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Spain: Al-Qaeda Terrorists Remand in Custody over Syria Attacks

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

According to official sources, a court in Spain has remanded in custody eight suspected members of Al-Qaeda who are accused of sending suicide bombers / attackers to Syria in order to carry out suicide terrorist attacks against the Syrian people.

The National Spanish Court in the beautiful city of Madrid stated in statements about this case that the suspects, the eight members of the terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda, which has been once founded and established by the U.S. administration years ago, were part of an international network of terrorism.

Of course, this typical network of Al-Qaeda was dedicated to radicalising and tried to recruite and send uneducated radical “mujahedeen” to Syria so that they wage their strange jihad, carry out suicide bomb attacks and then become martyrs – by receiving this “status” they are then allowed to meet their 72 male virgins in hell.

It suspects them of belonging to a terrorist organisation (of Al-Qaeda) with links in other countries – the countries, which are believed to belong to the list of states where this network was or is active are Belgium, Morocco, Turkey and Syria. According to the official sources, this terror network has already sent Moroccan and Spanish nationals to Syria in order to carry out suicide bomb attacks and to fight alongside the jihadists and terrorists against the secular nation and people of Syria.

At least five of these radicals who were already sent to Syria by this group of al-Qaeda already died on Syrian soil carrying out suicide bomb attacks according to a written ruling of the Spanish National Court in Madrid.

The court said in a written ruling that at least five of those sent by the group to Syria had died there carrying out suicide attacks. Among the suspects is Karim Abdeselam Mohamed, 39, and it is said that he was the leader of the terrorist network (according to the documents of the Spanish court).

The Spanish security forces have arrested the eight on Friday in raids in Ceuta, which belongs to Spanish territory, located in north Africa, and in the nearby town of Fnideq across the border in Morocco, according to the official information by the Spanish interior ministry.

It is also stated that this Al-Qaeda network has operated in the two towns and that these radicals have already sent dozens of Islamist militants, some minors, to Syria in order to fight for an Islamist state and against the secularity of the Syrian society.

The governments of the European Union (EU) are showing a growing alarm over the dangerous threats posed by hundreds of young uneducated religious fanatics and thugs from Europe who are believed to fight alongside the jihadists and terrorists in Syria – but that does not change the fact that parts of the European Union still do what their masterminds say and partly support the armed jihadists in their fight for a Islamist Syrian state and to carry out suicide attacks.

European Union governments are showing a growing alarm over the security threat posed by hundreds of young Europeans believed to be fighting alongside rebels in Syria.

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