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Syria Christian Communities Systematically Targeted in Syria by al-Qaeda FSA Terrorists

The Remains of st. Mary’s Syrian Orthodox Church in Deir Azzour
The St. Mary’s Syrian Orthodox Church in Deir Azzour, has become the latest Church to fall victim in a long line of destruction by the US and NATO backed Terrorists known as the “fsa”, who have bombed the Church and the adjoining “Al-Wahda” Private School, completely destroying both buildings.
The Following statement has been issued by The Orthodox Church of Syria in relation to the latest destruction of the St. Mary’s Church:
His Eminence Eustathius Matta Roham
Metropolitan of Jazirah & Euphrates
Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch and All East
OCP News Service- Exclusive

(Global: It is a very sad day for me to see how much destruction occurred to our St. Mary’s Church, its Al-Wahda Private School and its neighborhood in Dair Al-Zor…Syria is facing a savage war against civilization. I feel that our beloved country is going through its own “III World War”. All parties of conflict are losing day after day. If the rebels think they will win at the end, I believe they will win a ruined country. Likewise, if the regime itself thinks of winning the war, I assume it will win a destroyed country, thousands of orphans and widows, and enmity. However, the most loosing group among citizens is the poor. The question which people address to all those who are fighting each other is: who is going to reconstruct what we have built after many years of hard work!?)
Christians like other religions and sects in Syria, have become main targets for the so-called “fsa”, who’s extreme ideals have no tolerance for other religions or sects, and seek to destroy their exhistence with violence including crimes of  beheading civilians known to them as infidels, in addition to the destruction of their private and public property, as well as kidnappings and general Terrorising of the Christian Communities.

Aleppo’s Armenian Community had 6 out of seven Churches recently fire bombed and destroyed, as Erdogan Terrorists who infiltrated the border from Turkey, went on a rampage targeting the Christian Armenian neighbourhoods, including businesses and homes, in an effort to terrorise Christians into fleeing their homes and the City of Aleppo.
Remains of the Church of the Virgin Mary “Umm Zinnar”, Homs Syria following infestation by Al Qaeda FSA Thugs.
Last year Terrorists from the so-called “fsa” destroyed the oldest Church in the World built in 59 AD, “Umm Zinnar” Mother Mary Church in Homs, which the original belt of the Virgin Mary was found and kept in. Please click on link for pictures and story of the destruction by Terrorists of this priceless World Treasure:
Religious and Community leaders are all extremely concerned and disturbed by the on-going killings, violence and destruction  of the US and NATO backed Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists, with the Archbishop of the Armenian Catholic Church of Aleppo making the following statement about the latest massacre carried out by FSA Terrorists in Aleppo on civilians, with a warning that Syrians are becoming  addicted to the Horror and overwhelming violence:
The Armenian Catholic Archbishop on the massacre in Aleppo: ” we are addicted to daily horror “
Aleppo (Agenzia Fides) – “The effect of the condition in which we have been living for more than a year is that we are now addicted to horror everyday.” This is how the Archbishop of Aleppo of the Armenian Catholics, Boutros Marayati, describes the devastating situation to Fides Agency experienced by the inhabitants of the Syrian metropolis, where yesterday dozens of corpses of young victims were found. “There is always new news of massacres, there is the constant noise of bombing, one lives in a state of tension and fear day and night, there is a struggle to survive in a daily life in which there is not even water to drink and fuel to heat homes. As we are overwhelmed by all this,” the Archbishop explained to Fides, “there is not almost time to become aware of the terrible things in which we are immersed. The massacre at the University a few days ago, where we lost poor Sister Rima, already seems a distant thing.”
With the now familiar rebound of the charges, the government media have blamed the massacre to the jihaidiste brigades of Jabhat Al-Nusra, while groups of the Coalition of the Opposition spoke of “new terrible massacre perpetrated by the regime.” According to the Armenian Catholic Archbishop of Aleppo, the impossibility of verifying the actual dynamics of bloody events makes the condition of the people in turmoil even more alienating: “We feel that there is a deformation of all the information. One cannot just trust what one hears, and there is no possibility to check even the events that occur a short distance from our neighborhoods. Even now one can hear the noise of explosions, but we do not know where they come from, and against whom they are directed. We are in the middle of a war, but we live it as if we were in the dark, without really understanding what is happening. We wonder when and how all this will end. Let us pray to the Lord, so he can look upon us and protect us. ” (GV) (Agenzia Fides 30/01/2013)…JA

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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