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Syria: Cameron and Obama Agreed to Support Terrorists

Wahhabi Ahmad Assir

According to the latest information about the hypocritical support for the armed terrorists and jihadists, who are fighting within Syria against the secular state and want to establish a so-called Islamist theocratic state while carrying out massacres and terrorism against the Syrian civilians, Britain is going to double the support for the staged external Syrian “opposition” next year.

David Cameron, another political leader who is betraying his own people and using lies and propaganda to please the real masterminds, announced after his meeting with the Drone killer Barack Obama in Washington, that Britain will double the support with shipping more so-called “non-lethal military aid” to the Syrian terrorist opposition in 2014.

David Cameron has vowed an extra of £10 million for non-lethal equipment and £30 million more for humanitarian assistance for the people in Syria, while it is still not certain if this so-called humanitarian aid really means what it is called in terms of Syria. If so, then it is somehow very schizophrenic again.

On the one hand, Camerin (Britain) is supporting the terrorism against the secular state of Syria which ends in bloodshed, massacres and endless homeless people in some areas of the country, while he allegedly supports the Syrian people, who are suffering by this terrorism of these radical armed groups and jihadists, with so-called humanitarian aid. Not to mention all the homeless people in Britain who would need some help as well, of course. But the same applies even more for the United States, doesn’t it?

Barack Obama, who has agreed on the killing of endless people since he came in power in the United States, and David Cameron, a known war criminal for a long time, have also stated after their meeting in Washington, that they want to bring “an end to the killing of the Syrian people”. As usual, the known propaganda and hypocritical statements by these so-called political leaders.

One might wonder whether armored vehicles, body armor and power generators are really all that will be sent to Syria till next year. David Cameron said this and further usual propaganda statements after his meeting with the US drone-warrior Barack Obama, but all these words by such leaders do not mean that these words are true, of course. More and more people, even in the West, should have recognized already that there is a huge mismatch between the words and acts of their political parties and leaders.

David Cameron, as well as the U.S. President Obama, still wants to arm the jihadists and terrorists fighting in Syria and is going to support more flexibility in the European arms embargo, while one can just hope that the also biased and hypocritical German government, as well as some others, are able to prevent this, at least. Although Germany plays its usual role as slave of other`s interests, one just hopes that the German government has, at least, the balls to say “no” to the direct support with weapons to the radical religious fanatics and barbaric thugs in Syria.

The time will tell if the German chancellor has a personal “red line” or will further serve the U.S.-Israeli interests without any qualms. At least, it is already clear as the sky that Angela Merkel is betraying her own German people and that she is not better than David Cameron or Barack Obama. Not to mention the Frenchman Hollande and other lying criminals in leading positions in Europe.

Wahhabi terrorist cleric Ahmad Assir
Wahhabi terrorist cleric Ahmad Assir

(One example of the supported “democratic rebels” in Syria)

While more and more usual biased news agency in Europe and even in the United States seem to accept that there could be a military victory for Syria and while more experts on the topics in the Middle East speak about the probably military victory of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) against the foreign-backed terrorists and Islamists, David Cameron seems to still believe that he can further betray the Britons.

David Cameron also said this funny one-liner after his meeting with Barack Obama:

Assad has to realize there could be no military victory for his forces.

He probably had to say it and if one continues with a lie it might become the truth one day, at least, in the heads of the people who are listening to such a lie. This is known for centuries already. But it seems that one is already able to give David Cameron another name – Joseph Goebbels.

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  1. mikhas

    More proof that the murderous UK Zionist Jew and "israels" house-n*gger, president Obombah for American affairs are psychopaths without a clue other than supporting hordes of terrorists, cannibals and bandits. Not even their parrots in their corporate media can cover it up any more..

    Meanwhile, Russias new Mediterranean naval fleet with an impressive amount fire power and most certainly additional S-300´s for SAA, are making their way to Syria and are about to enter the Suez canal…

  2. Nassir



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