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Statement from Families of Fouaa and Kafraya Terrorist Opposition Bombing

Survivor of terror attack in Rashidin does not count, because the Taliban was not responsible.

Syrian child who survived al Rashidin terrorist massacre is ignored by malignant msm

Families hold Ahrar al Sham, Nusra, Qatar, and Turkey responsible for failing to protect and secure the safety of their families.  For two days the ‘militants’ procrastinated, keeping families on the buses with little food, water, and exhausted, delaying the evacuation.  In the chaos of the bombing, a large number of their relatives have been kidnapped/gone missing and they have no news of their whereabouts.


The families of Fouaa and Kafraya demand the following:

Why is the media hiding this survivor of terrorist massacre from their viewers?

Via Twitter account @Nour_Samaha.  Ms. Samaha is a Lebanon-based journalist reporting on the Levant.



“We will support our government until the very last drop of our blood!  We are with you Bashar no matter what they do to us!  For you, Syria!  For you, Syria!” — Syrian woman in above video.

Self-made Syrian enemy, Qatar, brokered a deal with Syrian ally, Iran, to exchange Qatari-run terrorists for Syrian civilians held hostage by the terrorists. The plan involved terrorists and their abductees from Madaya, Zabadani, Fouaa and Kafraya.

Despite the worth of Qatari guarantees being shown in the atrocious massacre of internally displaced persons from Fouaa and Kafraya, Qatar is now guaranteeing the safety of OPCW inspectors, should they decide to enter Jahbat al Nusra occupied Idlib.

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