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Sex Jihad Ploy Backfiring, HIV Cases Being Discovered Among Jihadists

“Jihadist divorced his wife then brought her to Syria, as a gift to other Jihadists” Article from Assour Journal

According to Assour Journal, a Tunisian Jihadist “Abu Hamza” divorced his wife, then brought her with him to Syria. So, she can indulge in sex Jihad with other Jihadists. More than twenty Tunisian women came to Syria to perform sex Jihad. Muslim women are encouraged by Wahhabi Fatwas to have short “marriages” with Jihadists to relieve their stress. These “marriages” don’t last more than hours, with each Jihadist…

These Fatwas are backfiring. Jihadists who are indulging in it are getting more than what they bargained for. A Libyan Jihadist had returned home from Jihad in Syria to discover that he has HIV. Even though his limited sexual experience was only with sex Jihadists…

Jihadist with HIV

Source for the Libyan Jihadist story (Arabic):

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