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Syria- Daraa: SAA Onslaught in the South Against Terrorists

image-SAA yrian Arab Army

Syrian Arab Army carries out continuous operations against Western sponsored terrorists in Daraa and its countryside, the south of the country.

The national armed forces, SAA, leaves no place for terrorists to rest all over the geography of the Syrian Arab Republic in the north and north west in Aleppo, in Der Ezzor, in the East in Hassakah, in the Coastal West in Lattakia countryside, in the center of the country in Hama, Homs and their countrysides including Tadmor (Palmyra) and as well in the far south, where Saudi Wahhabi terrorists lead the fight in cooperation with Jordanian and Zionist Israeli intelligence agencies.

image-Syrian Arab Army
Syrian Arab Army – SAA

Latest update earlier today Monday 12 December 2012, units of the Syrian Arab Army responded to terrorist groups movements in Daraa Balad (Old city), Naziheen Refugee Camp, West of the air defense battalion and in Yadoda town inflicting heavy losses in the ranks of the terrorists.

SAA managed to destroy terrorists command centers, fortifications, vehicles of different types and killed scores of the terrorists including some of their commanders like Ibrahim Mahameed, Mustafa Masalmeh and Muhammad Khatib were identified among the killed.

The Syrian Armed Forces and their allies are fighting herds of tens of thousands of the worst types of terrorists throughout Syria, over 185 thousands square kilometers. These terrorists receive the full support in weapons, munition, logistics, intelligence and guidance from a large number of Western intelligence agencies and their regional stooges namely the CIA from the USA, MI6 from Britain, DGSE from France, and of course all the puppets from the region like the Turks, Saudis and Zionists Mossad, not to mention billions of US dollars already spent on these filthiest filth to destroy the targeted countries Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt and others on the US radar list.

Terror groups come under different banners like Nusra Front which recently changed its name to Jabhat Fateh Al Sham which is the Levant branch of al-Qaeda, ISIS an offshoot of al-Qaeda, FSA an umbrella for all terror groups fighting the Syrian people, and all other silly names with mostly Islamist references to cause harm to the image of the real Islam by trying to link these heinous crimes committed by the terror groups to a main divine peaceful religion.

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