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Shinzo Abe Assassinated in Nara, Japan, A Closer Look

Shinze Abe's Japan had a strong relationship with NATO

Shinzo Abe, former Japanese Prime Minister, was assassinated while giving a speech in Nara, in support of a parliamentarian running for re-election. Despite a team of security surrounding him, a lone gunman with an alleged home-made large gun managed to get close enough to shoot him in the neck, twice.

Shinzo Abe was the longest-running PM in Japanese history, having served four terms. Initial reports stated he was without vital signs when he collapsed, while subsequent reports claimed he had no signs of life upon admission to the hospital, where he was given a blood transfusion. It was several hours after the cowardly shooting from behind, that news of Abe’s death was finally reported.

“During a news conference at Nara Medical University Hospital, doctors said Mr. Abe had sustained two bullet wounds to his neck, about 5cm (1inch) apart, and also suffered damage to his heart” — which leaves too much to the imagination, given that he was not shot in the heart.

The video is available on YouTube, BitChute, Odysee, and Rumble.

The lone gunman offered no resistance to the incompetent security team; “possible explosive devices” were later found in the shooter’s home, which the bomb squad plans to detonate (how soon has not been announced,) though it would seem that any immediate controlled demolition would destroy any potential evidence.

This short video of the shooting (not graphic) has a thread of various stills of the lone gunman and his primitive, homemade gun that managed to have pristine accuracy:

As Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe flew around the world, meeting various other leaders. In early 2015, he addressed the US Congress, where he apologized for “Japan’s WWII abuses,” and claimed that “The finest asset the U.S. has to give to the world was hope, is hope, will be and must always be hope.”

Those persons somewhat jaded by the hypocrisy of countries that do nothing but bomb other countries to force regime change might wonder about the earnestness of Abe’s apology at the US Congress, given his earlier, contemptuous photographic opportunity in which he sadistically, and joyously sat in an airplane with the numbers 731 painted on it.

The Imperial Japanese Army’s Unit 731 engaged “vile experiments on humans conducted by the unit in preparation for germ warfare,” using thousands of Chinese soldiers and civilians as “human guinea pigs.”

Deliberately infected with plague, anthrax, cholera and other pathogens, an estimated 3,000 of enemy soldiers and civilians were used as guinea pigs. Some of the more horrific experiments included vivisection without anesthesia and pressure chambers to see how much a human could take before his eyes popped out.Unit 731, Japan’s Biological Warfare Project

In noxious icing on the rotting cake, the NATO-affiliated The Times flaunted Shinzo Abe’s shameless photograph and added a warmongering headline against China.

One year later, and somewhat ironically, PM Abe greeted President Obama at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, where the latter gave a poetic speech on the US’s nuclear bombing of the civilian city of Hiroshima. American exceptionalism prohibits apologizes for war crimes, and Obama’s speech sounded as though the nuke that fried upwards of 200,000 Japanese civilians were some manna from the heavens — and the apologetic Shinzo Abe was ok with both the speech and the Newspeak name provided to the ostensible memorial.

Shinzo Abe & Barack Obama at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial,  27 May 2016.
Shinzo Abe & Barack Obama at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, 27 May 2016.

How could any Japanese leader allow the US to not assume responsibility for the Hiroshima war crime?

Then PM Shinzo Abe allowed Obama to normalize the Hiroshima war crime.
Then PM Shinzo Abe allowed Obama to normalize the Hiroshima war crime.

In early 2017, PM Shinzo Abe received then Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis, in Tokyo, where the two discussed the “face of common threats” (e.g., the DPRK’s adamant sovereignty), the “100 percent shoulder-to-shoulder” standing, and Japan’s “hosting of 54,000 U.S. troops and their family members.”

PM Shinzo Abe received “Mad Dog” Mattis in Tokyo, where the two discussed strengthening the US-Japan [warmongering] alliance.

Though Japan’s constitution appears to prevent the country from outright joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, “[it] is NATO’s longest-standing partner from outside the Euro-Atlantic area. We share the same values and challenges, which makes us natural partners,” an alliance reinforced when Abe flew to NATO headquarters for a meeting with Jens Stoltenberg, in which the two discussed further strengthening of their alliance, and also condemned the sovereignty of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Not being a full-fledged member of NATO has not prohibited Japan from maintaining an affinity to NATO “values.”

In March of this year, Shinzo Abe gave an interview to The Sankei Shimbun, in which he very biasedly discussed Ukraine and Russia. Diminishing the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) — countries that declared independence through public referendum — as “effectively” controlled by Russia, he stated that Japan has “no choice but to align with other G7 countries on sanctions against Russia to prevent similar military crises” (do read the hyperlinked interview to note Abe’s concern that the DPRK might somehow attack Japan, that he was seemingly ok with the obliteration of Libya, and that he believed “retaliate and punish” is an excellent deterrent for alleged aggressors).

Though this author was familiar with PM Shinzo Abe’s visit to Congress, the invitation to Obama to dedicate a Hiroshima memorial without acknowledging the US’s heinous atrocity, and the assorted visits with NATO friends, she was most riveted by him during the time of the Daesh (ISIS – ISIL) abductions of apparent Japanese special operatives deployed to assist terrorists in the NATO Spring’s regime-change operation in Syria. The backstories of armed foreign spies Haruna Yukama and Kenji Goto strained the credulity of all thinking persons — though their murders — allegedly by ISIS terrorists who were allegedly not given ransom monies — helped to fortify Obama’s criminal “coalition” to bomb Syria.

Like NATO countries, Japan closed down its embassy in Damascus in March 2012.

Details of the ridiculous backstories, PM Shinzo Abe’s claim to have provided the region with $2.2 billion in humanitarian aid (with no evidence of any great projects, causing some to have suggested these monies were laundered to the terrorists with whom the Japanese terrorists, Goto and Yukama, had embedded), and the Prime Minister’s profuse thanks to Turkey for failing to rescue the two, and no apology from Abe to Syria and to its indigenous citizenry for dumping criminal Japanese nationals into their country, can be found in our Armageddon missive.

For those who may be short on time to read these not insignificant details, we provide a few screenshots from the section of the report dealing with Japanese criminals, and with PM Abe’s public statements:

On 8 July 2022, at 1130 Tokyo time, Shinzo Abe — surrounded by security guards — was shot in the neck by a lone gunman with a hand-made gun with such precision that no one else in the crowd was injured. At this writing, thirty or so hours later, the only thing known about the cowardly perpetrator is that he was in the navy and had some grudge about an unnamed “organization” to which he believed the former Prime Minister was affiliated.

Somehow, the assassination of Shinzo Abe has a stench of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which subsequently became the excuse for World War I.

Miri Wood


Another video has emerged, showing there is no way that Shinzo Abe was shot twice — or even once — in the neck, nor how his heart was injured (according to the idiotic quote cited in the above BBC hyperlink.

The first shot did not hit him, but caused him to turn toward the sound. He was then shot in the right front chest, with the bullet likely hitting the right subclavian artery. Shinzo Abe steps down, walks a couple of steps, and then collapses.

The former PM was not shot from behind, and there is no way that two bullets struck him in the neck, nor is there an explanation for the claim his heart was injured.

After Abe’s collapse, the camera pans to security, tackling the lone gunman, who was obviously quite close to them, and to the former Prime Minister. The only member of security not engaged in a literal pile-on is the suit who is curiously carrying a briefcase who simply walks around tackling others.

While beyond disturbing to see someone being murdered, this video is not graphic.

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  1. Walter Alif

    Assad will be remembered as the most resistant president ever, he killed all the Western heads of state, none like him; as for Shinzo Abe she was a puppet of the West

  2. Huda Hajjar

    Japan used to be a peaceful country, its people were civilized, discipline, and helping others until they got corrupted by the USA which dragged them into its wars, so sad, wish they can return to their values.

  3. Miri

    Given NATO UN has never condemned terrorists’ bombing of actual Syrian hospitals, nor has it noted the government’s rehabbing of hospitals destroyed by NATO-backed terrorists, & given Qamishli is under terrorist/armed insurrectionist SDF, under protection of US illegal military occupiers, it is likely this fraudulent humanitarian endeavor by NATO friend & terror supporter Japan, is part of an ongoing, new Sykes-Picot balkanization plot against Syria:


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