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SDF Terrorists Kidnap Baath Party Leader from Doctor’s Office

Kurdish SDF YPG armed groups north Syria - Hasakah Deir Ezzor Raqqa Aleppo

SDF terrorists continue in their brutal attempts to ethnically cleanse Arabs from Qamishli, Syria. On Sunday evening, 31 Janaury, the NATO-created and armed Kurdish separatists criminally entered a physician’s clinic at the al Kindi Hospital and kidnapped Rashid al-Ko’aud, a “member of the al-Baath Arab Socialist Party leadership” in Hasaka. His whereabouts remain unknown.

Terrorist kidnappings of Syrians from healthcare facilities is not a new technique; the most heinously notorious involved the grabbing of pre-teen Abdullah Issa from the hospital — his IV was still attached — by the al Zinki faction of the moderately NATO armed FSA, who then beheaded the child on camera. Later, the 5th column Hollywood western supremacists rewarded the friends of the beheaders with an Oscar nomination.

Abdullah Issa, 12 year old Syrian-Palestinian, kidnapped from hospital, moments before his heinous beheading with a kitchen knife.

The NATO SDF terrorists and the savages run by NATO Madman Erdogan seem once again to have put themselves in competition for ethnic cleansing — a war crime, by the way — against the Arabic population in the Levantine republic over the past week: Erdogan’s killers have returned to the cowardly remote bombings of cars, in NATO Turkey occupied Afrin and Azaz; NATO SDF armed Kurds have been assassinating indigenous Syrians protesting kidnappings, and their illicit locking down of targeted neighborhoods in Hasakah City, and two neighborhoods in Qamishli, depriving locals of transportations, drinking water and flour deliveries, and “other daily basic needs,” and continuing to open fire on Syrian protesters.

Note that in this video, Syrian locals chant Allah, Souria, Bashar! (God, Syria, Bashar):

There has been no bread in these neighborhoods for almost one week, as the SDF terrorists have turned away flour delivery trucks.

Main Public bakery in Hasakah City.

NATO stenography journalists have not explained how alleged bitter enemies — armed separatist Kurds whose great-grandparents fled the Ottomans and were welcomed as brothers into Syria — and Madman Erdogan are engaged in an accelerated operation to ethnically cleanse the region of its indigenous population with Erdogan trying to Turkify it, and the US-created SDF trying to Israelize it: Turkey has controlled the Allouk water plant which supplies one million in al Hasakah since October 2019, and now the SDF are controlling the food supply.

The US demanded the separatist armed Kurds change their name so US did not have to remove the YPG from its terror list.

Though the focus of the NATO journalists of late have not attended to glorifying the terrorist SDF, a new marketing campaign will soon be underway, as CFR member Chelsea Clinton, and CFR student, Hillary Clinton have purchased the rights to turn a book by CFR fellow Gayle Tzemach Lemmon into a war porn movie (though ordinary porn is a more than $12 billion a year business in the US, war porn allows degenerates to feel fake piety over their sadoerotic enjoyment). The book is called The Daughters of Kobani, which tends to have a smell of western supremacists and balkanization about it, as there is no such place. The Syrian town is called Ain al Arab; “Kobane” was the name of the German company that built the rail station in Ain al Arab, when Syria was still under Ottoman occupation (after which it was under French occupation until patriots kicked out those foreign occupiers).

We remind the readers of Syria News that the CFR is also subsidized by US taxpayers and then is cited by war pornography media as independent source material for NATO destruction of all remaining sovereign countries.

hillary and her daughter promoting kurdish sdf woman for money
kurdish sdf woman armed terrorist
Doubtful this armed terrorist of the SDF will do a cameo appearance.

As the criminal stenographers did not report on the SDF armed Kurdish separatists massacre of 13 unarmed Syrian security personnel in Qamishli on 8 September 2018, it is also doubtful that the following photographs will be included in the pimping for balkanization movie:

Which western population would cheer a separatists terror gang armed and funded by foreign military, in his or her country?

Especially given the recent siege of the US Capitol, who would glorify a hate group like the SDF terrorist kidnapping an American politician from the doctor’s office?

Who of us would tolerate a terrorist SDF in our neighborhoods?

“It’s not necessary to be an agent of the enemy to help them; it’s enough to be a fool.” ~ Imam Ghazali

Miri Wood

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Cheap low level sub human tactics, they’re executing the orders of their bosses in Israel and the USA. ISIS and other Al Qaeda terrorists were much stronger than them and they were defeated and when the real time came the US told them we will not fight for you. The Kurds will never learn the lesson by watching the mistakes of others, they have to go through the path themselves and even then, they still won’t learn, see what happened in Kurdistan in Iraq and how the first to abandon them were the USA when ISIS attacked them and when they wanted to do a referendum to break away from Iraq.

  2. Huda Hajjar

    Don’t they know that their crimes will not be forgotten ever and that will have very negative effects on the Kurds who will remain in Syria after the US withdraws with its stooges?

  3. Igor T.

    They and their sponsors should be prosecuted worldwide, kidnapping is a war crime especially when carried out by armed terrorist groups with foreign backing, stay strong my friends the victory is near.

  4. A

    I’m speechless. I’ve stumbled on a lot of Truth today. I stumbled on something that led me to go searching then here I am. My heart is breaking. I can’t unsee what I’ve seen. Forgive me for my ignorance because The US media does not show this. I don’t know what I can do to help. Only thing I can think of is to share what I now know in hopes that people will see


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