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Saudi Arabia Wants to Block WhatsApp After They Blocked Viber

Saudi Arabian terrorism

The totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, lead by the dangerous family al-Saud, has blocked the famous messaging app Viber already last week and wants now to even block the more famous and most-used mobile messenger App WhatsApp, too.

The dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, best friends of Western governments, has plans to finally block the famous messenger App WhatsApp in the upcoming weeks if the developers behind WhatsApp do not comply with the strange local regulations in the Gulf State, which is no democracy and has no real human rights for its citizens, but violates them on daily base.

The Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission has blocked the messaging service Viber already last week. Probably a voice and messaging app which cannot be controlled and spied at is too dangerous for the rotten ruling family in the totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest sponsors of terrorism on this planet.

The governor of the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), Abdullah Al-Darrab, used the typical phrase of cooperation and that the communication platform Viber (as well as WhatsApp) have to comply with the Saudi telecom providers. While this seems to be a normal statement it is not quite sure what “comply” really means due to the fact that it is stated in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi regime has no intents to give away any control of its citizens.

According to the media reports, the company behind the popular mobile messaging App WhatsApp, which is available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and the Android OS (Google), for example, has to build up a local server within Saudi Arabia that allows the regime officials to “monitor the user activity” and you know what that means.

Saudi Arabian terrorism
Saudi Arabian terrorism

The “deadline” by the Saudi regime for the company behind WhatsApp is one week to comply to the “orders” after they allegedly are in contact about this since March 2013. According to the Saudi regime officials, they have “no choice but to block those services” and they started with Viber already last week.

CNET asked the company behind WhatsApp for some clarifications and a statement about this deadline by the regime in Saudi Arabia but so far, there is no reply by the company of the famous mobile messenger App for iOS and Android.

The totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia has blocked and cracked down messaging aps as well as voice and chat services before. For example the BlackBerry messenger service after the company (formerly RIM) did not adhere to the “regulatory requirements” (means “orders” and that BlackBerry did not allow the Saudi regime to spy at its users).

Already in March this year, the Saudi regime has threatened to block some popular Internet chat services as well as voice messaging and video services like Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber if they finally do not start to give in to the “orders” by the Saudi regime.

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  1. Diyana Abdullah

    I dont you should block viber or watsup coz that the only way we communicate with our there in Saudi Arabia from here. Not all of us are eligible to live there or have the means to spend money on calling. Appreciate your consideration. Salam.


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