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Moderate Rebel Blows Up 7 in Damascus

A moderate terrorist blew himself up near the Muhafaza City Sports Club, in the Kafr Sousseh neighborhood of Damascus.  Seven persons were martyred, and 8 injured.  Thursday evening begins the Syrian weekend.

In al Foa’a and Kafraya, Idlib countryside, Syrians were treated to moderate mortars and moderate bullets fired at their homes, killing one person, and injuring at least 8.

In Aleppo, a child was killed by an explosive device left behind by other moderate terrorists — despite Russian sappers having cleared almost 1,000 hectares of such kindly gifts.

The suicide bomber at the Muhafaza Sports Club is reported to have worn a suicide belt, perhaps similar to the one modeled by the terrorist interviewed on 20 December, by CNN friend, native New Yorker, Bilalqaeda Kareem, who prophetically stated “Potentially explosive situation is brewing,” before his safe return to  Idlib, where anti-Islam wahhabi sex jihadists reported on him eating a fresh apple, upon arrival.

During the interview, Bilalqaeda caressed the explosives belt:

CNN’s adored Bilalqaeda groping an explosives belt of a ‘potential’ suicide bomber

On 13 December, in a maudlin piece of “goodbye messages” from moderate terrorists, CNN outrageously called the American mercenary terrorist “a Syria-based journalist trapped in eastern Aleppo, and bragged that the terrorist “has worked with CNN in the past.”

Circa 15 December, despite the bunker-buster-chlorinated-flying IEDs and no dependable internet access, CNN‘s Hala Gorani interviewed Bilalqaeda:

Previously, CNN‘s Ward of Death tweeted about his “brave” reporting.  Ward has received awards for illegal entry into Syria, and embedding herself with foreign terrorists — the ones that 10 million dollar man Anderson Cooper claimed did not exist.  On 1 August, CNN gave its affluent international audience to US designated terrorist, Aussie Mostafa Mahamed, to help bleach the blood from al Qaeda’s murderous hands.  Days later, she was given an audience at the UN, to lie about Syria.

Somehow CNN, which has been gravely offended by President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s calling them “fake news!” has missed their terrorist-supporting friend interviewing members of the FSA-al Zinki gang that cut off the head of 12 year old Syrian-Palestinian Abdullah Issa, with a kitchen knife (after kidnapping the young boy from a hospital).

US terrorist/CNN hero Kareem cheers alliance with child beheaders

CNN has also missed friend Kareem’s brotherly interview with illegal Saudi terrorist in Syria, Abdullah Muhaysini, on the United States Specially Designated Nationals terror list.

Merc Bilalqaeda interviews Islam-hating wahhabi on US terror list, Saudi Abdullah Muhaysini

The moderate savages continue with their daily slaughter in Syria, with the assistance of msm propaganda.

Is msm merely engaging in “fake news“?  Or, are they committing war crimes against peace (defined by Nuremberg  Tribunals), and aiding the enemy?


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