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The ‘Shabeeha’ Killed in the FSA Field Execution in Raqqa

UK Terror

On May 14, 2013, we published footage of one of the thousands of the horrific crimes committed by NATO-sponsored death squads in the main square and in front of the public in Raqqa city, the field of execution of 3 blindfolded, handcuffed, unarmed, civilian men. The gravity of the crime drew disgust and condemnation from most sane people worldwide, only NATO propagandists aka western mainstream media and Alqaeda sympathizers tried to justify the crime by labeling the victims as ‘Shabeeha’.

Obama"s Nusra Front execute 3 men in a public square
Obama’s Nusra Front execute 3 men in a public square

The label ‘Shabeeha’ is used widely by criminal media since the beginning of the Syrian crisis to justify any crime by the thousands of foreign mercenary Wahhabi Sex Jihadists airlifted with their weapons into neighboring countries, especially Turkey (NATO), Lebanon and Jordan then smuggled into Syria by the intelligence services of these countries. In short, the definition of a ‘Shabeeha’ is Anybody else. Anybody who is not joining the ‘death squad’ uprising against the secular government of Syria. We’ve seen post office workers thrown off rooftops in Bab city north of Aleppo, young men were thrown off balconies, sliced people, men imprisoned and left to starve to death, just everything that is not imaginable. This field execution is just one of them.

Lebanese Al-Manar TV reporter managed to meet the family of the victims of this horrific crime, the victims earned the label ‘Shabeeha’ this time one of them for working as a dentist in Hasakeh province in UNRWA the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees who fled from Iraq after the US invasion, the other victim, the first’s nephew was a teacher in the same region and the third victim is not yet identified. Following video with English subtitles:

May God infest each country supporting these thugs with thugs like them running loose on their streets terrifying people until they learn not to cut food off their tables and sponsor such death squads across the planet in countries that never posed any threat against them, just because of their greed and their evil politicians they ‘elect’ to office.

You reap what you sow
You reap what you sow

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  1. Jones2theBones

    You should mention the British politician George Galloway. If you don't know it yet, read his twitterposts about comparing Woolwich to Syria. It'll be worth your while.


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