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Syria: Breaking News Update January 13, 2013


Edlib: the Saudi “Bandar al-Zehrani” was killed in Syrian Army’s targeting to a position for the armed men near Taftanaz airport

January 13, 2013   2:20 PM

Daraa countryside: Syrian Army foils the attempt of blasting two booby-trapped cars next to Namer bridge

January 13, 2013   1:25 PM

The people council conform committees that connect the popular events to prepare for a dialogue conference

January 13, 2013   1:13 PM

Dollar exchange rate in the black market: 93.75 SP sells and 93 SP buy

January 13, 2013   1:06 PM

Damascus countryside: a military operation by Syrian Army takes place near the international road in Duma causing the death of 18 gunmen

January 13, 2013   11:43 AM

Egypt: Court of Cassation decides to retrial Mubarak on charges of killing protesters

January 13, 2013   10:44 AM

The Middle East quoted a Russian source: no agreement on transitional government with total authorities in Syria

January 13, 2013   8:55 AM


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