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Saudi-Arabia uses Iranophobia to counter pro-democracy protests

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The London-based political commentator, Zayd al-Isa, said in an exclusive interview with Press TV on Monday that the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi-Arabia is using anti-Iran propaganda (Iranophobia) as a part of its policy in order to fuel the sectarian tension. The Saudi ruling family thinks that the boosting of sectarian tensions will stop the pro-democracy movements in the Kingdom.

The analyst Zayd al-Isa in London told Press TV in this interview on Monday that the rapidly spreading uprising in Saudi-Arabia, which has started in the oil-rich Eastern Province of the Kingdom in the year 2011, has prompted the “desperately worried” Saudi ruling family to boost and force the divide between Sunnis and Shiites. Of course, it is no real surprise that the rotten Saudi rulers use the sectarian card in order to achieve political goals – while the heads of this totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi-Arabia do not care about human lives.

The Saudi ruling family wants to show to its people, so Zayd al-Isa, that it is involved in confronting and combating the so-called serious and extensile threats which are coming from the Shias and it is clear that the ruling family of this rotten Kingdom tries to use the anti-Iran propaganda (Iranophobia) and sectarian cards in these attempts. Of course, with threats “from the Shias”, the Saudi rulers directly mean the Islamic Republic of Iran.

As Zayd al-Isa explained this in the interview with Press TV on Monday, the Saudi ruling family wants to put the anti-regime protesters in the light of people who are standing against the Saudi regime, which has done its “best to portray itself as the standard-bearer or the defender of Sunni Islam” – and thus, the Saudi ruling family wants to portray the anti-regime protesters as people who just want to spread the Shiite Islam.

The sad point in this is the usual problem in these Gulf States and countries – the sectarian card(s) could easily work, even if the topics and/or allegations are far-fetched or just dumb.

Zayd al-Isa finally said in this exclusive interview with Press TV that the Saudis now see well through the manoeuvre, also because of the staunch support for Western-backed dictators in Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen by the Saudi regime.

The analyst and political commentator Zayd al-Isa said finally that the demonstrations against the Saudi ruling family / regime continues – despite the violent crackdown of protests and the arresting of activists, civilians and the labelling of the protest as anti-Islamic by the strange and dangerous “Wahhabi-Salafi establishment” in the rotten Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia.

Zayd al-Isa concluded with the words that “all that has spectacularly failed to deter the people” in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi ruling family has an increasing problem. It is just sad that this totalitarian dictatorship and rotten family still gets support and weapons by so-called Western democratic countries and that the Western media covers the violent crackdowns and rotten policy of the Saudi ruling monsters.

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