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syria al nusra forces saraqebs residents to pay taxes

When the armed groups that are linked to al-Nusra Fronts of al-Qaeda organization took control over Saraqeb area of Edlib countryside, these groups have issued some Advisory opinions and “legislations” that force the residents to follow and not to infringe.

Breaking News Network reporter assures that members of al-Nusra Front have intervened the Social solidarity center in the area to a position for them making part of it as a prison to who violate their laws and the number of the arrested people is 157 person.
Our correspondent narrates in details that the armed men have intended to eject all the foreign journalists from the city and they force the Syrian female journalists to wear veil, while they force the residents to wear the forensic clothes, where the women wear full black clothes and veil and the men wear the male forensic clothes.

Our reporter points out that al-Nusra has issued some decisions that is associated with the manner of paying the electricity and the water taxes to feed back the store of “Money House” for the front.Al-Nusra Front has burned number of houses and stores whose their owners refused to pay the taxes accusing them by “the supporters of Syrian government”, and control the distribution of bread and fuel material and other initial materials on the families, according to our reporter who says that the families of Saraqeb city have got out in a demonstration condemning the front’s act and demanding them to exit from the city, which led to arresting more than 40 persons and sending them to the Social solidarity center in the charge of violating of the law of God.

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