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Anti-Syria Journalist Lies about ‘Rare’ Assad Interview

President Bashar Al-Assad


President of Syria Bashar Al Assad
President of Syria Bashar Al Assad

by Miri Wood, R.N.c.

N.B. Cantelmi es cabron. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all – /Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” [1]

Like many Americans, I had never heard of Marcelo Cantelmi — though I have, in the pasado remoto, read the Argentine right-wing daily, “Clarin,” named after an usual horn instrument — until watching the less than ten minutes of video from the “rare” interview of President Assad .[2] Having watched the video before reading his report, I was kind of taken by surprise that his first question would involve the complaint that the Syrian “crisis” is worse than in other Arab countries, with the implication that the unspoken, were it to be given obvious voice, would scream “How dare you not be crushed!” In Cantelmi Cabron’s second, ‘sort of’ question, in which he attempted to wax eloquence regarding Obama’s and Biden’s very white men’s burden of so not wanting to “intervene,” and their apparent problem in Kerry’s insistence on keeping all options opened, Cabron begins the outing of himself as an O’Bagger. [3] This yellow journalist himself, almost magnanimously seems to offer President Assad the “enormous” role involving an “international accord” to bring “peace” to Syria, by resigning from his elected leadership.

At this point, I had to step away from the video, to try to ascertain who this insane creature was.

Cantelmi Cabron is the author of “Una Primavera En El Desierto,” subtitled, “La Revolucion Arabe Que Conmociona Al Mundo,” also subtitled, “Cronicas De Un Periodista Argentino En El Norte De Africa” (which I am surprised is not the main title, given his ego centrism, which includes his complaint-brag that this interview was the first granted to an Hispanic journal since the invasion started, but his third with Dr. Assad) [4]. The book jacket claims that this marvelous season of spilled blood began when “a university aged youth who survived by selling fruits from his car lit himself like a torch in Tunisia.” [5] It also needs to be mentioned that before Gaddafi was battered and sodomized to death, this madman complained that NATO’s imperialist intervention in Libya “obscured the sentiment of those protesters and fomented the victimization of a bloody regime…” and also complained that he had the impression that the aforementioned intention was to punish, but not enough that “he [Gaddafi] may fall.” [6]

Enough background, though; time to return to the complaints of yesterday, as noted in Cabron’s article. The first was that Syrian officials “seized” the recording and insisted on doing their own transcription. Considering the many lies, red herrings, and absurd attacks, I personally high five that move.

Cabron complained about President Assad being “dapper,” wearing a “suit,” and his “calmness,” though he also wore a suit.

For being the first Hispanic writer given an interview since the invasion began, he spends a ridiculous amount of time in a begrudging mini bio of the “Alawite” president practicing ophthalmology in London, where he met his “Sunni” Syrian wife who was nonetheless born in Britain (which kind of demonstrates a bit of evidence that sectarianism didn’t exist in Syria until the invasion began, but this guy is on a mission, and either did not realize this, or believes that his readership is too dense to notice), and then they moved to Syria so Assad could continue in the “strong man,” “polemical heir of the dynasty that rules with an iron boot.”

Cabron laments that President Assad disagrees with the UN Syrian mortality rate of over 70,000 persons, and ignores the fact that this number comes solely from one individual who left Syria to not be incarcerated for a fourth time.

While Cantelmi Cabron ignores the hundreds of pieces of extraordinary evidence that foreigners have been leading the destruction of Syria — the evidence being provided by the invading pathogens, themselves — he complains that Assad consistently makes note of the reality, and, instead of even attempting to refute the truth, he brays that Hizbullah and Iranian armed militias are the real terrorists of Syria: Really, Mr. President, how can you possibly believe that Qatar and Saudi occupied Arabia are involved with the US in this coup against your country, even though all three countries have gone on record as being part of the coup?

Cabron appears to so become increasingly agitated by reality, that he manages to not only toss “holocaust denial” into the interview, but also whines that Assad does not offer him the answer that he wanted.

Cantalemi was completely impotent in his attempts to rattle the ever “dapper” president who remained calmly firm that “a captain does not leave his ship during a storm,” that he gets the ship to port safely, before making decisions; that the Syrian people, alone, make decisions pertaining to Syria; that no sane person sits with terrorists who “cut throats, kill, and commit assassinations using chemical gases .”

Cantelmi Cabron tries to play the hyena attacking The Lion, but is reduced to merely wankering on, possibly visualizing a Hollywood treatment, “with the undertone of distant and sporadic sound of artillery shells that fight in the outsides of the city,” heard in the Palace Library, as its opening scene.

Personally, I will not be wasting my time reading the rest of his Goebbelsian interview.

[1] “Ode On a Grecian Urn,” John Keats


[3] Many around the world know of the semi-literate substrata of rightwing Americans known as “teabaggers.” Under the Obama regime, there has become a leftwing phenomenon of “o’baggerism,” those who demonstrated against the war crimes of Bush/Cheneyac, but love love love the Obama “warrior.”
[4] “Springtime in the Desert,” “The Arab Revolution that Shocked the World,” “Chronicles of a Journalist in North Africa.”

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  1. Marilina

    hahah i was wondering if was really a surname of Cantelmi while i was reading! haha of course he is Khara! Clarín is a biased media , a monopolio … pro -USA ..


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