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Syria: Armed Group Assassinates Syrian TV Cameramen Haidar al-Smoudi in Damascus

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-An armed terrorist group Friday evening assassinated Syrian TV cameraman, colleague Haidar al-Smoudi in front of his house in Kafer Sousseh, Damascus while he was heading for his work at the News Center in the Syrian TV.
Martyr al-Smoudi was born in Damascus, 1967. He graduated from the Media Training Institute and worked as a cameraman in al-Thawra Daily then he joined the Syrian TV in 1998.
Earlier, the armed terrorist groups assassinated colleagues Naji Assad, Ali Abbas, shukri Abu al-Burghul, Basel Yousef, Mohammad al-Ashram, Maya Naser, Cameramen Ihsan al-Buni and Hatem Abu Yahya.

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