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Did They Suspend the Lethal or Nonlethal Aid?

US & its poodle the UK decided to suspend the non-lethal aid deliveries to their mercenary FSA terrorists killing Syrians, that’s what they claimed after their lethal aid fell in the hands of uncontrolled groups of Al Qaeda, one of their effective agencies in killing Muslims and distorting the image of Islam.

If you didn’t understand the above phrase from the first time please go ahead and read it again, that’s exactly what was relayed to the absent public, their taxpayers.

NYTimes Post about US Nonlethal Aid suspension to Al Qaeda FSA
NYTimes Post about US Nonlethal Aid suspension to Al Qaeda FSA

Just ignore the ad at the top of the NY Times post appearing above, but seriously the US taxpayers should work harder this year to cover the $13 billion trade deficit recorded by Israel from the beginning of this year till date, they can start by investing in bonds there, another scam with losses covered from the same taxpayers themselves in means of direct financial aid and indirect military and weapons aid to the Zionist entity of foreign settlers in Palestine.

Back to our story and it’s obviously not that the US and its followers in the UK cannot trace their own weapons, they can definitely trace the last bullet if directed against Israel of course, but since Israel was never a target of any Alqaeda attack which kills only Muslims at the hands of brainwashed Muslims, there’s no fear for the destination of the ‘Lethal’ aid, that’s why the suspending of the ‘nonlethal’ aid..!

Watch this report by pan Arab Al Mayadeen TV for further confusion unless you’re a conspiracy theorist or at least if you were following this site or other non-mainstream sites trying to cover the Syrian crisis for the past almost 3 years.

Once you realize you were fooled all along you can go back to your normal life and when elections are due you can re-elect the same politicians or their parties that fooled you in the beginning. Have you noticed that the 2 main ‘democracies’ in the world have 2 main parties each only while other smaller parties have slim if not impossible chances of ever getting to power?!

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