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Syria Back to the Arab League, the Syrians are NOT Thrilled!

Arab League readmits Syria

In their meeting in Cairo, the foreign ministers of the Arab League decided unsurprisingly to un-suspend Syria’s participation in their League, the Syrians are split with the majority not thrilled about the return of their country to that League.

Arab League Resolution 8914 dated 7 May 2023 based on a memo presented by the Egyptian delegation citing the ‘concern of the member states of the stability of Syria, its sovereignty and territorial integrity over its land’ the exact same reasons those same members suspended Syria’s membership on 16 November 2011 to achieve!

The latest resolution was issued amidst talks of continuous objection from member states like Morocco, Kuwait, which Syria helped to liberate from Iraq, and Qatar, which did not even exist when Syria founded the Arab League with much fewer member states in 1945, 26 years before Britain gave Qatar its independence, it is said that only Qatar abstained in the vote to issue the above-mentioned resolution.

Russia, Iran, and to some extent, China played active roles in pushing member states of the Arab League to restore Syria’s seat, similar pressure was exerted on the Syrian leadership to accept the restoration of the seat without demanding reparations from the Arab countries that actively participated in destroying Syria, and to show this as a ‘good gesture’ from the Arab brethren.

Russia and Iran have been pressuring the Syrian leadership to accept a rapprochement with the regime of the NATO Turkish madman Erdogan, with the Syrian leadership continuing to resist this pressure.

President Bashar Al-Assad set the condition for the rapprochement with Turkey to obtain an unexplicit declaration from the Turkish regime to withdraw all its forces from Syria, the Turkish Army, and the assorted Al Qaeda terrorist groups, before concluding this rapprochement, especially taking into consideration the failure of both Russia and Iran, the two guarantors of the Idlib Agreement to fulfill their guaranteeing obligations to hold the Turkish regime to execute its commitment in the agreement and instead of withdrawing the NATO forces controlled by the Turkish madman Erdogan, the latter beefed these forces of evil up.

In contrast, there are no Arab armies illegally occupying parts of Syria, despite the heinous roles played by many Arab countries against Syria.

In their persuasion efforts, Russia and Iran, maybe China as well, have assured the Syrian leadership that the Arabs, especially the Gulfies will stop arming the terrorists in Syria and will cease their war on the Syrian economy with their very deep pockets. Qatar and Saudi Arabia alone spent over 138 billion dollars between 2011 and May 2017 to destroy Syria, former Qatari prime minister Hamad Bin Jassim admitted on Qatari state TV.

The Syrians, in general, are not against the restoration of the diplomatic and other relations with any of the countries that joined the war against them, they believe the majority of the people in those countries do not share the evilness of their leaders, as well as some of those countries were given the option to commit crimes against their brethren in Syria or face the ‘anger’ of the US-led camp of hyenas, they chose to be cowards who turned into evil criminals.

What the Syrians are disgusted about, and we’re using this expression carefully, is the way Syria is restoring its seat in the Arab League it helped establish is humiliating to the Syrians who fought against an unprecedented war of terror and war of attrition waged on them by almost the entire world, most countries joined the war on the Syrian people, fewer were negatively silent, and some of Syria’s closest allies tried to strike deals on the account of Syria in its weakest times with the enemies of Syria and even the enemies of those allies of Syria, to no avail mostly.

Why would the Syrian people who sacrificed the most and won the heinous horrific war waged against them by the world’s superpowers spearheaded by the USA, and the world’s super-rich regimes spearheaded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, be treated as the losers of the war who need the pity of the ones who actually lost the war they waged?

How dare those Arabs in their statement place any condition on Syria in return for their ‘approval’ to readmit Syria into their League, even for media purposes?

Why is the presentation of the rapprochement between Syria and other nations shown as if it’s goodwill by the ones who lost their war against the Syrians who not only were victorious in the war waged against them for no reason, they managed to fix the world’s balance standing in the face of the US-led NATO ‘defensive’ alliance’s hegemonic and demonic aggressions inspiring the rest of the world to stand up, giving them time to build up their forces while the Syrians were defeating the world’s largest terrorist army, and bleeding out the economies of the members of the evil NATO ‘defensive’ alliance?

The war on Syria is not coming to a conclusive end by this rapprochement, there are still foreign powers illegally occupying Syrian land, ‘freezing the conflict’ is never helpful, it temporarily buries conflicts and unsettled disputes, and depriving the Syrians of their hard-earned victory is akin to the West claiming they won the war against Nazism in the second world war between the Christian Europeans while the Russians are the heirs of Nazism now, even if that’s fine with the Russian leadership and the Russian people, it will never be fine with the Syrian people to steal away their victory.

The losers of the war waged against Syria for over 12 years must admit their defeat and not take credit for their ‘good deeds’ to ‘readmit’ Syria to the international community. Those losers must be held accountable for the crimes they committed against the Syrian people; at least apologize for those crimes.

The Syrian people deserve to be compensated in kind for their losses, if not multiple times what was spent to kill them, the Syrians murdered, the Syrian children torn up into pieces by terrorists, those who were raped, tortured, kidnapped, displaced, dismembered, held captive in concentration camps in the most horrific conditions, lost their businesses, properties, and many lost their loved ones.

For those belittling the Syrian victory over the US-led NATO, stooges, and proxy terrorists, just imagine if Syria lost, and the USA controls the entirety of West Asia, isolating Iran, Russia, and China from the rest of the world. Keep that in mind when discussing the importance of the victory the Syrians achieved during this past decade over the armies of the Antichrist.

Syria has never invaded any other country in its history, it has been invaded by every other country throughout the history of mankind, all of those who invaded it collapsed internally soon after their invasions of Syria, as much as that would be a partial relief. Syria has never sponsored terrorism in any other country, it has always supported the right to resist for all the people under illegal occupation across the planet, all other countries sponsored terrorism in Syria actively and passively.

A stolen victory from the Syrians orchestrated by their presumed allies is not going to be accepted by the majority of the Syrian people no matter how much their leadership is pressured to accept it by those allies to save further blood-shedding, and no matter those few ultra-pan-Arabists in the Syrian society would love to return to the ‘Arab arms’ overshadows the rights of the Syrians to celebrate their victory and to be compensated for their losses.

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  1. WPS LOL Admin

    it was better if he did not return to the Arab League, if they want to repent of what they have done in Syria for 12 years they must immediately give up 400 billion for reconstruction (without installments and without asking for concessions from the Syrian government), at least what has been destroyed will be rebuilt and the country is at least livable again


    SYRIANS MUST be compensated for the12 years of destruction and the ARAB LEAGUE MUST admit their GUILT for the thousands of Syrians murdered and provide COMPENSATION to the families who lost family members to the slaughter


    Please correct My spelling error in my name FREESPIRIT. It is NOT FREE:SPIRIT

    My mistake. MY fingers have a mind of their own :-)

  4. Ahmed Yunus

    I think the Syrian people must tread carefully here.They must remember that without Iran and Russia, Syria would have been dismembered by now.It is silly on the part of the writer of this article to refer to the two countries as “presumed alies”.
    A mature approach,of which president Assad is known for,is what is needed.
    A balance between national honour and reconciliation with former foes is what is needed here,not preconditions,not demands.It is the strategy of a man who knows he had to be strong and invincible first before going to war.


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