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samsung tizen smartphone

Samsung / Intel: Tizen OS Screenshots

Tizen OS: First mobile phone with Tizen even before September?

The first smartphone from the known manufacturer behind the many smartphones of the Galaxy series with Android OS, Samsung, could present its first mobile phone with the new Tizen OS already at the end of October, according to new rumours about a Tizen mobile phone from Samsung.

Tizen OS is jointly developed by Samsung and Intel and is simply said an offshoot of their both previous mobile operating systems, which had not much success or the projects were stopped in order to start the joint development of Tizen.

According to the latest article by the Blog “Tizen Indonesia“, citing several South Korean sources, the first release of a smartphone by Samsung with Tizen could already happen on October 27th. According to the report, Samsung shall convene a conference for Tizen developers on this date.

Since the merge of both mobile operating systems Tizen and Bada, the first Samsung smartphone with the new Tizen OS could initially be limited to markets where the Bada smartphones were already successful, according to the South Korean sources of this Tizen blog from Indonesia. This includes the mobile markets in France, China, Japan, Russia and the United States.

A launch of the first Samsung smartphone with Tizen OS in the Middle East or other European markets could likely happen at a later time, although a lot around this first Tizen OS mobile phone is still questionable and whether the first Samsung smartphone with Tizen will be available someday in Arab states or European countries such as Germany or Italy is one of these unanswered question.
So or so, the Tizen OS by Intel and Samsung is a very interesting mobile operating system and could be successful.

Samsung / Intel: Tizen OS Screenshots
Samsung / Intel: Tizen OS Screenshots

The development of the Tizen OS is already very advanced and there is already a tablet pc with a version of Tizen available in Asia. However, it is still unclear whether Intel and Samsung will continue the development of the mobile operating system Tizen.

There are several reports that the upcoming first smartphone with Tizen OS could also be the last mobile phone with Tizen for a long time. Further, there were already rumours that Samsung and Intel have stopped the joint development of the Tizen OS.

However, the development of Tizen could, as stated, already be very advanced and thus it is the time to release a smartphone with Tizen OS in order to see whether it’s worth to continue the joint development while being faced with the success of Android, iOS and yeah.. That’s it.

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