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No Spy Pact: Germany and US will debate an Agreement

Espionage Germany / NSA

Germany and U.S. administration to debate Washington-proposed “No Spy Pact”.

The German administration and their counterpart in the United States will start with the debates about an agreement not to spy on each other already in this month, according to the statement by a German official from yesterday. After the revelations by the “whistleblower” Edward Snowden in terms of the NSA surveillance programs, it seems that both administrations in the United States and Germany had to start such negotiations about an alleged “no spy” pact between each other.

Of course, this information about talks on an alleged “No Spy Pact” between Washington and Berlin is more a staging for the masses than a serious attempt to stop the spying on each other, although one should better say that the NSA monitors Germany more than the German intelligence agencies do it with the United States, of course.

However, the German government in Berlin and the U.S. administration in Washington will begin negotiations this month on an alleged agreement not to spy on each other, but as stated, it is more a staging for the masses.

Yesterday, Ronald Pofalla, the chief of staff of Germans Chancellor Angela Merkel, already told a parliamentary committee that Germany and Washington will begin such negotiations on a bilateral “no spy” agreement later this year. According to Ronald Pofalla, this step shows that Washington is serious about abiding by German law while in Germany.

Of course, nobody should take these statements too serious. Ronald Pofalla, the chief of staff of Germans Chancellor Angela Merkel, further told the parliamentary committee that this offer by Washington could have never been made if “the Americans’ assurances that they will stick to German law in Germany wasn’t actually true.”

Really? Nobody should buy such a statement. As stated, this is more for the show for the people and no real upcoming agreement with the relevant results that the NSA stops their monitoring and observing programs in terms of Germany.

The German politician Ronald Pofalla also said that these talks about a “No Spy Pact” will offer a unique opportunity to implement new standards for the future work of Western intelligence agencies, especially now that the Cold War is over. The German politician further told to the lawmakers that the German government in the capital Berlin was given “assurances by UK and US intelligence agencies” (spying agencies) that there is no comprehensive wiretapping and monitoring in Germany by them.

Espionage Germany / NSA

The intelligence agencies of the United States and Britain are completely trustworthy for the German government and Mr Pofalla. However, several German citizens will have a different opinion about this after the revelations of Edward Snowden in terms of the NSA surveillance programs (e.g. PRISM).

The cooperation between German and US intelligence agencies has been strong for decades. Of course, since the end of the second World War, the cooperation between the intelligence agencies of the United States and Germany have continuously improved, and thus, there is no way to not believe that the German intelligence service had no idea about PRISM, XKeyScore & Co.

Same applies for parts of the German governments in the last 50 years. For example, both the BND (Federal intelligence agency / Bundesnachrichtendienst) and Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) used the XKeyScore program by the NSA since a long time.

NSA’s XKeyScore program is able to target the full content of communications, including where the communication comes from by using its metadata for automatically investigations.

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