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The Significance of Syrian Movement; Assad’s Official Foreign Visits

Syrian President Bashar Assad visits the United Arab Emirates UAE meets Sheikh Muhammed Bin Zayed MBZ

President Bashar Al-Assad paid an official visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a day after concluding his official visit to the Russian Federation, both trips carry significant importance as the hegemony of the United States empire of evil and lies fades away, at least in the Arab world.

Accompanying President Assad in his both official trips was a large delegation comprising main ministers, while Russia has been a long-standing friend to Syria, one of Syria’s allies in the war on NATO-sponsored terrorism, and Syria’s main weapons provider, the UAE had complicated relations due to the enormous pressure exerted on it by the USA, its larger sister country, Saudi Arabia, and the ultra-rich statelet acting as a superpower, Qatar.

The UAE was among the very few Arab states that maintained some sort of diplomatic relations with Syria during the past 12 years.

The Syrian-Russian-Emirati triangle, whose axes are reached back and forth by President Bashar al-Assad in the past week, and with a qualitative reception and hospitality, suggests two important things:

First, is the return of Syria to play its international and regional political role, the official Assad visits to Russia and the UAE open the Syrian political tasks with a mission related to a shared understanding by Russia and the UAE, while Syria, on the other hand, has a different opinion about that it seeks to convince the other parties of, which is the position of the two countries of the embattled Turkish President Erdogan.

The Turkish madman Erdogan faces a crucial presidential election this May that might not only end his political career if he loses, but it might also very well lead to him spending the rest of his life behind bars for the sheer amount of crimes he committed spanning from corruption in Turkey to his military adventures abroad inflicting massive damage to the Turkish economy and the Turkish status on the world’s arena.

Russia and the UAE want Erdogan to remain in power because they fear an alternative government if it succeeds, and the two countries share the opinion of both Saudi Arabia and Iran. However, the Syrian president has another opinion that proved correct through Erdogan’s foul actions to evade his promises, which al-Assad insisted that Erdogan provides sufficient guarantees to fulfill them.

The Turks responded to Assad’s request for guarantees that they are of high ceilings, Assad’s demand for guarantees are in fact, sovereign rights of the Syrian Arab Republic violated by Erdogan, they do not violate the Turkish state.

The Turkish dismissal of Assad’s demands was accompanied by Erdogan sending his foreign minister to consult the United States to evaluate who will secure his win in the next elections without caring about his previous promises, and this is what some see as a repudiation of withdrawal from Syria and a continuation of support for terrorism and hostility against the Syrian state.

Therefore, Syria believes that the Turkish opposition and its six-party coalition, which has the strength to win, would be the best for Turkey and for Syria. Assad had to communicate with Russia and the UAE after a meeting with the Iranian foreign minister, who in turn made shuttle visits between Syria and Turkey.

Second, as evidenced by the hospitality with which President Assad was received that Syria today has become the only country capable of uniting the Arab ranks in their political positions after their dispersion and the bets of some Arab regimes on projects of foreign powers that led to hostilities among the Arab regimes serving those different projects, and in sometimes, competing for the same project.

The Arabs saw that they had failed and become weakened and that their enemy had singled them out country after country, including those involved in the aggressive projects of Western countries, so President Assad had to move towards the Arab depth rising above the wounds, intending recovery and the strength of the Arab body.

President Assad’s statement on the Russian media was surprising when he flirted with the Saudi regime by saying ‘Saudi Arabia is no longer hostile to Syria, it no longer participates in the war against it since a long time,’ which means that the hostility was from the former Saudi regime, this indicates the extent of the hidden Syrian-Saudi rapprochement.

The Saudi-Iranian agreement mediated by China affirms the rapprochement with the current Saudi regime; Iran was an element of disagreement between Saudi Arabia and Syria, and the meeting of Saudi Arabia with Iran negates a large part of the dispute. The visit of the Egyptian Foreign Minister to Damascus carries the same meaning.

The Arab approach to Syria will be tantamount to turning back on foreign projects that have brought nothing but losses to all Arabs, and we will find that Syria has a major role in unifying the Arab position because Syria is the only Arab country that still adheres to its pan-Arab discourse.

Syria, therefore, will lead the process of solidifying the Arab position upon its return to the Arab League on Syrian terms, whose steps begin with the Emirates, Egypt, and then Saudi Arabia after the ongoing Omani attempts, and that led to the official visit to the UAE.

Russia and Iran seek on every occasion to call for the return of Syria to the Arab League in order to ensure that the League does not depend on the Zio-American West as it is now without Syria. Mikhail Bogdanov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister and seasoned diplomat handling the affairs of the Arab world in the Russian foreign policy team, held lengthy talks with the Secretary of the Arab League, Aboul Gheit after Assad’s visit to Moscow.

Today, the steps to lift the siege on Syria have begun, and it does not matter if the West is closed to it, the East has its own political laws that escape the laws controlled by the colonial West.

The East is growing stronger, the West is declining, Syria is recovering, and the future belongs to the free people of the world.

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