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Syria: Former CIA Analyst predicts another False Flag Attack

Pretext for War: Analyst predicts attack under false flag on US destroyers at Syria’s coast.

Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst, said in his new interview that there is a certain possibility that the U.S. administration in Washington is searching for a “false flag attack” in order to create a pretext for the planned US-led war on Syria. According to the statements given by this former CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) analyst, the Obama administration is looking for a “false flag” attack off the coast of Syria to start its planned military strike on Damascus

The ex-CIA analyst, Ray McGovern, even said that such a staged attack on US destroyers at the coast of Syria could already happen in the upcoming days. This would underline the fears and predictions of other political analysts and experts in the events in the Middle East and developments of such planned wars.

Further, some of these political analysts have not predicted a “false flag” attack on US destroyers at the coast of Syria, but they predicted that another staged attack, planned or even carried out with the help of the United States, could certainly happen on Syrian soil in the upcoming days. Then, in order to give Washington and the other backers and supporters of the Saudi-Israeli-American war plans against Syria a better pretext and justification for their planned attack against Syria.

According to the statements by the former CIA analyst, Ray McGovern, there is this possibility that Washington intends to stage another attack in Syria and he further said in his new interview that the U.S. administration of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and President Obama is already “looking for a false flag attack off the coast of Syria” – and this act under false flag could even happen already in the upcoming days because the Obama administration as well as the Israeli regime and the totalitarian dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, besides Turkey and France, want this war against Syria to happen soon. However, they (seem to already) know that they certainly need a better staged justification and pretext for the planned military strikes on Syria than the recent chemical weapons attack in suburbs of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

New leaks seem to confirm that the recent poison gas attack (e.g. Sarin nerve agent) was a planned fabricated chemical attack in order to deliver Washington, Riyadh, Ankara and Tel Aviv a pretext and justification for the planned US-led war on Syria.

A war on Syria that is then completely paid by petrodollars from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, according to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. In addition, such a war against Syria and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) would also mean the support of religious fanatics in the region and on Syrian soil. Further, American soldiers would then become the paid mercenaries of the regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and these US troops would fight alongside al-Qaeda jihadists against the secular Syrian government in Damascus.

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern even predicts in his new interview that the Obama administration is currently looking for (another?) a “false flag” attack off the coast of Syria. The ex-analyst of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Mc Govern, said in his interview that such an attack on one of the US destroyers in front of the coast of Syria will then be blamed on the Syrian government or maybe on Syria’s ally Iran and then “all hell will break loose.”

Just as many others, the former CIA analyst hopes that the communication between the US navy, Iranian Navy and the Syrian Navy are good enough so that nobody will “be able to mount that kind of provocation in a credible way.”

However, nobody knows whether the US navy could not be simply involved in the plans of carrying out a false flag attack in order to have a pretext and justification for an immediate attack on Syria – without an approval by the UN Security Council (UNSC). For the ex-CIA analyst, this is one of the critical dangers that he sees for the next week in terms of the possible military attack on Syria and the need for a convincing pretext for the supporters of the war on Damascus.

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern further said in his new interview that the US administration has to reveal its “so-called evidence” that the Syrian government and the Syrian Army are responsible for the chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians in suburbs of the capital Damascus last months.

Guided missile destroyer USS Barry
Guided missile destroyer USS Barry

According to the ex-CIA analyst, “the way for us to stop the US from waging military strike on Syria is to press the US administration to reveal its evidence” for their claims against the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. McGovern said, that there is a danger from the US administration’s perspective that the members of the Congress in the United States will not approve the war on Syria in terms when the “White House declassified its intelligence assessment.”

The former CIA analyst finally stated that the Israel Lobby and others (such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar) who really want this war on Syria and plan a full-scale war on Damascus instead of the alleged “limited strikes” on the Arab country, only have about a week to “do something” that will affect “the things.”

And this clearly means that the supports of a US-led military strike and war on Syria certainly need another false flag action for a better (more convincing) pretext and justification in order to launch an immediate attack on Syria.

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