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Sarin Gas Attack near Damascus – Provocation by Terrorist Forces in Syria

Chemicals in Syria. Made in Saudi Arabia.

Russia: Experts with strong proof images of chemical victims fabricated.

According to a new report, international experts have a strong proof that the victims of the chemical weapons attack (Sarin nerve agent) in suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus on August 21 were fabricated.

The report says that several members of a UN Human Rights conference in Geneva were presented accounts of international experts.

Based on the information reported by the Foreign Ministry in Russia, the speakers said that the suspected Sarin gas attack in suburbs (e.g. Jobar) of the capital Damascus on August 21 was likely a provocation by the foreign-backed terrorist forces in Syria.

The speakers have not only argued that the victims of the provocation by the terrorist forces near Damascus on August 21 were fabricated, but also that a military strike against the Syrian government in Damascus and President Bashar al-Assad will likely just result in civilian casualties and a humanitarian catastrophe, which then affects the entire region of the Middle East.

The evidence for the information by the Russian Foreign Ministry were handed over to a commission of experts from the United Nations (UN). The UN commission of experts is probing the conflict and crisis in Syria, according to the Foreign Minister in Moscow. The evidence for the statements and information by the Russian Foreign Ministry includes results of Russian investigations of the chemical weapon incident by activists as well as numerous eyewitness reports and several other data.

There is not more information available about the new statements and the evidence of the Russian Foreign Ministry regarding the alleged chemical weapons attack in suburbs of the Syrian capital, Damascus. However, it seems something could be at a turning point since yesterday and the slip of tongue by US Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Although it is not yet known whether John Kerry really made a small mistake in his speech from yesterday or if he wilfully said the phrase about the Syrian chemical weapons in order to present US President Obama an exit, so that Obama is able to get out of his desperate situation – for example, the intense pressure on him by the Israel Lobby, the regime in Tel Aviv and the totalitarian dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Not to mention that Barack Obama is probably aware of the fact that the alleged evidence for the accusations in terms of the chemical weapons use against Syrian civilians by the government in Damascus are worth nothing and even staged / faked.

Chemicals in Syria. Made in Saudi Arabia.
Chemicals in Syria. Made in Saudi Arabia.

In the meantime, beside the new statements by the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow about the alleged use of chemical weapons in suburbs of Syria’s capital Damascus and the evidence that it has been a provocation by the terrorist forces fighting in Syria against the secular government of President Bashar al-Assad, there is now also a new statement by the Chinese administration. However, the new statement from China is no surprise.

The Chinese administration said in its new statement in terms of the recent events about the Syrian chemical weapons that China completely supports the Russian proposal to the Syrian government in Damascus to put its chemical weapons under the control of the United Nations (UN).

As stated, that China will support this proposal and idea and will publish such a statement soon was to expect. Thus, it remains to be seen what will happen in the next days. However, there is the possibility that the world has now reached a turning point in terms of a possible US-led military strike against Syria.

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  1. Arklight

    Obama doesn’t, in fact, support the international custody of Syria’s CW; he really, really, REALLY wanted to order the killing of Syrians by wholesale, but found the people and even the grafters in Congress turned against him. Obama is what I call a ‘sneasle’, a cross between a snake and a weasel. The only relationship Obama has with truth is that of recognition; truth is fatal to his agenda, and must be avoided at all costs.


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