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sony new smartwatch nfc chip touch screen

Sony SmartWatch MN2SW

The official Twitter account @SonyXperia has revealed some information that we can expect a new SmartWatch from Sony on Twitter already yesterday – and this is hardly surprising, although it is to hope, that this next-gen SmatWatch by Sony will be better, more stable and functional than already known SmartWatch model which is available for quite some time now.

It is also known already due to the shared information in the tweet by @SonyXperia on Twitter that the new generation of the Sony SmartWatch will be presented by the Sony team at the upcoming Mobile Asia Expo 2013 (from 26 to 28 June) next week.

Surely, we are able to trust the official Sony account (SonyXperia) on the short messaging service Twitter and the shared information by this account. Everything else would be really strange and thus, the new SmartWatch by Sony will truly appear next week at the Mobile Asia Expo 2013.

This new generation will replace the well-known Sony SmartWatch MN2SW and hopefully bring Sony and the buyers some more ‘satisfaction’ than the old model was able due to its bugs and problems.

As the well-known tech magazine CNET has learned from a source, while mentioning that this source has consistently delivered accurate information about unannounced Sony products, the new SmartWatch from Sony will not only have a larger display than the old watch, but the upcoming SmartWatch is probably also useful for a little dip in the pool, because the clock is supposed to be waterproof – but only to a small depth.

When CNET mentions that the source has consistently delivered correct information, so we can also believe that the upcoming SmartWatch by Sony will feature a NFC chip, because this feature is also stated by CNET. The integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) allows the owner of the SmartWatch to connect to a smartphone with just one click – of course, this feature will then use the bluetooth modules of both devices.

Furthermore, the new Sony SmartWatch should have a capacitive touch screen and, as already stated, the display will be bigger and the resolution probably higher. Let`s just look forward to next week.

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