those who take mafioso-like advantage of them. 

Before examining the cost of being a boat refugee (no refunds for drowning, or starvation), let us take a quick look at the currency of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Syrian Pound (SP).

Pre-invasion of Syria — orwellianly dubbed a “revolution” — the exchange rate was 50 SP for 1 USD. As of early March, that rate had quintupled, to 250 SP for 1 USD (approximately 219.60 euros. “Approximately” because the euro is falling against the dollar).

[Imagine, my fellow Americans, not merely being slaughtered by serial killers from 83 countries, but also how you might feed your families, if groceries that cost you $100.00 four years ago, now cost you $500.00. Imagine the war crime inflation, and imagine that your factories and small businesses have been destroyed, during this period, by terrorists in your country that the world calls “freedom fighters.]


The costs of being a Syrian victim of human traffickers vary, with choices of routes: [1] Being brought to Turkey or Greece, and swimming to Europe, [2] Sailing via Cyprus, [3] Getting to Italy via Libya (particularly death-defying, considering the land-mass of terrorists the U.S. and allies have made of the country) or Tunisia, [4] Getting to Spain from Algeria or Morocco.

“Most expensive is shortest and less swimming.” 

The cost of being human Syrian cargo ranges from 7000 USD/6149 Euros though 13,661 USD/12000 Euros (again, no refunds to family, upon death by drowning or starvation). Prices are subject to change without notification.

This does not include the cost of a forged passport: 13,661 USD/12000 Euros, up to 22,769 USD/2000 Euros, depending on quality, and possible discounts.

Our News Pages on fb:  missiles on Aleppo, bombing in Homs, car bombing in that village…suicide bomber in that city…missiles on Damascus..Lattakia…what a democracy what a nightmare…and Obama asks for more and more weapons to his criminals..and more training in Jordan in Turkey..hey world thank you..all this blood it is enough.  — from a friend, in Syria.


As bizarre as the questions Marzullo posted, in her “urgent” call, may seem, no time was spent in attempt to decrypt them; instead, hours were spent in ascertaining why would anyone name a phone provider, when offering a number, and who or what is “Syriahorra.”

Upon solving the over-lapping mystery, the most accurate definition of “horra” seems to be from the urban dictionary [27].

Turaya  — spelled without “h” — Mobile is a subsidiary of Sirrix AG security technology, a global IT consulting firm, whose C.E.O., Ammar Alkassar, is both an IT security specialist, and a cryptographer. It has “scientific stations” in both the U.S. and Finland, and is affiliated with a German IT security association.

Thuraya  — spelled with “h” — Mobile, seemingly on the other hand, is the 12th largest mobile network in the world, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE,” a 7-state hodge-podge federation of non-democratic, absolute monarchies in the Gulf Cooperation Council, “GCC”), servicing Europe, Middle East, and North, Central, and East Africa. Its major stockholder is Etisalat, also of the UAE.

Finding no ‘smoking gun,’ linking the T[h]uraya Mobiles, the author moved on to Syriahorra, which also appears to be another federation, a Facebook federation, claiming locations in Homs, Damascus, and Aleppo, Syria, in Rome, Italy, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Its purpose is to demonize the Syrian Arab Republic, its President, Dr. Bashar al Assad, to make a killing, in the human trafficking of desperate Syrian refugees, and to promote the UAE’s mobile phones (an idea possibly purloined from “Truman,” the reality movie in which the main character did not know he was being viewed, though found it strange that his wife and friends not infrequently advertised various products [28]).

"A key character in this terrorist federation, is one "Nawal Soufi." Yet another non-Syrian, in a very long list of "Syrian activists," Soufi (the Emily Dickinsonesque activist against Syria), 27, was born in Sicily, to Moroccan parents. The newpaper of Abu Dhabi, capitol of the UAE, and also capitol of the Abu Dhabi emirate, has praised her as the 'guardian angel' [of traffickers of Syrian refugees].
“A key character in this terrorist federation, is one “Nawal Soufi.”
Yet another non-Syrian, in a very long list of “Syrian activists,”
Soufi (the Emily Dickinsonesque activist against Syria), 27, was born
in Sicily, to Moroccan parents. The newpaper of Abu Dhabi, capitol of
the UAE, and also capitol of the Abu Dhabi emirate, has praised her as
the ‘guardian angel’ [of traffickers of Syrian refugees].

So divine is this creature, that, regardless of her apparent need of some important electrolytes, and a few units of packed red blood cells, according to one of the Syriahorra confederates, Soufi also criminally, illegally, entered the Syrian Arab Republic, and found the strength to vandalize a part of the Syrian people’s history:

Chutzpah: Non-Syrian illegal alien insults the Syrian people, and their President, Dr. Bashar al Assad, with graffiti written in Italian.
Chutzpah: Non-Syrian illegal alien insults the Syrian people, and
their President, Dr. Bashar al Assad, with graffiti written in

The close friendship between the UAE federation, and the Syriahorra federation, becomes increasingly intriguing. Though the overt and illegal bombing of the SAR, by the UAE was not noted until 25 September 2014 (when the “boobs on the ground” story of the first UAE female bomber pilot [29] appeared and U.S. left/right fought about the sexist comments, made by one reporter, though no fights to occurred to condemn the criminal bombing of the SAR), the illegal attacks of the UAE date back to at least 2013.

In March of that year, reports of the killings of three murderous UAE-ites (what is the proper name for persons from a federation of 7 different absolute monarchies?) killed, in Syria, by the Syrian Arab Army: Abdulla Youssef al Meran al Balouchi, Abdulla al Hammadi, Muhammad Abdouli. Abdoouili was a colonel in the UAE military, who led the faction of Jabhat al Nursa, against the people of Raqa’a. This ‘division’ called itself “Levant’s Free Brigade,” though its butchers consisted of “Gulfies,” Asians, and Chechens, and had no Syrians within its ranks.

In addition to its affinity in advertising for mobile phones and security systems of the UAE, this Italo-squadristi federation (that attaches the ‘urban dictionary’ word for “scary whore,” to the name of a noble civilization), has demonstrated a working kinship to an outsourced  military organization (outsourced + military = mercenary) called Frontex.

Some background is warranted.

In 1999, the countries of the European Union took the first step in relinquishing the individual sovereignty of each member state, by making the euro its “accounting currency.”

In 2002, the quite ugly euro publicly replaced the Italian lira, the French franc, the Spanish peso, etc. No longer was any member country permitted to print its own currency.

The ‘‘unionized’’ European countries took their self-castration, yet another step, 26 October 2004, in ratifying Frontex, which was permanently established 1 May 2005, for the purpose of each European country to relinquish, also, its border patrol, by this outsourced privatization.

Little information is available on Frontex (liaison of the French: Frontieres Exterieuers.” Why is this author’s olfactory bulbs assaulted by the stench of Sykes-Picot, yet again?): It is the EU’s outsourced border patrol, headquartered in Warsaw Poland. Its director is Gil Arias-Fernandez (seemingly a very private person, according to no results in several google searches), and has an annual budget of a mere 89.1 million euros, suggesting a possible ‘cooking of the books.’

During the second week of February, an ‘unlicensed,’ group of sub-criminals decided to cut in on the financial action of the trafficking of Syrians, by stealing a boat, at gunpoint.

Syriahorra immediately reached out to Frontex, as did the castretto Transport Ministry of the Italian government:

Syriahorra immediately reached out to Frontex, as did the castretto Transport Ministry of the Italian government:

As for the criminal traffickers of Syrians and the criminals illegally entering Syria, and their subtle advertising of T[h]uyara, the mystery of the relationship of these companies, has finally been solved, in the same fashion that Edgar Allen Poe’s Inspector Dupin found “The Purloined Letter.” It is in plain sight:

As for the criminal traffickers of Syrians and the criminals illegally entering Syria, and their subtle advertising of T[h]uraya, the mystery of the relationship of these companies, has finallly been solved, in the same fashion that Edgar Allen Poe's Inspector Dupin found "The Purloined Letter." It is in plain sight:
 Takfiri supporters with the flag of French Mandate occupation of Syria. It is fitting they stand at the feet of Piazza Vittorio Emmanuele. Built to celebrate the unification of Italy (1870), its few kings claimed ownership of Ethiopia, and Albania, and cut a deal with the Blackshirts, to make fascist Benito Mussolini the Dictator-Prime Minister of Italy. The country stopped recognizing 'royal blood,' in 1947. Of peculiarity, Wiki now calls the battle between the partigiani, and the fascists, a "civil war."

Takfiri supporters with the flag of French Mandate occupation of
Syria. It is fitting they stand at the feet of Piazza Vittorio
Emmanuele. Built to celebrate the unification of Italy (1870), its
few kings claimed ownership of Ethiopia, and Albania, and cut a deal
with the Blackshirts, to make fascist Benito Mussolini the
Dictator-Prime Minister of Italy. The country stopped recognizing
‘royal blood,’ in 1947. Of peculiarity, Wiki now calls the battle
between the partigiani, and the fascists, a “civil war.”

A Short Note Regarding “the Kurds,” their State Terror Support, and Media Manipulation of the U.S. Public, Many of Whom Do Not Own a Map

The Kurds entered the album of the US State Department’s various photo-ops, splashing, colorfully, into American and international corporate whore/colonialist media, when the West suddenly became cognizant of foreign terrorists in Syria (after years of ignoring Syria’s complaints of takfiri from 83 countries, having invaded, and, after years of calling Syria’s leaders “liars.”).

The Kurds made their debut, via photographs of mostly stunningly beautiful women, in military uniform, holding very large guns (it has come to this author’s attention that many of these beautiful women are Syrians, not The Kurds, fighting against the takfiri.). Their freudian provocation made the subsequent one, of the stuffed-sausage Casino King, comparatively anemic.

The Kurds live in a town called Ain al Arab, in the governate of Syria’s second largest city, Aleppo.

All media – including state media of countries which have demonstrated their picarist friendship to the SAR – have insisted upon calling Ain al Arab by the name of the German company that built the [train] station there, in 1912, when Syria was still under Ottoman occupation.

Americans fell in love.

The neo-activists who tend to condemn the fascism of the State Department, were enrapt. Even the neo-lib faction of feminists were cheering.

The Kurds have a Facebook page, in which they brag about murdering Syrian soldiers, and in which they brag about the praise heaped upon them by State Department’s press liaison, Ms Psaki, while keeping Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s support, on the down-low. [30] Perhaps the West, which has never seen a country it did not want to devastate, also supports the Kurds for bragging about stealing Syrian oil.

It must also be made clear, that there are Syrian-Kurds, those of Kurdish background, who considered themselves Syrians, first.   The martyred Sheikh Muhammad Saeed Ramadan Buti was born in Turkey, of Kurdish ancestry.   He was a fierce Syrian patriot who had called the FSA “scum,” for which a “moderate suicide bomber” punished him, his grandson, and others, in mosque.

[Update on The Kurds fall from Western grace, below.]

..i cry when i see an old man cry lost sons as martyrs, a kid lost her or his parents or the terrorists slaughtered her country is burning? and why they punish us? because we are Syrians ..and with that to be syrian is something great ..i’m proud ..Syria is my homeland ..the beauty, the dignity ….. — from a friend, in Syria

Modern Syria — less than two-thirds its former Greater Syria geographic size — has a population that is approximately 15% refugee.  For the half million Palestinians and 1.6 million Iraqis absorbed, Syria has never received a cent in ‘international humanitarian aid’ (“they are our brothers,” noted Syria’s statesman and Permanent Representative to the U.N., Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari [31]).  Even while under occupation, Syria took in hundreds of thousands escaping the Armenian genocide.   Though a 10,000 year old civilization, much of those centuries have been under various foreign control; it is still an infant, having only ejected the French (via imperialist mandate, via the Sykes-Picot Treaty, which divided the Levant into French and British ownership) in 1946.

Given such relative adolescence of the SAR, that its also young leaders have given electrification, health care, education, and food subsidies to it population, suggests that such collective noble character is the product of its thousands of years of great history, a history beautiful enough to cause imperialists to desire its destruction, in 1957, and in 2001. [32]  Given such relative adolescence of the SAR, it should not come as a shock that some members of its population have engaged in corrupt activities, the most treacherous to the state being that of law enforcement, whose officials allowed over 60,000 violent criminals to remain at large.

These criminal gangs became the founding battalions of the FSA — whose every atrocity has been cheered by the US and ilk, as “freedom fighting” — prior to those 83 countries causing Syria to be the dumping ground for their tens of thousands of malignant sociopaths. [33]

Orangettes Fade Out, New Media Onslaught of West’s Final Solution Against Syria

Whether the nicely tailored and manicured suits behind carpetbagger media lies, have decided the audience may have grown fatigued from the over-stimulation, or, if the obsessive-compulsives of the internet, who have spent countless hours in studying sun and shade, pixelation, and gargantuan height ratios of killers to victims, have caused the orangette fade out, cannot be assessed.   But, gone they are, replaced with an accelerated rate of written poison against Syria, U.S. government official meetings with ‘state’ sponsored terrorist countries, interviews of a former fascist-diplomat, involved in the early ‘uprising’ against the SAR, and an exhibit of mensonges extraordinaires, of the “Caesar” pics, which opened 10 March of this year, and put on display in the United Nations Secretariat Building.  

Can there be any doubt, whatsoever, that what is supposed to be the international center of peace and diplomacy, is actually a fetid club of mafiosi capi di tutti capi, when uncorroborated photos of torture, blamed on a member state, is “hosted” by UN missions of the United States, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom countries which have spent billions on destroying the one member state — and “sponsored” by Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates — countries which have contributed lesser monies, serial killers, assorted intelligence operatives, and bombs, guns, and ammunition — to the destruction of this member state?

Can there exist a single mind that truly does not see a conspiracy, here?

“Caesar” — the phantasm who puts Jen Psaki in a swoon — were better called Qatar (“pronounced ‘gutter'”), as it is that little gas station in the Gulf, the bastion of democracy whose leaders are created by locking their fathers inside WC’s, which faux-vetted, laundered the photos through a London law firm. [34]

U.S. and British media have been in the forefront of bringing this kafkaesque side-show to their readership, both noting that a group calling itself the “Coalition for a Demo[n]cratic Syria,” played a key role in organizing this event.

It should be noted that the CDS, in early September 2013, called upon Capitol Hill to enjoy the “rare occasion” of bombing the Syrian Arab Republic.  It should also be noted this gang is run by the U.S. State Department. [35]

The interest of some member states does not focus on maintaining international peace and security.  — Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the U.N.

During his 6 March stake out, Ambassador al Ja’afari briefed reporters on recent, significantly undiplomatic activities at the U.N., weaving in significant reminders of historical facts [in case a reporter might actually write an accurate news piece], after the passage of UNSC Resolution 2209 [36], condemning the use of chemical weapons (CWs), specifically chlorine [37] in the SAR, and threatening consequences such as sanctions (though these have already been in place, without an actual resolution), and military strikes.  While 2209 did not assign blame, immediately after its passage, F/UK/US ambassadors all named Syria as the culprit, despite the OPCW-UN Mission having announced 23 June 2014, that the removal of Syria’s CWs was complete. [38]

Ambassador al Ja’afari stated that F/UK/US members had “bad intentions,” and very “bad souvenirs” regarding Iraq, invaded and destroyed because of the lies of these states about non-existent CWs, there.  He pointed out both their history of murderous lies, and also the fact that Europeans were the first to use CWs, that Americans used CWs in Vietnam, and that America lied about CWs in Iraq, and are lying about them, in Syria.

The fact-finding mission to Syria, in 2014 was not “professional,” not “impartial,” and “flagrantly violated its mandate” by not coordinating with his country, and by interviewing “unknown or imagined individuals” or anonymous “witnesses” outside of Syria — armed terrorists repeating the lies of their “handlers and masters.”

Dr. al Ja’afari noted that the Secretary General (SG) legitimized American aggression against Syria, by issuing a partial report.

The diplomat had such a bill of shocking grievances against his country, that he listed them by number:

  • [1] Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had visited the U.N., and was cheered by SG [Smirking Chimp] Ban (for allowing the U.S. to train terrorists in Turkey?)
  • [2] The announcement of [further] training of “moderate [terrorist] opposition”
  • [3] The sabotaging of the mission of Envoy to Syria, de Mistura.  F/UK/US supported FSA rejected the plan [39]
  • [4] U.S. State Department head, John Kerry, speaking from Riyadh, 5 March, stated that “military pressure may be needed to oust Assad.” [Given the recent bombing of Yemen, it is not unlikely that Kerry was in Saudi occupied Arabia, to discuss both finalizing Syria’s destruction, and beginning Yemen’s.]
  • [5] Turkey having invaded Syria’s sovereignty, entering the SAR with tanks and military trucks to remove a 1,000 year old tomb, 50 km. inside its border.
  • [6] Side[show] events at the UN.  The German Mission organized the viewing of Amnesty International’s hour-long video, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind.”  AI is notorious for lying about human rights violations.
  • [7] Use of pressure by the US and allies to adopt resolution.
  • [8] The politicization of technical issues worsens the international situation.

Per the demand of the US, Britain, and France, the SG refused to investigate the perpetrators of the chlorine attacks, failing in the mission to provide corroboration.  The co-drafters of the resolution based it on their hatred of the SAR, do not deserve posts of “permanent seats” on the Security Council, as they not only threaten peace and security, but they undermine it, and use the SC as a tool to invade and destroy countries, and is being used as “justification for their forthcoming aggressions,” Syria’s diplomat stated.

The “aggressions” — both physical, and media propaganda — were not far behind.

On 9 March, fraud-diplomat Robert Ford, complained in Foreign Policy, that “America is Losing the War in Syria”.  Without explaining this kafkaesque phenomenon, the man who helped incite violent demonstrations, in Homs, demanded that the US increase funding to “moderate” terrorists, upon getting them to cross their hearts, promising to merely commit “moderate” acts of butchery (he did not explain whether acts of savagery such as the 25 February suicide bombing of al Kirdaha Hospital, in Latikia countryside, which killed 4 persons, including a nurse, and cannibalism were to be included).   Whatever the amount, it would surely raise the total of US tax dollars to more than one billion, in our contribution to the final solution against Syria [40] (while American bridges collapse, public schools are closed, homelessness increases, etc.).

Robert Ford
Robert Ford and takfiri friends.

Also, on 9 March, came the report that Orangette war criminal al Kasabeh was shot down by the “friendly fire” of the UAE’s first female bomber pilot, Major Mariam al Mansouri. [41]  This  news was omitted from US media, as someone might have asked why were bomber jets carrying around air-to-air missiles, if air-to-air are for air fights, NOT ground battle?  Had not the UAE and Jordan claimed that they were breaching Syria’s sovereignty to bomb terrorists?  Could this possibly mean that al Mansouri had meant to shoot down Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) jets, in order to protect the terrorists of Raqqa, from them, as the SAAF was bombing that area, that very same day?

On 10 March, the war propaganda exhibit of the “Caesar” photos, went on display in the UN Secretariat Building. Western media went agog, never mentioning the lack of corroboration, or, why would such a promotion be permitted within the edifice of the international group whose job is reputed to be to promote peace and security?

The NYT — which never met a war it did not support, on 11 March, ran an op-ed by an anonymous physician in an anonymous field hospital, using the favorite war propaganda words, “barrel bombs.”  Peculiarly, the NYT seems never to have considered the thoughts Dr. Khaled Abdul Majid, Secretrary General of the PFLP-GC, on this subject:

The barrel bombs are a non-issue cooked up to vilify the SAA because other countries are not using them.  I suppose it would be better if they could afford Tomahawk missiles at $1-2M apiece.  We know how surgically precise they are and never touch civilians.  If the SAA were dropping perfume they would probably be accused of chemical weapons.

On 12 March, Robert Fisk brought his enmity toward President al Assad out of storage, maligning him as an “Arab Hitler,” “a ruler willing to see his country destroyed so long as he can cling to power.”  Not surprisingly, he made no mention of Dr. Assad’s election, nor of most western countries prohibiting Syrians living abroad, to vote.

On 14 March, a member of the Israeli elite Givati Brigade, along with several colleagues of the FSA and JaN, was killed by the SAAF. [42].

On 20 March, a US predator drone was shot down by the SAA, in Latakia.  The question regarding UAE bomber jet being equipped with air-to-air missiles, should be applied, here, also, as the takfiri are not nesting in this city [the terrorists have since attempted to blow up al Assad Hospital, in Latakia, and have bombed several neighborhoods, and its bus terminal]. [43]

Italy may be planning to launder more money to the ISIL gangs, as, on 23 March, those Italian odalisques announced their intention to [illegally] return to Syria. [44]

Syrian Security Forces, on 24 March, arrested a Saudi intelligence [sic] officer. [45]

25 March was one of the darkest days, in Syria, since the international attack on it, began.  Two hundred thirty Syrian soldiers were martyred in a coordinated blitzkrieg attack by 10,000 terrorists — thousands of whom came from Jordan — in Jordanian tanks, with Jordanian jets flying overhead, in the ancient town of Bosra al Sham, a town so rich in cultural history that it is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

On 25/26 March, the SAA ammunition dump in Aleppo, exploded.  Within 24 hours, the terrorists had cut electricity to this city, the second largest, in Syria, which remained tethered to the will of the sun, for several consecutive days, after which electricity availability has been sporadic.

In early April, the US deployed an unknown number of its Marine Corps to Jordan.

On 6 April, news started percolating about the Palestinian Observer to the UN, Dr. Riyad H. Mansour, having addressed the UNSC, on ISIL having taken over Yarmouk, in the outskirts of Damascus.  As the articles contained only short quotes, or partial quotes, by Mansour, this author spent several hours in search of his full statement.

It wasn’t till the next day, after the UN’s website uploaded Mansour’s press briefing, that the reason his statement was nowhere to be found, was that his meeting with the five permanent member countries of the UNSC, was in secret, behind closed doors.”  His discussion regarding the horrific problem, in Syria, was with three countries — US, Britain, France, the three countries that are overtly hostile to Syria, the three countries that have spent huge sums on Syria’s destruction — and without Syria’s ambassador to the UN.

In the two-minutes, fourteen seconds that Mansour addressed the media, in English, the Palestinian Observer announced his perfidious collaboration with the mafioso clique running the UN, telling the press that he had spent the weekend in close collaboration with Dina Kawar, Jordan’s UN ambassador, and that the UNSC, and the Commissioner General [46], were, at the time of his address, teleconferencing with Amman, secretly.

Mansour said that he hoped his secret meetings — without Syria —  would motivate the UNSC to “adopt a position to secure a safety passage through UN agencies, particularly UNRWA [United Nations Relief and Works Agency] to safe [sic] and protect the 18,000, maybe 16,000 now in the security…in the refugee camp and we hope that all countries will help in the securing this objective.”

The first reporter having the temerity to ask Voyeur Mansour if he had “reached out to the Syrian government,” caused him to be felled with sudden, momentary deafness, and she was forced to repeat herself.

“I have no information to that effect [but I take no responsibility for not contacting the Syrian ambassador, because I was too busy whoring myself for the bullies] but in the past our official position has been, you know, we suffer enough as Palestinians, including Palestinian refugees in many countries, including Syria,” Mansour replied.

Perfidious scoundrel.

Syria was a mere toddler — learning how to walk — when the Naqba occurred, having just thrown out the French occupiers, two years earlier.  Yet Syria did not hesitate to absorb one-half million Palestinian refugees, into its home. Syria gave Palestinians full rights (though the new refugees did not want citizenship, lest they lose their Right of Return):  Housing, food, education, employment.

I miss Syria..i miss those who martyred … everything changed now..everything is too much expensive, bread ..gas . — from a friend, in Syria.

What is called the “Yarmouk refugee camp,” is an actual neighborhood, filled with that which is found in ‘normal’ neighborhoods:  Schools, apartment buildings, stores, parks.

There was never a single tent for a refugee in Syria. — a Syrian friend

It is not what one thinks of, upon hearing “refugee camps”:  Tents, malnutrition, lack of potable water, despair, sex tourists — as is found in the Syrian refugee camps of Jordan and Turkey.


Voyeur Mansour has made no comment about this announcement:

Syrian Minister of National Reconciliation Ali Haydar announced today in a press conference with Ahmad Majdalani of the PLO that the Syrian command officially adapted the military solution to eliminate ISIS groups that entered al Yarmouk Palestinian refugees camp.  The minister stressed that this decision was made after ISIS entered the location, and thus foiled all of the ministry’s work to solve the past situation in the camp peacefully.

Not long after, Ramallah ordered a retraction. [47]

That the assignations of Mansour, and his capi di tutti capi were strictly of a nefarious nature, was demonstrated with a Niagara Falls-like deluge of criminal [48] war propaganda against Syria, that came in to a close second after Israel lied  that the SAR had used GB against its people — with not a shred of evidence — and the media became echolaliacs, suffering Organic Brain Syndrome. [49]

What the terrorists did to Yarmouk

The Vichyite msm, which has consistently warmongered against Syria, was now joined by a massive chorus of various activist groups for Palestine, that, with simple strokes to the keyboard, teleported  the occupation, and its very long list of atrocities, into Syria. More sordid, though, than even the Jewish Voice for Peace — originally a grass-roots movement — suddenly engaging in shameless propaganda against the SAR, was the Vatican joining the inundation, the Vatican that has been diligently rehabilitating its terrible, pedophile image, via its still fresh and liberal pope, Francis.

On 9 AprilFreelance International Press reporter, Patrizio Ricci, in the online journal, Vietato Parlare [“To Speak Forbidden”], condemned Vatican Radio’s 8 April [50] scandalous and “unforgivable” interview of piled high lies against Syria, regarding Yarmouk. [51]

Mr. Ricci begins with a complaint that he does not know how to complain about the Vatican, but that he is unable to remain silent — about the obvious lies spread.  While well-paid journalists (and unpaid bloggers, groveling on their bellies, for spit-laden crumbs of colonialist cake) are perplexingly eluded by simple questions and obvious, factual answers, Ricci is at no loss; he stands upon terra firma:

  • The article not only does not report the truth, but also is not even reasonable:  What interests would the SAA have to close all the escape routes from Yarmouk?  Why unnecessarily keep troops in Yarmouk?  And, most of all, how did 160,000 manage to leave, without the consent of the SAA, which is accused of besieging?
  • To date, the only way to leave is from the part controlled by the SAA.  The militia of ISIS is brought in by anti-Assad groups who are members of Hamas, while those supporting the SAA are involved with the PLO.
  • The population is not free to come and go, and is besieged by anti-Assad snipers who shoot every time they try to received food at the distribution points.
  • This is the state several times denounced by the UN.  Palestinians around the camp are not prisoners of Assad’s army (otherwise, how would 160,000 have gotten out?) but prisoners like at Homs, of the anti-Assad militias and of ISIS.  It happens also at Homs, where the population was prevented from leaving but not entering.
  • Remember that two days ago, 2,000 Palestinian civilians were escorted out by the SAA.
  • It is possible, if all parties were willing to find a solution that happened in Homs; in that situation we have seen that with the agreement of all parties it is possible to create a ‘via of facilitation,’ because the militias left and the population was liberated (might one say “liberated”?  Look at the re-construction of Homs.  If the people of Homs were asked today…).  But it has been seen that members of ISIS are coming from the outside to the inside; it is clear that the rebels [sic] have no intention of going away.  At least there is a responsibility on their part, and the part of the Palestinian armed factions that have helped them.  But in the article this is not mentioned by anyone, of these things, and yet the data is very relevant…

The Vatican Radio interview was via phone, from Sicily’s capitol, Palermo, whose underbelly is a bubbling cauldron of Italian intelligence operatives, taqfiristi, and their blood-money-making middlemen (not unlike Catania).

Something this way wicked comes from the medium of the Holy See, choosing to interview — two days after Mansour’s press briefing — a reporter whose entire journalistic career is limited to war propaganda attacks against Syria.

There is no need to waste the readers’ time with a translation of Lorenzo Trombettta’s words; the same undulating inversion of truth, the same Newspeak can be found in the US New York Times, Britain’s The Geryon, France’s Le Merde, and even in the orwellian statement of the Jewish Voice for Peace.

The most exact measure of Trombetta’s journalistic integrity can be found in his obituary for Yahiya Hurani [52], whom he describes as “The Last ‘Angel’ of Yarmouk”:   “The last doctor of Yarmouk, a volunteer of the local Red Crescent who had saved hundreds of lives [emphasis added]  in the past four years, was killed by  hitmen [“sicari”] in the Palestinian refugee camp…”.   The short report is fifty percent glorification of Hurani, and fifty percent demonization of the Syrian government.  

According to Trombetta, Hurani was killed, on April Fools Dayas he was walking to Palestine Hospital, which he had run, single-handedly, since all of the physicians and nurses had fled, after being bombed — according to Trombetta –by the SAAF.  

No mention was made explaining how a bombed hospital still existed, for Hurani to be managing, single-handedly.

Little is offered in the way of a small biography of Hurani’s life — he was a member of Hamas — with his slightly odd travel history provided, instead:

  • From Gaza
  • Went to Syria
  • Went to Lebanon.  Stayed there 20 years.
  • Went to Somalia, 2011
  • Went to Gaza.
  • Went to Syria, where he received a “rescuer patent” from the Red Cross.

“Hurani was not a physician by profession but had lots of experience [“experience to sell”]…alone [he] had to teach himself to be a surgeon and midwife.” [emphasis added]


That Vatican Radio would give a self-admitted liar, and warmongerer the gift of such a huge audience, must cause one to wonder about the veracity of the new and improved, redemptive, leader of The Holy See, Pope Francis.  

Might there be a quiet schism, gently erupting in the Church?  Or, has all of his seemingly penitent foot-washing been mere photo op, as might have been also the photo of him — in November 2013 – gently touching the man with neurofibromatosis, a non-contagious, genetic disorder that looks a lot like lepromatous leprosy?

Abracadabra:  The Physician Appears, Followed by Thousands of War Propaganda Articles

While the etymology of the word, abracadabra, continues to be argued, the Aramaic “I create as I speak” best befits the strange case of the reputed Dr. Mohamed Tennari, 35, smuggled out of his “field hospital” in Sarmeen, Idlib governate, by the US, in order to give a “closed door briefing” on 16 April, to the UNSC, in which he showed a video – uncorroborated, of course – of State Department approved evidence of the use of weapons grade chlorine by Syria, against Syria, which US Ambassador Powers claimed brought down the house in a flood of tears.  Powers was so devastated, that she threatened that “…this [uncorroborated] documentary will be used at some point in a court of law.”

Pity the US did not smuggle him out to lament the “moderate armed rebels”  destruction of the  al Kindi University Oncology Hospital, in Aleppo, in 2013.

While omitting the fact that Tennari’s medical education was free (as is all education, in Syria), media reports were quick to point out that he is a radiologist, “not formerly trained in how to treat chlorine attacks.”

Treating “chlorine attacks” is not neurosurgery, it requires  oxygen, normal saline IV fluids, and washing of the skin.

In a recent interview, in which President al Assad was asked about Syria using chlorine CW – despite the OPCW-UN having reported that all of Syria’s CWs had been relinquished – he noted that chlorine is “inefficient” as a weapon.   Chlorine dissipates rapidly (a simple demonstration requires taking a bottle of bleach into a bathroom, closing door and window, and cleaning everything with straight bleach, until finished, or on the verge of being unable to breathe.  Open the door, and soon after, the stench is gone.), which is why First Responders are not at risk for injury from patients stricken by it. 


This means that Tennari was lying when he dramatically complained of “nausea” and “eye itching” from treating afflicted patients, and even more dramatically lying about a nurse having fainted, overcome by the [non-existent] fumes [not] exuding from the patients.

His lying about the reaction of First Responders suggests that he was lying about everything else.

Nonetheless, it would be interesting to view the “documentary,” but, at this time,  it appears the only way to see it is by purchasing access to it.

Another oddity is that, though not American, Tennari is the Syrian American Medical Society  (SAMS) coordinator in Idlib.  His schedule, after making Powers weep, was to meet with US government representatives from the State Department, the National Security Council, and Congress, in order to make them weep, also – or, minimally consider a “No Fly Zone,” or perhaps the overt bombing of Damascus by the ‘coalition’ fascists.

SAMS is among the State Department’s most favored NGOs, as it consistently and criminally lies against the Syrian Arab Republic.  Its spokesmen not infrequently overlap with the anti-Syria spokesmen from the Coalition for a Demo[n]cratic Syria, the peace activist group that called upon Capitol Hill to enjoy the rare opportunity to bomb Syria into Libya, in early September 2013 (see footnote 35).

As NGOs go, SAMS has a gargantuan outreach program, as it is currently hiring for three positions:  Fundraising and Development Manager, Membership Relations and Professional Development Manager, and Fundraising Administrative Coordinator.

The median salary for an experienced fundraiser is $87,372.00.

Multiply that by three, and knock off $50,000 – just to be on the conservative side – and we find an altruistic, non-governmental yet warmongering agency, able to add another $212,116.00 to whatever its payroll already may be.

Pity these altruist physicians do not consider putting those funds to rebuilding al Kindi University Hospital.


The Mafiosi Bring Hollywood Suspension of Disbelief  to the UNSC

The foundation of every screenplay is the suspension of disbelief.  No script makes it to film, without the ability to mold its future audience into complete acceptance of the story line, no matter how preposterous. On 24 April, one of Hollywood’s most prolific actresses, and an award winner, in acting  — in creating belief in lies — addressed the UN’s Security Council.  [53]

Angelina Jolie, a UN “Goodwill Ambassador” for ten years, before being promoted to Special Envoy to the UN High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR), in 2012, sat down before the UNSC, promptly shared a wink with someone, and, quite movingly, read from the script given to her, which sounded like authored by the State Department.

"The fix is in." [Photo credit: Reuters]
“The fix is in,” Jolie winks.

Ostensibly speaking under the cover of the plight of Syrian refugees, Jolie suggested that the atrocities being committed against Syria are the fault of the government of the Syrian people.   She made several “suggestions” to the SC, stopping short of calling for a “No Fly Zone.”

Jolie’s promotion from Goodwill Ambassador to Special Envoy appears to have cost her – and the UN — massive memory loss; after her visit to Syria, in October 2009 , the UN’s website wrote:

During her day-long trip, Jolie also met with Syria’s President Bashar al Assad and his wife, Asma al Assad, who told her about the efforts being made by Syria to provide health care to the most vulnerable and to encourage refugee children to go to school.  

It is clear that the Syrian people, no matter the challenges or difficulties they may face, have always shown generous hospitality to people in need.  I hope that the rest of the world recognizes that we all have to share this burden and continue to take care of Iraqi refugees,” Jolie said after the meeting. [54]

[Jolie also misplaced her recall, regarding her partner, Brad Pitt, being concerned over the lack of security for Syria’s President and First Lady.]

Jolie being Dam[n]ed by Queen parasite "for services to United Kingdom foreign policy."
Jolie being “Dam[n]ed” by Queen Parasite, “for services to United Kingdom foreign policy.”

The Three [Lobotomized] Stooges

The glamour of Hollywood on UN stage was followed up, 29 April, by UK hosting an exciting post secret SC meeting press conference, of three members of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces (NCSROF), which appears to be the same thing as the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), except for some additional, bigger adjectives, which helps to add to the confusion of dizzyingly frequent changes in unelected “leaders,” strikingly reminiscent of the ancient game, Knucklehead (“Knucklebone”?).  [55]

Suffering through the “press conference” brought an epiphany to this author, that the former US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, was actually quite prescient, in his vortexy monologue of the unknown knowns, the known unknowns, and the unknown unknowns.

Jolie’s call for female representation for Syria — as long as the females are not Syria’s Vice President, nor Syria’s Adviser to the President, of course — had been heard, as one of the three was a woman; a woman who remained completely mute, and almost completely motionless, during the episode.

Her name is Alia Mansour, who may, or may not, have been born in Syria.  She is an SNC “Political Committee Member,” and “Special Representative to Lebanon,” who may, or may not, be living in Lebanon.  Little is known about Mansour; one of the few times this non-elected “representative of the Syrian people” made the news, was in 2012, when she called upon the Lebanese government to throw out Syria’s Ambassador to Lebanon, while draped in the flag of French Mandate occupation. [56]

The latest in the increasingly frayed string of non-elected “presidents” of the SNCNCSROF (always considered the “sole, legitimate representatives of the Syrian people”) by F/UK/US and assorted, smelly, underlings with camel and goat paraphilias, in the Levant and GCC, is Khaled Khoja, a Syrian Turkmen, who reportedly studied medicine at the University of Izmir, in Turkey, where it seems he has lived his adult life.

He is considered to be the SNCNCSROF’s representative in Turkey, and was “named” head of the SNCSCROF, in January, 2015, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Khoja’s lecture was mostly rambling, incoherent, self-contradictory, and quite oddly sedate.

 His “power points”:

  • ISIL is the fault of “the regime”
  • Flying IEDs
  • If there is a Geneva 3, Iran will be permitted to attend, provided there is a “clear attitude” that Iran agrees to a transitional government, after the transition, that the Syrian government must also agree to.
  • Envoy de Mistura was not telling the truth when he said the “opposition” was unwilling to have a cease-fire in Aleppo.
  • FSA is “winning,” controls the Jordanian border, and needs more money and training and weapons.
  • JaN control of Idlib is “exaggerated.”
  • FSA and JaN “sometimes made tactical alliances.”
  • “Defeating ISIL is not the aim.”
  • “incubating society” (this journalist’s favorite)
  • JaN will not be part of the “incubating society” and “will not create a threat to the Syrian people [despite its history of beheadings, and bombings of schools and hospitals]”
  • Only “parts” of the FSA are being helped by the Coalition, but all should be.

When a reporter asked if Russia had attended the earlier [secret] meeting, Khoja seemed to be unaware, turfing the question to the third person at the table, who smirked and said that Russia was upset that the SNCNCSROF did not attend the Moscow talks.

This third person was Najib Ghadbian, reportedly Syrian-born, seemingly a US citizen.  He is a “core faculty” member of The King Fahd Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Arkansas [57] (It is not surprising that the British nurtured and funded Wahhabi Sauds use Britain’s colonialist language in describing Southwest Asia.  It is also not surprising that the pro-Zionist Jewish Virtual Library contains a fawning biography of Fahd [58].).

He is on indefinite — or infinite — leave of absence from the University, since being “named” a Syrian opposition representative for the US, after which he was ‘promoted’ to Special Representative to the United States and United Nations — a peculiarity that exudes a similar odor of kafka, as does US citizen Michael Oren having been Israel’s ambassador to his native country.

The smirking Ghadbian, a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, and a founder of the “SNC,” has close ties to the White House and to the State Department, dating back to at least 2005 .  [59]

This geopolitical fraud, the final solution against Syria, acts with such gargantuan impunity, that none of these barking dogs is made to pretend a courtesy to the fact that JaN is still on the State Department’s Terror List.  Where is the need, though, when President Obama  “recognizes” traitors, and persons who left Syria decades ago, as the “legitimate” representatives of the Syrian people, and not the president that the Syrian people elected?

Degradation begets degradation, among the UN mafiosi-hyenas, and around this time, H.E. Bashar al Ja’afari was forced to suffer the indignation of addressing the ambassador of the terror-funding, terror-training, Jordan, as “president,” in his remarks to the UNSC — the same Jordan that the UN allows to bomb his country with impunity, the same Jordan that is allowed to be involved in secret meetings involving his country, from which he is excluded.

In this short video clip, Syria’s Permanent Representative again condemns the lies permitted to be told, by Turkey’s ambassador, again reporting on Turkey’s involvement in harm to his country, advising that the Turkish ambassador’s words should not be given a platform by the UNSC.  He again prophetically exposes Turkey’s savage preoccupation with the SAR, that its intelligence is currently planning with ISIS and JaN to escalate the attacks on Damascus.  He reminds his deaf audience — who turn off the collective hearing aid, whenever he speaks, in addition to affording him the least skilled translators  — that Turkey built tents for Syrian refugees before the crisis began.  He reports there is proof of firings of Turkish Customs officers who halted weapons being sent into his country, proof of arrests, and trials of these honorable people.  He reminds his audience of stone, that, in March 2014, Turkey was shelling the port of Latakia, while Syria’s CWs were being loaded onto ships, coordinated by the OPCW-UN. [60]


May Erupts in Geysers of War Prop Sewage, Followed by More War Crimes

As the UN’s gala dog and pony show was drawing nigh, the criminal liars of the media of colonialist F/UK/US, and underlings of Turkey, the Levant, and the GCC, were brought together in a choreography of a massive, cascading, psychological warfare operation against the citizens of Syria.  Suddenly, blatantly, the same media that has engaged in lying against the SAR, for more than four years, came out of the closet, filled with an effulgence of impunity.

On 30 AprilNewsweek began the dance, by “reporting” that the CIA-backed rebels fight with al Qaeda terrorists, against Syria, quickly followed the next day, with an interview of a Qatar (“pronounced ‘gutter'”) spokesman:  “We in the Gulf want to overthrow Bashar al Assad yesterday, before today, and we will work with every possible means to that.”  [61]

On 3 May, Ambassador al Ja’afari was keynote speaker at a Town Hall meeting, sponsored by the Syrian American Forum (SAF.  NB:  No member of the SAF has ever been given a forum before the UNSC), in Paramus, NJ.  That he — along with Patriarch Aprhem II — was able to speak to a full house (including a busload of Syrian-Americans who traveled from Boston, MA), despite the US State Department’s attempts at censorship, via the draconian restriction on his travel (Paramus is within the confined 25 mile radius, with 7.2 miles left over), may have pushed Samantha Powers into a rumplestiltskin frame of mind, when she brayed — quite undiplomatically — to Charlie Rose, that “Assad must go!” two days later. [62]

Dr. al Ja’afari told his audience that Syria is fighting terrorism on behalf of humanity.

There is no “civil war,” in Syria, no dictatorship, no “communities” problems, he said.

There is “international thugs and mobs war against Syria,” with 80,000 takfiri from 100 countries, committing heinous atrocities:  “We get rid of the garbage from all of the world.”

He asked how it is possible for a terrorist to travel 15,000 kilometers from Australia to Syria, without being stopped.  He stated that words such as “coexistence,” are “artificial,” and have no meaning in Syria.

Only in Syria is the grave of St. John the Baptist, housed in a mosque.

Only in Syria does the Grand Mufti have a Christian adviser.

Only in Syria exists the world’s first synagogue.


On 4 May, DebkaFile LTD., the Israeli military intelligence website, “reported” “[the] US, Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar and UAE arm al Qaeda’s Syrian branches,” something that anyone who has ever read an interview with Dr. Bashar al Assad, or watched a single video of Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari’s UN stake outs, or has read this Syrian News website, has already known.

What is striking about this statement, though, is that part of the headline, preceded by “Assad loses battle as…” is its use of the present tense for something claimed to be recently past.

What is striking is Debka’s date of publication, 4 May.

On 4 May, near Damascus, Sleiman Saad el Deen Abeed, patriot volunteer of the National Defense Force (NDF) militia, was martyred when he stopped a suspicious-looking man, in military garb, at a checkpoint, when the takfiri detonated himself, injuring five others.

On 4 May, around the same time, the SAA captured a truck headed to central Damascus, containing 150 kg (330.69 lbs) of Composition C4.

C4 seized by SAA
C4 seized by Syrian Arab Army

C4 is a high-yield, mitroamine-based chemical explosive, designed in the US, in 1956, and first used as a weapon, by the US, in Vietnam.

This is what a mere fifteen (15) pounds of the explosive does to a bus:

How did Debka manage to be so [almost] prescient, in its headline, which admits to Israel arming the terrorists in Syria?  All Israeli media – including Debka – must pass through Israeli military intelligence censorship, before being published.

Was a bombing that could have annihilated much of Damascus, done in collusion with Israel, as was its mini-nuking of Damascus country side, in 2013, when the takfiri had their expensive cameras ready to video such a heart-warming, “Kodak moment”? [63]

The dubious coincidence of the timing of the thwarted destruction of Damascus, with the publication of an admission of war criminal activity, is biliously reminiscent of the last weekend of May 2013, when Le Merde and The Geryon published near-identical articles, based on the CW lies of the French journalist, illegally in Syria, and embedded with the then still called FSA, for several months.  The stories were supposed to have included a breaking update about “the regime” using white phosphorus (P4) against “rebels” in Damascus, but it turned out that months of training in its deployment was fortunately wasted on the inbred, stupid takfiri, as the four explosions in four Damascene neighborhoods were exploded too soon, and caused no casualties, nor injuries.

On 6 May, US General Martin Dempsey acknowledged Martyrdom Anniversary by calling upon Turkey and Saudi occupied Arabia, to carve out chunk of Syria.


Martyrs Day honors the 21 anti-Turk nationalists who were simultaneously executed in Marjeh Square, Damascus and Burj Square, Beirut, under orders of Ottoman Jamal “al Jazzar” [“the butcher”] Pasha, in 1916.

On 7 May, Turkey Opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) SG, Gursel Tekin, urged PM Ahmet Dautoglu to deny credible intelligence that Turkey was planning an overt military campaign against Syria.  It was subsequently denied by the country’s Energy Minister. [64]

On 7 May, Saudistan and Turkey admitted working together to destroy the SAR, with the signing of the Erdogan-Salman Pact, to assist “the rebels.”  It should be noted, again, that, in 2013, the Sauds allowed 1200 death row inmates to escape being beheaded, by invading the SAR, and beheading Syrians. [65]

On 7 May, Spitnik becomes the first to report that the US is beginning overt training of terrorists. [66]

On 8 May 2015 – not 1941 – al Jazeera Arabic news commentary television called for the final solution against the Syrian minority population of Alawis.  Its host, fascist sectarian Faisal Qasim, called Alawis “fascist, sectarian,” “dogs,” “stupid animals” who “must be tortured and made to suffer.” Faisal claimed that 10 million viewers had taken a poll, whose question was “Did Alawi bring genocide upon themselves?”, with 96.20% saying “yes” (no idea where the 20% of a person came from, unless camel humps were included as a portion of a whole person).

Faisal stated that his viewership complained about the ‘weakness’ of the question, that it should have been phrased as “should we wipe out these Alawites in their entirety, including their children?” [emphasis added].  He referred to his two guests as “Syrian intellectuals,” one of whom was sane, and attempting to speak the truth, and the other of whom was a rabid genocidalist.

al Jazeera was renamed al Khanzeera (“the pigsty”) by Libyan patriots, for its filthy reporting on the “humanitarian” destruction of their country.

As this second name is appropriately meticulous, it is the one that shall be used.

al Khanzeera is exclusively owned by the “House of Thani,” the absolute monarchy of the little gas station in the Gulf, Qatar (“pronounced ‘gutter’”), the same gas station that has spent $3 billion in destroying Syria.  It was founded in 1996, in Doha.

Literally, it means the “island” (جزيرة ), but Thani decided to make “island” mean “penninsula,” which is actually Qatar’s shape, but any little gas station that is able to create an international news service that has been called “the greatest work of psy-op in all history,” should, of course, have the impunity to change the meaning of “island” to “penninsula.”

As it has the impunity to call for genocide, without a single government or human rights organization condemning the atrocity. 

On 10 May, Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey’s Prime Minister, illegally and provocatively entered Syria, with the commander of the Turkish Land Forces, in armored vehicles, for an “unscheduled” visit to the tomb of Suleyman Sah (so much for the Energy Minister’s denial). [67]

On 10 May, Syrians of the Old City of Homs, celebrated a joyful day, the first anniversary of “restoring peace and security to the city by the Syrian Arab Army.”  Thousands turned out for the unveiling of Homs New Clock, and Governor Talal al Bazari addressed them, and honored them, and told them the “media war will not undermine the will and resilience of the Syrians.” [68].

11143219_880510955324186_8764690935980695174_n (1)
Central Homs, rebuilt with the help of China.

The Old Clock, and much of Homs Old City, had been destroyed by the takfiri thugs, in 2011.

FSA, supported with US tax dollars, wreaked ruin upon Homs.

Old City Homs is now rebuilt.

China donated over 20 billion to keep the tattered economy afloat and provided construction materials and engineers for projects that Japan had abandoned.  Japan halted construction in Syria in 2011, 2 years after finally completing major project in Damascus that took a decade instead of a year. – from a Syrian friend

On 11 May, Vichy media ran quite amok, with psywar corroborated-uncorroborated rumor-reports that Syria’s Chief of Intelligence, Ali Mamlouk, had been arrested for attempting a coup against President al Assad.  No retractions were made, when the unreport was proven false.  Five days later, a prominent, ‘alternative’ US blogger may have ‘outed’ himself as a government ‘asset,’ when he penned a demoralizing piece on an “assassination attempt” against Syria’s president, that did not occur (in 2014, Syrian security did discover a plot, which was carefully monitored until all those involved could be arrested, news of which had been shared with the Syrian people. The only update was France’s request for extradition of their wetworkers).

On 12 May, takfiri thugs, unable to endure neither joy, nor beauty, martyred four, and wounded 28, in twin bombings, in Homs.

On 12 May, Israeli media announces it is now treating wounded takfiri takfiri (not to be confused with FSA takfiri), once they are checked for explosives.  In an “exclusive report,”  Ynet shares a video of emergency surgery – cautiously covering the terrorist’s face – and a ‘feel-good’ interview with an IDF physician, who sounds as though he were about to start singing Louie Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.” [69]

On 12 May, The Geryon began a sequel to the Qatari-Caesar photos,  braying about “smugglers” with unproven proof of “war crimes” committed by the Syrian government. [70]

On 12 May, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, spent time with Russian President Vladimir Putin, after which Russian media appears to have jumped, head first, into psy-ops, intended to demoralize the Syrian people. [71]

On 13 May, Robert Fisk – because of a new “special tribunal in The Hague” – re-regurgitated Walid Jumblatt’s lie that President Assad had assassinated the late Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafiq Hariri.  Fisk knows the lie to be true, as “a frightened Jumblatt repeated it [alleged threat] to me in 2005, in the garden of his own home” [emphasis added that the reader may understand this ironclad new forensics].  This is the same Jumblatt, by the way, who, in an interview in February of this year, declared that the takfiri beheaders and bombers of JaN are not terrorists. [72]

We will not allow these cavemen to decide our fate, or their culture of beheading to define the future of our children. — A Syrian soldier

On 14 May, Today’s Zaman reported Turkish Opposition (CHP, again, the “opposition” that does not behead, bomb, or commit other atrocities against the Turkish people) asked its government why 3 National Intelligence Organization (MIT) trucks with “arms and ammunition” headed off in the direction of Syria, on the morning of 7 May, why the were surrounded by tight security, and why their front and back plates did not match.

The super sonic sound of Isis missiles is very frightening and result in mass destructive…about 2am. on friday 11 days ago came a missile next to my building broke many glasses of houses and shops..I ran to it and seen it didnt explode but the street was all in debris and fallen bricks and air conditioner..No one was hurt ..then I went to the twin missile next street that was in fire a car exploded by the heat I went back and helped the firefighters by my led torch to control the hosing and valving the foamic liguid pumping procedures… Families running crying holding dead or injured civilians and dumping them on back of trucks and speeding to hospitals…at sunrise the fire was less and a building was almost on ground level.. — from a friend, in Syria

Last year, several trucks were stopped by gendarmes (branch of Turkish Armed Forces of areas that fall outside of local police districts) in Hatay and Adana, after prosecutors were tipped off that they were carrying weapons into Syria.  The government of rabid erDOGan claimed they were delivering “humanitarian aid” (illegally, without the permission of Syria).

Four former prosecutors and an ex-gendarme were imprisoned after a court ordered their arrest due to their role in the search of trucks allegedly carrying weapons to rebel groups in Syria, a move that came shortly after government figures, including President Recep Tayyip Erodgan, accused the officials of “treason.”

Former Adana Chief Public Prosecutor Süleyman Bağrıyanık, former Adana Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Ahmet Karaca, Adana Prosecutors Aziz Takçı and Özcan Şişman and former Adana provincial gendarmerie commander Col. Özkan Çokay were arrested on Thursday [14 May] on charges of “attempting to topple or incapacitate the Turkish government through the use of force or coercion and exposing information regarding the security and political activities of the state.”

It was reported that the MIT trucks made 2000 trips into Syria. [73]

In December of 2012, Syria captured 2 Turkish generals, 6 lesser Turkish officers, and 4 MIT operatives, with weapons, and with FSA terrorists (the takfiri had not yet branched out), in Idlib. [74]

In Turkey you get arrested for being a counter-terrorist. – from a Syrian friend

On 14 May, US President Barack Obama hosted various Gulfies in a Camp David meeting, in which could best be described as a military orgy of terror states, using orwellian Newspeak as their common tongue.

He offered an “ironclad commitment” to what a White House correspondent described as “anxious” absolute monarchs, promising to “deter and confront any external threat to any GCC state’s territorial integrity.”

Poor correspondent, fretting for the emotional well-being over these demonic terrorist tribes, that empty death row jails into Syria, that have blown up more than four thousand Yemeni civilians, that aided in the turning of Libya into an amorphous land mass, that bomb Syria, on a daily basis.   Such a nurturing soul, she is – though not fit for journalism.

As for POTUS, it would appear that he were finishing up the final term of the Bush/Cheneyac/Halliburton regime.

On 16 May, the British empire announced it is sending 85 troops, somewhere, out there,  to “carefully vett” and train 5000 terrorists per year, for three years (perpetual war, anyone?) to fight both Syria, and the takfiri savages that Britain has been funding and training and paying covertly, for four years. [75]

On 16 May, Turkey, yet again, proved its Energy Minister a liar, by shooting down a Syrian intelligence drone, within Syrian’s borders, and then also blatantly lying that the aircraft had invaded Turkey’s airspace.  Though this impressive falsehood made international news, there was an entire international black-out (excepting the Islamic Invitation Turkey website, and two or three Pakistani blogs) on the SAAF’s obliteration of an entire convoy of terrorists and their weapons, upon their arrogant entry into Syria, three days later. [76]

On the same day of the terror-convoy annihilation, the SAR and the Hizbullah resistance fighters crushed 40 terrorist bases, and liberated strategic portions of Qalamoun mountain range . [77]

On 16 May, the National Security Council bragged that not only had the US run an illegal military incursion, into Syria but had killed a “senior” takfiri, and ‘arrested’ his wife, but also freed a captive slave to reunite with her family.  The NSC spokeswoman then audaciously claimed the [uncorroborated] invasion was “consistent with…international law,” [78] despite the fact that Syria had not authorized the US to breech Syrian sovereignty.   CNN (aka “Fox Lite”), which has rabidly and consistently engaged in war agitation lies against the SAR, was so “giddy over [this] Special Ops porn,” it did an Avitar re-enactment of the [uncorroborated] sortie, to engage its intellectual audience.

On 16 May, another non-Syrian member of the “Syrian rebels,” State Department/British intelligence asset, “Bilal Abdul Kareem,” blogged an invitation — from Syria — to five hundred Rohingya families stranded at sea, to come to Syria, via Turkey, and suggested the Turkish navy rescue them, in order for them to relocate (unsaid was the purpose:  For them to also become non-Syrian members of the “Syrian revolution”).  [79]  Kareem, a native New Yorker, and ‘convert’ to what amounts to “anti-Islam Wahhabi sex jihadism,” according to his bio on his blog, has worked for an English-language Saud-based tv show, in Cairo, Britain’s [warmongering] BBC and Channel 4.  Prior to his illegal entry into Syria, to “film” takfiri terrorists — since 2012 — he was in Libya, filming takfiri terrorists.

While the Rohingya seemed to dominate the news, in early May, there has been no follow-up regarding those 500, since Turkey announced, on 19 May, that it had dispatched a ship to rescue them. [80]

On 18 May, a previously classified “security” document, dated 12 August 2012, of the Defense Intelligence Agency, was released to a US watchdog group. [81]  It confirms what the Syrian Arab Republic has claimed, from the beginning:  That the US [and other countries of state-sponsored terror] has run takfiri against it, as assets useful in updating a Sykes-Picoting, of the country.   Last year, an al Qaeda insider gave an extensive interview to a Lebanese reporter, in which he stated that — of course — Obama has always known he was funding the terrorists against Syria, no matter what name they were using.  This man also noted that the demons had announced, that once they finished destroying Syria, they were headed back to their masters, in Saudi occupied Arabia, to bite off the hands that fed them.

It was not long after this interview, that the inbred camel and goat beastialist Saud royals started making “mouth firecracker” noises about terrorism — no matter that they emptied death row inmates into Syria, to terrorize, to brutalize, to destroy.

On 22 May,  the Syrian Arab Army freed soldiers, and some patients and physicians, who had been trapped in the portion of the Jisr al Shugar National Hospital, under bombardment by the unified takfiri thugs, for one month.  There was to be no repeat of the horrible loss of Syrian military lives, at the Meng military airport.

Syrian soldiers fought from the only safe area of the hospital, while awaiting rescue

There was no fratricide among the several terrorist organizations involved in the capture of Jisr al Shugar, in the Idlib governate, between the port city of Latakia, and Syria’s second largest city, Aleppo, in April.  FSA, JaN, Harakat Ahar al Sham, and dozens of Chechens had come together to destroy the city, using suicide bombers against the hospital and the brick factory, and using US TOW (Tube launched Optically tracked Wire guided) missiles and old shoulder anti-aircraft rockets, from Turkey, against the Syrian military, in addition to tanks and mortars.

JaN bragged that they had 15 sociopaths ready to blow themselves, and the brick factory, and the sugar plant, and the hospital, up.


The Chechen takfiri posted daily updates of their acts of terror, to their Youtube channel; appallingly, their viewership is quite large. A strange US website was giving daily praise to the terrorists, and had interesting access to many videos of FSA and JaN, during the capture of the city.

It is 1677.7 km/1040.61 mi from Chechnya to Syria.   Chechnya is mostly surrounded by very tight Russian security.

Colonel Mahmoud Subha — trained in siege warfare — was able to oversee the evacuation of most patients and medical teams, before being trapped inside the National Hospital, with enough weapons for three months of fighting.

Syrian soldiers and remaining patients leave the hospital, under cover of SAAF and SAA bombardment of takfiri killers

You persevered and resisted because you don’t know the word “defeat” or “surrender.”  — President Bashar al Assad to the soldiers who held out at the National Hospital

Rumors from the terrorist supporting English deviants included nonsense such as tunnels being dug under the hospital and disinformation used to cause confusion among the soldiers.  The English liars and child molesters will have their day in Hell.  – Ziad Fadel, 22 May 2015

On 27 May, al Khanzeera ran an interview with JaN terrorist, Mohamad al Golani, in which he stated that the West has nothing to fear, as these mass murderers only want to destroy Syria. [82]

Again, as a reminder to US Americans:  Imagine US troops slaughtered in US territory, while defending its people from foreign mercenary mass-murderers.

The Kafka of Chlorinated “Barrel Bombs”

One need not have several doctorates in rocket science, to know that every country’s military in fact uses bombs, when engaged in warfare, and that a competent military will use its most efficient bombs, when fighting its enemies.

Yet, the State Department, UN mafiosi, and their many international reporter-underlings seem determined to demonstrate the opposite,  despite President al Assad’s explanations of military efficiency.

A “barrel” bomb is best described as a “flying IED (improvised explosive device).”  IEDs were first used, by the US, in Vietnam, as an incendiary device.  During the US Operation Inferno (1968), dozens of barrels of incendiary devices were used to burn down entire forests, to ‘flush out the Viet Cong’ (current Secretary of State, John Kerry, is a Vietnam veteran.  Perhaps he was having a PTSD flashback, when he announced that the SAR is using chlorinated, flying IEDs, against itself.)

They are unguided, ergo strategically an inefficient waste of military time, and resources — and have efficiently been renamed jerry-bombs by blogger Stephen Gowans, in his report on the New York Times anti-Syria propaganda.

Jerry-bombs, as related to war propaganda against Syria, were born of a bit of a small miracle, when an unemployed British stay-at-home-daddy-who-likes-video-games-blogger-who-calls-himself-Brown-Moses, found himself a world specialist in them, a “world specialist” cited by British Parliamentarians, Human Rites [sic] Watch, the UNSC thugs, and international war media.  In his paper, “Serious Questions about the Integrity of the UN Report” [83], Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Affiliate, Subrata Ghoshroy makes note of this peculiarity, suggesting that “communication between UN team [inspectors] and analysts outside…[p]rejudiced the report.”  Mr. Ghoshroy was also impressed by John Kerry’s precise numbers of 1,429 dead — including 426 children — from the attacks in al Ghouta, in late August, 2013, reminding him of Noam Chomsky’s half-century old remarks regarding the Pentagon’s daily body bag lies, during the Vietnam atrocity.

Also mentioned, albeit quite briefly, in the UN [lack of] “Integrity” report, is one Richard Lloyd, a “Warhead Consultant at Tesla Laboratory, Inc,” Scottsdale, Arizona,  whose credentials seem add an aura of scientific weight — or, at least, “enough scientific jargon and obligatory mathematical equations and computer simulations to scare the lay reader from questioning underlying assumptions” — to Brown Moses’ hobby.

Missed, by media mentions of Lloyd’s name — somehow — is some spook-related news, way back in October 2010, when Lloyd was prevented from boarding a plane, in NY, and his Massachusetts home was raided by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  Though Federal law enforcement, and his former employer, Raytheon, were tight-lipped in follow-up news to the dramatic sweep of his home, in a quiet, Boston suburb, it would appear that Lloyd took an unauthorized laptop, when his employment was ended with the world’s largest producer of guided missiles.

Western Vichyite urinalists continue to report on the criminally false statements of an unemployed stay-at-home daddy, a  warmongering Human Rites organization, and a Qatar-funded, uncorroborated photo exhibit (which left the UN, and moved to Capitol Hill, after which it will be Round II, at the Holocaust Museum), while ignoring the fact that the first threat of CW use came from the FSA, in a Turkish lab, in December 2012 — and the threat was made against Syria, which was ignored by the UN when a request was made by the SAR for an investigation (the test rabbits are killed by the neurotoxin, VX):

Also ignored by the UNSC, was Syria’s request for an investigation into chemical weapons use, against Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013.  Forty days after the atrocity, Ambassador al Ja’afari gave a briefing to the press, in which he said no investigation had occurred, yet France, Britain, and the US had begun accusing his country of using them, on its own people.

In this largely ignored, two-year old video, Dr. al Ja’afari significantly notes that the countries which have condemned his, wrongfully, have a known history of using weapons of mass destruction against other countries, and were also the first to introduce chemical weapons to the region:

  • Britain bombed Iraqi tribes resisting British occupation, with mustard gas (Churchill enjoyed watching them ‘dance’ from it)
  • France tested its first nuclear weapons on Algerians in the desert
  • Italians used gas against the Libyan resistance
  • US used Agent Orange in Vietnam, and white phosphorus in Iraq [US also bombed Japan with its only two nukes]
  • None of these countries was ever held accountable for these atrocities

They’ve Written Songs of June — but Not for Syria

June, the month that heralds in the joys of summer warmth, and flowers, and beaches, for Syria, began with a new onslaught of Western politicians and media subordinates, engaging in acts of phantasmagoria, conniving to finish off the Syrian Arab Republic.

The same world leaders, who consistently remind the rest of humanity of anthropogenic climate change, also consistently take the role of the Aesop Fable of Mother Crab dictating to her son, when it comes to their colonialist imperatives to bomb other countries, jet-set around the world for meetings with Newspeak titles, and hold lavish international parties to discuss further devastation.

On 2 June, French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fetid Fabius, hosted such an opulent party, for a “mini-meeting” of representatives of every country that has been involved with illegal bombings of Syria, training of takfiri monsters, funding the bombings of Syrian hospitals, and being intentionally oblivious to their own malignant sociopaths finding their way into Syria, were in attendance, under the orwellian cover story of dealing with the same terrorists it had created. [85]

Modest Paris meeting, hosted by Fetid Fabius

Fetid Fabius — whose very name seems to cause Diplomat al Ja’afari’s nostrils to flare, in righteous disgust, whenever he is forced to utter it — has steadily maintained his geriatric colonialist, fierce enmity toward the young Syrian republic, for having outrageously tossed out the French occupiers.  Fabius, in his own madness, demands that the Syrian people’s presidential choice, Dr. Bashar al Assad, has no place in a post-Syria Syria.   This terrorist has gone so far as to state that ‘permitting’ President al Assad to remain the chosen president of Syria, would be “scandalous.”  [86]

A few days after the gay Paree soiree, the “B” list of “opposition” gangs (with a slightly smaller “carbon footprint”) was hosted in Cairo, concluding on 8 June. [87]  Among B list attendees, was the former pimp, and convicted drug dealer, Ahmad al Jarba (who may, or may not, still be the “president” SNC — which also has been demoted).   Though Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah al Sisi, exudes a slight air of secularism, and western media burps up stories of la neutralité faux, his hosting of a gaggle of truculent misanthropists toward Syria, belies the obvious reality, especially as al Sisi has looked into his crystal ball, and predicated the ‘down-fall of Dr. al Assad’ (whether in a possible attempt to propitiate the UN mafioso clique, or in a hope of a small crumb of Syria’s “bounty,” or whether both, cannot be surmised, at this time). [88]

It is unlikely that al Sisi will concern himself with the fact that his predecessor Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi’s being on the same side as the west, in demanding President al Assad’s removal [89] was eventually rewarded with a death sentence.

(Video also available on BitChute:

Early June surely had the cosmos witnessing the remains of Franz Kafka suffering status epilepticus in his grave, when Israeli medium reported that the “US Embassy Syria” twitter account had claimed that the Syrian Arab Air Force was helping the takfiri savages, against the patriotic people of Aleppo.  [90]  Does it not matter that the US closed its embassy, in Damascus, in 2012, yet still runs a an anti-Syria “embassy” website, yet still runs a twitter account (does this mean the sole job of the “new” US envoy for Syria, who is not residing in a closed embassy, is getting paid for twit-ting all day?) Does it matter that Israeli media has run photo-ops of Netanyahu visiting wounded takfiri in IDF MASH units, on the occupied Golan?


Does it matter, that in May, Ynet ran a report with “rare footage” of emergency surgery being done on a terrorist — after checking him for explosives, of course — while rushing him to an Israeli hospital?

On 5 June, War criminal David Cameron announced his plans to send 100 elite military operatives (SAS) into Iraq, and illegally into Syria, because 30 British persons on vacation in Tunisia were murdered by a takfiri. [91]

Poor Kafka, in need of intravenous diazepam and phenytoin…

The Druze

On 10 June, takfiri of the JaN faction, slaughtered 22 Syrian Druze, in Qalb Lawzeh village, Idlib province, near the Turkish border.   JaN had decided to confiscate the home of a Syrian of the Druze minority, as punishment for him having served in the SAA.

This mostly religious, but also ethnic group, keeps the citizenship of the country it lives in, was born in.  In Israel, Israeli Druze are permitted to join the military.

The massacre was used as a short-lived attempt to gain support for Israel to move to overt attacks on the SAR, in order to protect the Druze (from the same takfiri it has been treating in the occupied Golan), using the reported demands of Israeli Druze to help “their brethern.”

Israel’s president, and prime minister, had begun a media campaign in support of saving the Syrian Druze, via military intervention, if necessary.

This smarmy plan had to be shelved, though, after 22 June, when an angry mob of Syrian Druze in Majdal Shams (on the Israeli occupied Golan) stopped two Israeli ambulances carrying wounded terrorists to Israeli hospitals, and dragged them both out, killing one, critically wounding the other, and ‘lightly injuring’ two Israeli guards.

No links will be shared, as both western and Israeli media are referring to the occupied Golan as “Israeli Golan,” in this time that Israel is considering asking the UN to recognize its almost 50 year old annexation.  Israeli media is further orwellianizing the event by calling the dead terrorist “Syrian,” and the Syrians, “Druze.”

NB: Fisk’s dear friend, Walid Jumlatt, had already called for the extermination of Syrian-Druze:

The Kurds Fall from Grace

The love affair between western media — and the US State Department — with the Kurds came to an abrupt end, on 7 June, when the pro-Kurdish and liberal-leaning political group, People’s Democratic Party (HDP) took a bit over 12% of the Turkish vote, dropping the rabid erDOGan’s majority by 8%, and requiring him to form a coalition government, in Parliament.  Six weeks later, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), is reported to have broken a cease-fire agreement with the Turkish government, ushering in a series of bombings and killings of Turkish police stations, individual police, gendarmerie police, Turkish soldiers, security officers, buildings housing Turkish politicians, and even a gas line (whose flow had already been stopped, for maintenance work).

Reports sound like the beginning of the terrorist attacks in Syria, in Homs, 2011 (terrorism which included the bombing of the city’s  functioning oil refinery, in 2013) but no one is writing sonnets about any “spring” uprising, and the White House has stated that Turkey has the right to defend itself, though no explanation was given how self-defense extends to the Turkish bombings of northern Iraq. [92]

A flair of the surreal may be perceived, at the thought of Turkey bombing the piece of Iraq that has been carved into the Kurdistan region, as it is reported that Baghdad is compelled to absorb much of the costs of funding the Peshmerga.

“Coalition” satellites keep missing terrorist parades in open Iraqi deserts.

On 24 July, Turkey began bombing Syria, adding to its previously well-documented war crimes against the SAR.

US war-hawking CNN, which has been consistent in its criminal lying against Syria, for more than four years (in August 2011, CNN’s most known face — the one with an $11 million salary — called Syria’s UN ambassador a ‘liar,’ for stating that terrorists were killing Syrians), gleefully reported this news, shedding veneers of respectability for the malignant Turkey, in claims of its previous ‘impartiality’ that never existed, as malevolently as varicella-zoster sheds its virus.

“CNN, one of the leading channels alongside al-Jazeera that have been promoting the ‘Free Syrian Army’ (FSA) as a group of democratic freedom fighters,” appears to have wiped its memory banks of its own stories, when one of its reporters illegally entered Syria — in 2013 — as he traveled from Hatay Airport, in Turkey, with a takfiri en route to kill Syrians.  Update August 2017:  CNN censored its own news report. It was saved by another site, though.  English, with Turkish captions:

The criminal liars of BBC were more restrained, in their reporting of Turkey’s new war crimes against Syria, carefully adding that the rabid erDOGan had ‘consulted’ with Obama, and gotten permission from the US president,  to break international law.

In 2014, this news corporation also ran a report on terrorists invading the SAR from Turkey, though its hack was pristine in keeping to the Turkish side of the border, and quick to lie that Turkey was hard at work in beefing up security to prevent this influx.

Not surprisingly, Qatar (“pronounced ‘gutter'”) has come out in  full support of Turkey’s bombings. [93]

NB:  One of the oldest US think tanks, “NGO” Brookings Institute, has an affiliated headquarters in Doha, the capitol of the Gulfie gas station, Qatar.   The Institute’s website describes itself as “devoted to independent research and innovative policy solutions [including war propagandizing].”  Brookings has been lauded as the number one leading think tank in the world, by the University of Pennsylvania, in its 2014 Global Go to Think Tank Index Report [p. 61].   Not surprisingly, young Brookings launched a campaign against FDR’s New Deal — as it interfered with Wall Street’s banksterism.

Brookings-Doha has been in overdrive, in media attacks against Syria, in support of deposing President Bashar al Assad.  Most recently, the British “insurgency expert” Visiting Fellow, has been screeching over Syria defending itself by bombing a takfiri enclave, in Douma — while indubitably ignoring the multiple terrorist bombings of sea city, Latakia, by Doha-funded (and other) takfiri.

Syrian parents of a martyred soldier: “No one can kill our spirit, you cannot kill what won’t die.”

Russia’s Three-Plus Years of Picarism Metastasizes into Frontal Assault Against the SAR

Since the beginning of the Western colonialist plans to destroy Syria, Russia has been lauded as Syria’s close friend, and ally; this mythology needs to be properly dissected, so that it may be given a proper burial.

As far back as June 2012, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was stating Russia’s support of a transitional government in Syria:

We consider it of the utmost importance that this document does not seek to dictate to the Syrian sides how the transition process should happen politically. How exactly this process will take place is up to the Syrian people. This document is very precise on that…It is the regime [what type of head of state uses such un-diplomatic language as to call a “government” a “regime”?] that is responsible for the security in the country. The regime is significantly late with reforms…  [94]

How very liberal  of Russia to have stated the details of the dismantling of the Syrian Arab Republic, should be worked out, by the Syrian people.

On 22 May 2014, when the mafioso clique of the UN voted to send President al Assad to the International Criminal Court, Russia and China were the two P5 member states to vote “no.” [95]   While it should have been easy to surmise that Russia and China were engaging in necessary self preservation, the putinkjieh assemblage hailed Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, as subsequent savior of Syria.  Less than two months later, both Russia and China voted with the P3, making the decision to breach Syria’s national sovereignty, via opening humanitarian corridors not under Syrian control. [96]  The not astonishing result of this breach of Syria’s borders, was almost immediately deadly:

In mid-September, upwards of 50 Syrian children were murdered, when given poisoned measles vaccines, in Jirjanaz and Maaret al Nouman, Idlib governate, in “clinics” run by the takfiri.  Ambassador al Ja’afari called the deaths a “war crime,” and demanded that the UN investigate.

10653389_778468652199525_9115552661173338123_n (1)

In lieu of an investigation, the UN offered an absurd cover story, illogical and devoid of any shred of common sense: Human error of an unnamed NGO that accidentally reconstituted the measles vaccine, using skeletal muscle relaxant, atracurium, as a diluent, instead of water.  Despite the measles vaccine requiring refrigeration, and reconstitution immediately prior to injection, this same ”accident” occurred dozens of times, at different locations.

In mid-October, US journalist Serena Shim was killed in a suspicious vehicular accident; she had been given on-the-ground reports about terrorists and weapons entering Syria in “humanitarian” trucks.  [97]

Russia has still not delivered Syria’s defensive S-300 anti-aircraft missiles,  despite having received either full payment, or a substantial down-payment (reports are conflicting); Israeli media reported that the sale was halted after a visit from Prime Minister Netanyahu (who will need to return for another such successful meeting, as Russia has now promised to sell S-300s to Iran).  Russia went as far as to report their planned destruction.

In February 2014, Lavrov welcomed then-head of the SNC, Ahmad al Jarba, to Moscow, thanking him for finding the time (Russia had extended the invitation in September, shortly after Syria joined the OPCW).  Is it possible Russia had no knowledge of al Jarba’s criminal history , was as ignorant as the US?

In November 2014, Lavrov welcomed Saudi Arabia’s FM to Moscow.  Is it possible he did not know that the occupiers of Arabia had emptied a death-row jail into Syria?

In May 2015, Lavrov announced — while podium-standing with an FM from the war criminal UAE confederation, no less — that Russia’s  and the US’ “positions” on Syria “are really getting closer.”

In early August, Lavrov traveled to Doha, to meet with Qatar’s absolute monarch, Qatar’s FM, John Kerry, and a delegate from Saudistan, after which he planned to meet with former SNC “president,” Moaz “Dutch Royal Shell” al Khatib (who, in the past, demanded the US remove JaN from its terror list), and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal (yet another who has assisted in the final solution against Syria).   Almost immediately upon returning home, Lavrov welcomed SNCNCSROF president Khoj, to Moscow.

Picarist greets terrorist:  “Defeating ISIL is not the aim.”

Let those forces that present themselves as representatives of the Syrian people come and prove that they represent them or have influence, and we will hold dialogue with them without hesitation. — Syrian President, Dr. Bashar al Assad

Spitnik News headlined that Lavrov stated that “Russia, Syrian National Coalition Both Want to Curb Terrorism.”  It would seem that Lavrov might have been stuck in a time warp at the time of one-third of the Three [Lobotomized] Stooges droned at the UN, during which time Khoj stated “defeating ISIL is not the aim” (Lavrov seems to have also not gotten the memo on the most recent name change for the former “SNC.”)

Not to be outdone by Lavrov’s demonstrations of faithful friendship to the Syrian Arab Republic, Russia’s UN ambassador, Vitaly Churkin emitted his own chutzpah, on 12 August:  After Venezuela’s UN ambassador, Rafael Ramirez, had the temerity to balk at a mafioso resolution, because of language involving a “transitional government” for Syria, Churkin told the media:  “Expect it to be adopted tomorrow.

He was off by a few days.

On 17 August — the day that US taxes bombed Latakia — Tass reported that Russia had dropped off 20 tonnes of humanitarian aid, to Syria, while picking up 87 ex-patriates living there.   While Tass was reporting, State Department press liaison John Kirby was telling the media that Kerry, Lavrov, and Saudistan’s FM discussed “transition in Syria” at their Doha meeting.

While it must be acknowledged that Russia has given humanitarian aid to Syria, since 2011 — some sources claim more than half a billion USD — Russia’s various bilateral trade deals with the governments most violently involved in Syria’s destruction, have involved phenomenal investments.   Russian-Israeli trade was $3.5 billion in 2013. Russia is funding Turkey’s nuclear program to a tune of $1.39 billion (strangely, no one on Capitol War Whore Hill is complaining about this), in addition to giving it a 10.25% discount on gas. [99]  Russia and Saudi Arabia have signed trade deals, also involving nuclear power plant development (and a $10 billion investment in Russia).  [100]  Russia and Jordan signed deal for a $10 billion nuclear plant. [101]

No S300s for Syria…and no offers to assist in nuclear technology development.

Or, MiGs, for that matter. 

Debka’s rumor about Russia sending them made such loud reverberations (especially among the putinkjieh), that Russia announced to the world that it did not send them, and had no plans to do so, in the future.

Israel, not bothering to wipe the egg off its face, from the failure of the photo opportunity of rescuing the Syrian-Druze, who demonstrated how much they wanted to be ‘rescued,’ once again changed facts-on-the-ground, coming, instead,  once again, to al Qaeda’s rescue, from the SAA, by bombing areas of Quneitra province.   On 20 August, Israel targeted a military post, killing one soldier. Earlier, Israel attempted a demoralizing attack, by bombing the Transport Directorate and Governate Buildings “in an attempt to back up the terrorist organizations that tried to infiltrate al-Baath city and Khan Arnaba town, but couldn’t make any breakthrough on any direction.” On 21 August — while possibly aiming for the heavily populated market — Israel bombed a Syrian car, killing 5 civilians.

Israel: al Qaeda air force against Syria

No condemnation from HRW or Brookings-Doha or the UN mafia.

On 25 August, Putin welcomed Clint Eastwood aspirant, and war criminal puppet king Abdullah, to Moscow.  The little man asked for Russia’s help in a “solution” to the Syrian crisis.

On 28 August, Russia welcomes the US’ new addition to diplomats working on that final solution for the SAR.  Late July, John Kerry was “pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Ratney as the new U.S. Special Envoy for Syria,” without explaining to the perplexed how the US can appoint new diplomats while having undiplomatically closed the Syrian Embassy in DC  (to prevent Syrians in the US from voting), and and having placed Syria’s envoy to the UN within the confines of that 25mi/40km radius.   After Moscow, Ratney will meet with Saud terrorists in Riyadh, and then he will be off to Geneva.

“It is not necessary to accept everything as true, one must only accept as necessary.”  “A melancholy conclusion,” said K.  “It turns lying into a universal principle.”  — The Trial

On 28 August, Spitnik ran an article consisting of US anti-Syria rhetoric (including calling the foreign invasion a “civil war”), under cover of reporting on the State Department’s latest demand for Dr. al Assad to suddenly become traitor and abandon his country, and noting that Russia’s stated policy is for Dr. al Assad to be a “part” of the solution.

No one seems to wonder why Lavrov has never thought to simply state that the Syrian people already made their decision when they cast their votes.

There Is No Such Thing as a “Buffer Zone.”  The Correct Word Is Annexation

“Buffer zone” is colonialist Newspeak for “annexation.”  Were it not, the safe spot would be within one’s own country, not in someone else’s.

Queer how the rabid war dogs of the media — especially those making huge salaries — cannot fathom this truth.

Perhaps they make those huge salaries via dancing to the choreography of Mephistopheles.

Rabid erDOGan’s pornographic fantasy, despite some areas of Aleppo using Turkish currency

According to the statement of this pathetic creature — ‘head’ of a new sectarian party, in Syria, which has a whopping less than 1900 members — the US and Turkey are diligently working on this balkanization project, and want to have these collaborator-whores ‘administering’ the desired “Sykes-Picot secretion.”  Perhaps this unknown wretch will soon be courted by the UNSC?

Why does no one ever suggest carving the US into regions based on ethnicity, or religion?


The Fascist Coalition Cries “Havoc!”

Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war…That this foul deed shall smell above the earth…With carrion men, groaning for burial.

Though Shakespeare used the literary technique of anachronism, in Julius Caesar, the word “havoc” was born in the Middle Ages, as the English military order for its soldiers to pillage and un-bridle chaos. 

The ides of August have witnessed the fascists’ takfiri dogs of war, in an increasingly virulent wave of state-sponsored terrorism against the Syrian Arab Republic.

On 13 August, an attempt was made to blow up the al Assad Hospital, in Latakia (premature detonation saved it).  Four days later, this ancient, and cultured, and safe seaside city, received the US taxpayer-funded gifts of 9 bombs, from the Obama regime‘s moderate terrorists.

Latakia Shelling by Moderate Rebels
Latakia Shelling by Obama’s Moderate Rebels

On 18 August, Dr. Khaled al Asaad — archaeologist, Director of Antiquities of Palmyra — became the most recent martyr in the West’s cultural genocide against Syria’s scientists.   Professor al Asaad had been tortured for a month, before being barbarically beheaded, his body tied to a street lamp, his head placed between his feet, executed for the crimes of being a passionate patriot and a life-long member of the Syrian Ba’ath Party.

International condemnation was immediate, and repugnantly and repulsively hypocritical, if one is honest enough to acknowledge that those countries bellowing the loudest, have all been conspirators in the international campaign to destroy Syria.  Many Vichyites have used the atrocious death of Dr. al Asaad to run cover for the evacuation of even more criminal lies into the public psyche — including re-running the Palmyra execution myth, initially launched to demoralize the indestructible Syrian people.

The weekend of 23 August saw the Obama-led attempt to libya Syria via 200 bombings of Damascus.

26 mortar shells hit my neighbourhood yesterday.  We are not afraid.  The Syrian army is our hope. — a Damascene

Thirty-eight Damascenes were murdered on 24 August, from 93 projectiles.    The UN mobsters — including Stephen O’Brien, the new USG-ERC (who joins de Mistura in wailing over the deaths of terrorists) — offered a frail and anemic perfunctory denunciation of these murders, but only as a diminutive postscript to its gargantuan objurgation against the SAR, for its temerity in killing 100 terrorists in Douma , the town from which bombs against Damascus were launched.

A word to the stupid [expletive deleted]. The USA backed terrorists. Bomb us with all your rockets and every thing. If you think i will escape from Syria then you are totally wrong. I was born in Syria and I will die in Syria. — a Damascene

twain damascus
“Damascus has seen all that has ever occurred on earth, and still she lives.”

A Google search, “Human Rights Watch Damascus bombings” yields an unsurprising zero  [0] result.

[S]ometimes before reaching the the last quarter, you witness massive escalation.  The escalation may be an indicator of reaching the last quarter, but we are not there yet.  — Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad

The Final Battle of Armageddon 

There is probably no allegory of the Christian or Hebrew bible, that is more profound, that has captured the great minds of literature, than that of Armageddon, and its Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, than is found in the Book of Revelations.

Or, whose story might better be affixed to the terror unleashed against Syria, with the breaking of the Seven Seals, by the international financier imperialists.

The First Horseman sits upon a white stead, representing “conquest,” “righteousness,” “evil,”or “pestilence.”  No matter which interpretation may be used, they are all there, in Syria:   The ‘coalition’ of international demons has attempted to conquer the SAR, and further carve up the country, while the Syrian people, their president, and their military fight righteously, defending itself within its own legal borders.

The Second Horseman sits upon a red stead:  He represents war, mass slaughter, rivers of blood.   Consider the early video of the “moderate” FSA, tossing mailmen from the top of a federal building, in Aleppo.  Consider the “moderate” FSA canibal, who, after having himself videoed, savagely devouring the organs of a murdered Syrian soldier, was wooed by Western media, around the world.  Consider the early videoes, of the “moderate” FSA, battering a man in Idlib, slicing open his forehead, dragging him through the streets, before beheading him.

The Third Horseman  sits upon a black stead:  He represents famine, and carries a scale, to weigh few crumbs of bread.   There was no hunger in Syria, before 2011.   The illegal sanctions imposed against it, combined with the invasion by takfiri sociopaths from 100 countries (including Micronesia), have created hunger.

The Fourth Horseman sits upon an ashen stead:  He represents death, and is followed by Hades, the god who drew the short straw, and got stuck with dominion of the Underworld.   The Greek word to describe the pallor of the corpse, is khloros, from which is derived the word, chlorine.

Here, also, the allegory becomes chillingly prophetic, as the first chemical attack against the Syrian people — which the mafia clique of the U.N. refused to investigate — was launched on 19 March, 2013, when weapons grade chlorine was exploded upon the Syrian people, of Khan al Asal, murdering 27, and sending dozens of others, to nearby hospitals.

Khloros has been made into the dionysian banquet orgy at which the dogs of war — at every level — continue to feast:  John Kerry recently became Colin Powell, reversing his own previous acknowledgement of Syria’s rapid compliance upon joining the OPCW; a ghost physician tells a story to the UN, that defies chemistry, and then swims through Samantha Powers’ tears to repeat it on Capitol Hill; out-of-work-daddy-bloggers and fascist think-tanks repetitively re-regurgitate chimerical stories of khloros-laced flying IEDs.

Syria, the citadel, Syria, the young country, Syria, the ancient civilization and cultural hub of language, science, and the Silk Road, has remained standing in spite of the four and a half year international conspiracy to destroy it, because of the intrepid and indomitable spirit of its people.

The citadel, country, and civilization, Syria, fights the darkness of takfiri terror barbarity, for all of humanity; none should continue to hide the sun.

The final battle of Armageddon is nigh.

الله، سورية، بشار وبس

Postscript to almost Orangette Kayla Mueller:  Her uncorroborated “Syrian boyfriend” did show up, in a report on a Skype interview — of course, using a pseudonym — in mid-February, in which he described a fantastic epic story about her not having worn hijab in Aleppo [not a requirement], and someone from MSF hospital (that no one in Aleppo seems to know about) being kidnapped because someone at the ghost hospital had contacted ISIL operatives [102]

On 15 August, 2015, The Geryon, citing The Independent Ballyhoo as its source, dug up Mueller’s bones to add further drama to the US Delta Force team slipping into Syria to kill ISIL “financier” Abu Sayyaf, arrest his wife, and reunite the poor Yazidi slave girl with her family.  According to these rigorously uncorroborated reports, the Yazidi slave girl has told someone that Mueller was held captive by the Sayyaf couple, who was frequently visited by al Baghdadi, who raped Mueller on each occasion. [103]

It should be remembered that al Baghdadi was released from an Iraqi prison, by US forces.

It should also be remembered that US Senator John “al Qaeda” McCain slithered into Syria — with the full approval of US President Barack Obama — the last weekend of May, 2013, during which time he met with kidnappers, including al Baghdadi, who, at the time, was still wrapped in the flag of French Mandate occupation of the SAR.

10570494_695627517159182_4099798749572090389_n (1)

Suggested Reading/Viewing:  

In December 2012, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, H.E. Bashar al Ja’afari, requested a formal investigation into the threat made against the SAR, in this video. His request was ignored. The video takes place in a Turkish lab, and two rabbits are killed by the neurotoxin chemical weapon, VX:

Eva Bartlett’s interview with Ambassador al Ja’afari:

Eva Bartlett’s interview with Syrian photographer Hagop Vanesian, on his exhibit at the U.N.

Ambassador al Ja’afari, at Town Hall Meeting in Allentown, PA., June 2013:

Anti-Islam Wahhibi Jihad al Nikah, has also come as a shocker to US reporters, despite Syria complaining to the U.N. for four years, of this form of rape of Syrian women:

UN Accuses Syrian Government of “Curtailing” Women’s Rights While Ignoring “Crimes of Sexual Violence” by US-NATO supported Armed Groups BBC report Report from a Syrian.

U.S. planned a coup against the young Syrian Arab Republic, in 1957:

In an article on an Orangette, neo-lib online journal sounds as though it were writing the end to a screenplay: “As in some previous ISIS videos, after the diatribe ends, the killer puts the knife to the victim’s throat, the image fades to black, and then a still photograph appears with the severed head resting atop the dead man’s body.”

“Devastation…and inspiration in liberated Ma’loula”

[1] “”&HYPERLINK “”feature=share



[4] While still Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton gave a press briefing in which she reported that the U.S. had already given the moderate serial killers $815 million.   This report appears to have been shredded via the orwellian memory hole.

[5] USAID:     ,

[6] Sotloff family spokesperson says FSA sold him to ISIL cousins:




[10] Though the article mentioning “self castration” gave the impression it was a bloody mess, a bizarre photo, via a Google search, shows he was one of a few men being castrated via ligation, the tying off of the blood supply – and its oxygen – to the genitals, resulting in necrosis and simply ‘falling off.’

[11] Video of Yukawa 11 July 2014, in Aleppo:

[12] Abandoned wife and 2 kids, one two weeks old.

[13] “My son is not enemy of Islamic State.”

[14] In Cairo, 18 January 2015, Abe stated that Japan already had given 2.2 billion toward the entire region, and pledged another 2.5 billion USD.

[15] PM Abe’s press conference, 20 January 2015

[16] Report on phone chat with Brit war criminal, Cameron:


[18] 1 February 2015, Abe apologizes to everyone except Syria.  Promises further assistance.

[19] Embassy of Japan in SAR “suspended”: 

Japan had closed its embassy “temporarily,” on Wednesday 12 March 2012, with no subsequent report on it having been reopened.

[20] Abe thanks war criminal, rabid erDOGan, 4 February 2015:

[21] Article 5 of The Mine Ban Treaty required Turkey to clear its antipersonnel landmines (“APMs”) no later than 1 March 2014.  Turkey has been in compliance with most of its other borders, but in March, 2013, it asked for an extension – through 2022 and beyond – to clear its APMs from the border it shares with the Syrian Arab Republic.  

BBC:  “I smuggled jihadists into Syria”

CNN reporter illegally enters Syria, with takfiri.

APM clearing was to have been done by Israeli company:


[23] “Syrian sit-in” youtube psy-op was an off-Broadway flop.


[25] Italian national, Haisam Saqar, murdering Syrian soldiers:

[26] While Mr. Fraschetti’s blatant announcement, regarding the faux ransom, coming more than four months before the obscene amount was ‘leaked’ to the press, was prescient, prophetic, his description of these operatives, as “odalisques,” is both musical and poetic dissonance, in its most raw, ironic, and shocking perfection.   “Odalisques” were the “female slaves or concubines in a Turkish haram, particularly the concubines in the household of the Ottoman sultan.” [emphasis added].  Let us remember that most of the more than 125,000 international killers (including, but not limited to McCain, BBC/CNN reporters, and other assorted demons, all of whom have miraculously avoided those 615,000 APMs), entered through the Turkish border.   Though the League of Nations, in 1920, replaced the Ottoman occupation of Syria, with the French occupation of Syria, Turkey’s rabid erDOGan dreams of return to the Caliphate.

[27] “scary whore”’




[aa] Journalist Nizar Abboud explains why he suspects Hebdo as having been a coordinated government[s] wetworks attack:

[31]  17 October 2007, H.E. Bashar al Ja’afari, Representative of the Permanent Mission of Syria to the U.N., leads a discussion on Syria’s history, as part of the U.N. Pathways Lecture Series:

[32] US and Britain planned a violent coup against Syria, when it was only 11 years old: UK/US planned coup 1957 . By 20 September 2011, the US had decided to destroy “seven countries in five years,” including Syria:   1949 interview on coup against Syria:

[33] Assad speech June 2011.  62-64k criminals at large, unsought by  corrupt law enforcement.  They became the first battalions of the criminal FSA:

[34] Report funded by Qatar, the gas station in the Gulf which has donated over $3 billion  to the cause of Syria’s destruction.

[35] Documentation that CDS is a subsidiary of the State Department:

[34] Report funded by Qatar, the gas station in the Gulf which has donated over $3 billion  to the cause of Syria’s destruction.

[35] Documentation that CDS is a subsidiary of the State Department:


[37] Frustratingly, in April 2013, after western media regurgitated the Israeli lie that sarin had been used against Syrians (by their government), this writer was the only journalist who “emphatically” stated that weapons grade chlorine was deployed against the people of Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013:  .   Immediately after, Syria provided the UN with diplomatic request to investigate the use of a “chemical substance” in that town.  Forty days later, that request still had not been fulfilled:


[39] Envoy de Mistura’s “piecemeal freeze zones” did sound like ‘Sykes-Picot’ light, around the corner , but the so-called opposition refused to even discuss that.

[40] Former White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, announced, in June 2013, that US had funded “moderate” terrorists $800 million:

[41] Jordanian orangette downed by friendly fire

[42]  This should come as no surprise, considering that Israel has given free health care to wounded terrorists, both on the occupied Golan, and in Israeli hospitals.




[46] “Israel Declares Chemical Weapons Used in Syria; Journalistic Pandemic of Organic Brain Syndrome Ensues”: .  The yellow journalist of the NYT, responsible for one of the longest propaganda pieces, subsequently complained to another yellow journalist, that no evidence was offered:

[47] Ramallah orders retraction: 

[48] War propaganda is illegal, under International Law:  ,

[49] “Israel Declares Chemical Weapons Used in Syria; Journalistic Pandemic of Organic Brain Syndrome Ensues”: .  The yellow journalist of the NYT, responsible for one of the longest propaganda pieces, subsequently complained to another yellow journalist, that no evidence was offered:

[50] Vatican Radio interview:

The Holy See’s State Department pimping actually began a couple of weeks earlier, when Silvano Tomasi, Vatican Ambassador to the UN, in Geneva, stated that if a political solution for Syria were not possible, “[t]hen the use of force will be necessary” [ostensibly against the takfiri]:

[51] Vietato Parlare on Vatican war propaganda: 

[52] Trombetta’s Hurani obit:

[53]  Jolie’s full State Department authored script: 

[54]  Movie fans might also keep in mind that Jolie also lied, on national t.v., about her affair with a then-married man:  .  Actual evidence, though, did come a bit later:  


[55] Two minute educational on how to play the ancient game of “Knucklehead”:

[56] 2012 alia mansour called for ousting syrian ambassador to lebanon: 


[58] Jewish Virtual Library Fahd bio:

[59] Najib Ghadbian:  White House, State Department, and Muslim Brotherhood friendships:   

[60] Dr. al Ja’afari exposes Turkish war crimes, against his country, in a March 2014 stake out:  

[61] Newsweek:  .  Qatar:  :


[63]  debka psyops 4 may:

[64] :





[69] :,7340,L-4655669,00.html


[71] E.g., “going down in flames”:



[73] : More news from Turkish opposition on weapons to takfiri:

[74] 15 December 2012 – 2 Turk generals, 6 officiers, 4 MIT officers arrested in Syria, involved c weapons / fsa/idlib:


[76] 19 May SAAF obliterates Turkish convoy in Darkosh:

[77] 19 May Syria and Hizbullah obliterate 40 takfiri bases in Qalamoun mountain range:






[83] Published 26 September 2013, in response to the UN report of 16 September 2013

[84] The Young Crab and His Mother:

“Why in the world do you walk sideways like that?” said a Mother Crab to her son. “You should always walk straight forward with your toes turned out.”

“Show me how to walk, mother dear,” answered the little Crab obediently, “I want to learn.”

So the old Crab tried and tried to walk straight forward. But she could walk sideways only, like her son. And when she wanted to turn her toes out she tripped and fell on her nose.

[85]     ,














[99]   ,

[100] ,




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