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Syria: No CW Agent in Samples from Muadamiah

UN Chemical Report

UN report: No chemical weapons traces in samples from al-Muadamiah.

The published UN report by the chemical experts of the United Nations (UN) about their investigation of places near the Syrian capital Damascus in terms of the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict and on the results of the laboratory tests of the samples from Zamalka, Ain Tarma (Ein Tarma) and Muadamiah makes it clear that no traces of chemical weapons agents were found in the samples taken in the Muadamiah, which is located in the south-west of Damascus.

It is stated in the report by the United Nations (UN) about the investigations of the places of attack near Damascus and the samples from these places, taken by the experts of the last UN mission to Syria under the lead of the Swedish arms expert Ake Sellström, that the laboratories have found plenty of traces of Sarin (nerve gas) in the areas of Zamalka and Ain Tarma (both in the north-east of Damascus), but they found no traces of chemical warfare agents in Muadamiah.

It was already mentioned in an article from yesterday. There are more and more contradictions in the UN report about the samples from the suburbs of Syria’s capital Damascus and the investigations by the UN inspectors.

The analysis results of the lab tests of the samples from Syria are published in the UN report and also include the information about the findings in Muadamiah. These findings say that no traces of chemical weapons agents were found in the samples from Muadamiah and this makes the issue really interesting and raises some questions.

Both laboratories of the United Nations (UN) reported in the final report about the CW agents and the investigation of the samples from Syria that they were not able to find any chemical weapons (CW) agents in the samples number 1 to 4 – thus, no traces of CW agents in the samples from al-Muadamiah (Moadamiyah). The UN report could not be clearer in terms of the missing traces of CW agents in the samples from Muadamiah. The published analysis report in the UN report says clearly that “none” were found in Muadamiah.

The samples from Muadamiah were taken by the UN inspectors on 26/08/2013, and thus, exactly when the foreign-backed terrorists and so-called “Syrian rebels”, including their backers and supporters outside Syria, claimed that a chemical weapons attack has taken place. In addition, the laboratories (mainly one of the laboratories) found traces of chemicals that are described as “degradation and or by-products”.

However, there is certainly a good explanation for these traces, rather than these traces would confirm the use of chemical weapons – it could be traces of an insecticide. That mainly one of the laboratories has been able to find these traces while the other laboratory has hardly found these traces might be a sign that these traces of the so-called “degradation and or by-products” are very thin and perhaps also very old. Also the German blogger of “nocheinparteibuch” mentions this. In his recent blog post, there are several screenshots of the UN report and the analysis results of the samples, including the contradictions of the report and his conclusion about the missing traces of CW agents in Muadamiah.

The conclusion of the analysis data, which were published in the UN report on the investigation of the UN team in Syria and the analysis of the samples from Zamalka, Ain Tarma, and Muadamiah is interesting. According to the analysis data, a chemical warfare agents has been used in the areas of Ain Tarma and Zamalka near the Syrian capital, Damascus. However, no CW agents were used in the area of al-Muadamiah (Moadamiyah). If there would have been an attack with chemical weapons, the laboratories would have found traces of e.g. Sarin and by-products in the samples from Muadamiah – just like the laboratories found these traces in the samples from Ain Tarma and Zamalka.

Therefore, the alleged chemical attack in the area of Muadamiah was fabricated by the foreign-backed terrorists and their backers and supporters outside Syria. The alleged eye-witnesses lied to the inspectors of the UN (United Nations) and the victims who were tested positive for sarin in their blood samples were certainly not exposed to Sarin in the area of Muadamiah. The entire story of a chemical weapons attack in Muadamiah is a lie for propaganda purposes and the so-called “Syrian rebels” have tricked the UN inspectors – e.g. by the use of alleged witnesses of this fabricated chemical weapons attack in Muadamiah who have then lied about it towards the inspectors of the UN.

And because the foreign-supported terrorist groups and their backers outside Syria knew that the whole story about the alleged chemical weapons attack in Muadamiyah is not completely solid, they wanted to prevent that the UN inspectors take samples from the area of Muadamiyah near the capital, Damascus. That`s certainly the reason why a sniper of the “Syrian rebels” (or more) has fired on the inspectors of the United Nations (UN) when they wanted to enter the area of Muadamiyah.

UN Chemical Report
Ake Sellstrom Hands UN Ban Ki Moon His Report

They wanted to prevent that the UN team takes samples from Muadamiyah and that the following lab tests prove that no attack with chemical weapons has taken place in the area of Muadamiyah. The chemical weapons attack was probably fabricated with the intention to create an event, which crosses the so-called “red line” of U.S. President Barack Obama, so that America are almost forced to launch a military intervention into Syria. Not to mention that this fabricated attack with chemical weapons also served as useful propaganda against the Syrian government and nice headlines for the Western propaganda machinery of the mass media.

The UN report about the investigation of the samples from Syria reveals the lies by the so-called “Syrian rebels” and their supporters outside the Arab country. The fabrication of the attack with chemical weapons is exposed as a lie for propaganda purposed and to trigger a US-led military strike against Syria. And what does the finding of none traces of e.g. Sarin (or other CW agents) in the samples from Muadamiah tells about the traces of chemicals in the samples from Ain Tarma (Ein Tarma) and Zamalka?

Indeed, something very interesting. The lies about the chemical weapons attack in Muadamiah by the anti-Syrian groups in and outside the country makes it clear that it is therefore to assume that these groups also lie about the events in Zamalka and Ain Tarma and are probably themselves responsible for the attack(s) with CW agents. This attack in the suburbs of Syrias capital Damascus were indeed a false flag attack in order to give the United States, Israel, Turkey, France, Britain, and Saudi Arabia  the base for a military intervention and war of aggression against Syria.

The German blogger wrote about the fabricated chemical attack and the other false flag acts in suburbs of Damascus as well as about the victims of these chemical attacks near the Syrian capital:

A possible method of cheating bio-medical samples in Moadamiyah (blood, urine) could have been that rebels brought real sarin victims from Zamalka to Moadamiyah so they could meet the UN inspectors there for bio-medical sampling. The UN report even states itself that many patients of the CW attack were moved between various hospitals. Other cheats may also be possible.

The UN reports says for example that three hair samples of alleged 21st August CW victims were taken (2 in Moadamiyah, 1 in Zamalka) and they all tested negative on Sarin. It may not mean anything, but it may also be a hint on where truth may be found.

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  1. Bandolero

    “Not surprising, since I think that chlorine — unlike GB — degrades rather rapidly.”

    I would be interested in understanding how chlorine would leave traces of sarin in the blood of the victims.

    In bio-medical samples from Moadamiyah (ie blood of victims) there was found sarin, but in the environmental samples from Moadamiyah there was not found any CW agent. Compare this with the Zamalka laboratory analysis results: in bio-medical samples from Zamalka there was found sarin, and in all of the environmental samples from Zamalka there was found sarin.

    How to explain the difference?


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