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Saudi Driver Rams his Car into the Masjid Haram Gate 89, No Injuries

Saudi driver rammed his car into Gate 89 of Masjid Haram - Mecca

A Saudi citizen rammed his car into Gate 89 of the Masjid Haram – Grand Mosque in Mecca yesterday evening, local police reported and seen in footage shared on social media.

The incident occurred at 10:25 pm local time when a speeding car burst through the Grand Mosque’s complex from the surrounding street near the southern yard of the after running over the pedestrian pavement, the car skid its way through the slippery floors of the Mosque and hit Gate 89 in an obvious attempt to break into the main yard where the Kaaba is, the holiest building in Islam built in a cubic shape by Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismael thousands of years ago.

The video is also available on YouTube and Bitchute (when it finishes rendering).

Policemen and Mosque guards rushed to the car and arrested the man they claimed later to be in an ‘abnormal condition’, whatever that means.

It will be difficult for the Saudi authorities to explain how this incident happened to the 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, especially at the heightened time of the attacks on Islam by the French regime of Macron, one of their close ally in bombing Yemen, one of the poorest Arabic and Islamic country. The Grand Mosque should be very well protected from such attacks.

One can only wonder what would have happened to the region if that driver was Iranian and not Saudi, in whatever mental case he would be, but thanks to God’s Grace this incident did not escalate, no injuries, and no serious harm done to the Mosque, and the driver wasn’t able to crash through the main yard.

ِAbout 2.5 million Muslims performed their greatest Islamic ritual the Hajj, Pilgrimage to the Masjid Haram – the Grand Mosque – last year 2019, before the ‘pandemic’, this year pilgrimage started on 29th July 2019, the number was ten thousand pilgrims only amid the strict measures applied due to the pandemic. The Grand Mosque ‘Masjid Haram’ and the Kaaba in its center is where Muslims face in their 5 times daily prayers, to give an idea about the importance of this place in the hearts of every Muslim.

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