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Syria: Some Children Photos Not Shown by NATO MSM

Afraa Dagher


This little boy is trying to protect his littler sister from the missiles of the moderate rebels who besiege their village in the countryside of Idlib.  This photo was sent by inhabitant Ashraf, to al Alam TV.

Such a hypocritical world in which not all the kids matter…only the ones who are used for war propaganda against our country, like ‘Bana,’ adored by the west for calling for WW3.  She was the face of her ‘handlers’ in Ankara, though, and her terrorist father joined her family there, the end of last year (also cheered by western media).

This was Yousef.  He was 9 years old and walking home from school in the western Aleppo when snipers shot him and other students 24 October 2016.

There were no White Helmets to report this, because it is a true incident.  Moreover, there were no White Helmets to report this because they are busy shelling missiles on these kids in the western neighborhoods of Aleppo.

Yousef was killed by NATO armed sniper.

Jableh National Hospital released this photo of the unidentified child who was seriously wounded in the 5 January moderate car bombing that slaughtered at least 12.

NATO msm did not show this photo of an unidentified Syrian child.


”Bana”’s terrorist daddy with his moderate NATO weapons before he moved to Ankara

Shameless hypocrisy and murderous double standards.

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