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syria britain begins to prepare ground for military intervention in syria

Britain begins to prepare ground for military intervention in Syria
British Prime Minister David Cameron, whose government has been actively involved in the Syrian conflict since it unfolded after February 2011 peaceful protests in the country, has told his country’s lawmakers that the current turmoil in Syria is attracting and encouraging al-Qaeda-linked terrorists.

In his remarks to the Commons on Monday, David Cameron tried to falsely describe the situation on the ground in Syria as such that it needs urgent foreign military intervention to be put on the right track.

The Prime Minister has been campaigning intensively to lift an EU-imposed arms embargo against Syria so that his country could be able to freely ship heavy weapons to the Middle Eastern country and to empower armed terrorists fighting the popular government of President Bashar al Assad.

Cameron told the Commons that the crisis in Syria “is attracting and empowering a new cohort of Al-Qaeda-linked extremists.”

“My concern is that if we, with others, aren’t helping to shape the opposition, it’s much more difficult for us to make the transition to a more peaceful Syria that we all want to see”, he claimed.

This is while that Britain has been among the first western countries, whose spying agents were providing intelligence and their army officers were giving training to terrorists in Syria.

Syria is experiencing a twenty-one-month-old deadly unrest by now. Many people, including large numbers of security forces, have so far been killed in the turmoil by foreign-backed armed terrorists in the country.

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