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Sir James Le Mesurier Takes a Header; Propagandists Mourn and Conspire

James Le Mesurier White Helmets Turkey Istanbul Syria Nusra Front

The body of James Le Mesurier was found on the street below his home in Istanbul, 11 November, at 0430. Initial, unverified reports claimed facial cuts and broken feet and hands, leading to debates on whether he jumped or was pushed, ignoring the possibility of a fall. Though far from a household name in the western world, western warmonger propagandists mourn his demise, and some speculate on the absurd involvement by a “state actor” in this crushing death. Anti-Syria war pimps have used his ostensible obituary news for another round of media attacks on the SAR.

The bio Le Mesurier, “believed to be in his 40s at the time of his death,” is rather ghost-like. He was a “former British army officer” who magically founded Mayday Rescue, a multi-million dollar “non-profit” for which he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. Created in 2014, as apparent bag money for the stethoscope-less fraud responders known as the White Helmets, its original headquarters was established in Istanbul in 2015. In 2018, it opened another office in Amsterdam.

To date our projects have been funded by international organisations such as the United Nations (UN), international governments (Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and Canada), international development funds (Qatar Fund for Development) and a range of philanthropic donors. — Mayday’s website. Is it not interesting that its named supporters have all all been involved in the arming and funding of “moderate opposition” against Syria?

Le Mesurier’s Mayday notes its “largest programme is in Syria, where we support a network of volunteer rescue workers known as Syria Civil Defence aka The White Helmets,” while — ominously — stating its tentacles are also to be found in Somalia and Lebanon.

This international non-profit claims to have “built” the White Helmets as the “emergency response” though nowhere does it offer an explanation of why this armed gang cannot perform CPR, cannot bag, do not grasp the fundamentals of spinal precautions and do not have a visible stethoscope in any of its countless photographic opportunities.

Since the initial report of Le Mesurier’s death, the self-appointed keepers of moral decency have deployed throughout social media, to reign fire and brimstone upon the heads of those refusing to wail crocodile tears: You are vile! Don’t you know that he has a family! Look at these seizure-inducing graphics to let you know who to condemn!

Oddly, these are the same ilk who care not a whit for the families of Syrian soldiers kidnapped, tortured, murdered by members of Le Mesurier’s criminal Helmets, nor of the families of the martyred soldiers whose bodies were psychotically abused. This fraud righteous group misdirected its empathy to the kidnappers of Syrian children, who were used in grizzly snuff-porn propaganda, murdered on camera in Khan Sheikhoun, 4 April 2017.

Anadolu reported that the widow of the newly deceased stated Le Mesurier had recently been treated with anti-depressants and hypnotics for recent “intense stress” (widow is the “Strategic Director” of Mayday). That patients who have been newly prescribed psychotropes should be carefully monitored for two weeks — in case of paradoxical adverse reactions in the form of paroxysms, which cause the opposite reactions generally seen in these meds — is of no consequence to Amnesty International and UK’s UN ambassador Karen Pierce, who are jonesin’ for some “foul play” to be laid at Russia’s doorstep.

femicide Pierce played the role of arrogant liar about CWs, Syria, & Russia. [28 August].
Pierce played the role of an arrogant liar about CWs, Syria, & Russia. [28 August].

The following short video shows the small street where Le Mesurier lived. Note the security bars on the ledge of his home, to prevent falling. Note, also, the relatively short distance to the cobblestones.

According to what is seen in this video, the suggestion of murder becomes flimsy, as it would be difficult getting Le Mesurier over the guard rails. A toss to such a small distance affords no guarantee of fatality; it is almost as likely that several bones would break and/or a spinal injury would occur, as would death. For this reason, it is also a poorly contrived suicide plan.

However, adverse reactions to newly administered psychotropic medications — more than one increases the possibility of problems — could account for a suicide attempt whose result might be a craps shoot.

James Le Mesurier house in Istanbul Turkey White Helmets founder
The Le Mesurier house in Istanbul. Distance from ledge to ground makes both murder & suicide absurd — unless one factors in a paradoxical reaction to two psychotropic meds. [Credit: Getty Images]

There are also scattered rumblings among some who imagine Le Mesurier was murdered because he somehow knew too much or — more optimistically — he was somehow about to spill the beans.

Everything that we need to know about James Le Mesurier, we already know: He created an international slush fund for an armed gang of fake first responders — killers, kidnappers, organ traders — to deploy among the various factions of al-Qaeda in Syria. For his work, the queen of the imperial world rewarded him.

The Nusra Helmets have lost their creator, but their paychecks will continue.

James Le Mesurier took a fatal header, but the mountains of Syria will continue to cry in grief over the carnage of his great humanitarian work…until every inch of Syria is liberated.

syria every inch Assad
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Miri Wood

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  1. Miri

    Backstory has changed a bit. One MSM brought in a wide roof deck, as his final in vivo spot, making no mention of the 2nd window from which everyone including Turkish police, claim he fell.


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