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Syrian Students in Slovakia, Czech Confirm Support to Political Solution to Crisis in Syria

Jan 11, 2013

PRAGUE, (SANA)_ Syrian students in Slovakia confirmed that the political program to solve the crisis in Syria based on national dialogue and away from foreign interventions and dictations is the best solution to the crisis.
In a statement on Friday, the student stressed their full support to the implementation of the program which contributes to respecting and preserving the national sovereignty and prepares for building better and stronger Syria where security and stability prevail.
The students appreciated sacrifices of the Syrian army in facing terrorism and extremism, praising their leading role to return security and stability to Syria.
They confirmed that the political program for resolving the crisis in Syria is the main and the safe base to a national solution which satisfies all Syrians.
The students called upon all national parties inside and outside and the friendly countries which support peace, stability and the ideology of resistance to advocate this program.
They expressed their full support to Syria in confronting the conspiracy and the fierce terrorist war targeting it.

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