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samsung galaxy new firmware leak based android 4 2 2

Samsung Galaxy S3

A new Firmware has leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone and this time the ROM is based on Android 4.2.2 which means that you get all new features of the latest Android OS by Google and that an official update of the Stock ROM by Samsung might be soon rolled out to your Samsung Galaxy S III.

The new firmware leak “I9300XXUFME7” for the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the Build ID “JDQ39” and the ROM is for the “Open Europe” region. Of course, this leaked Firmware/ROM for the Galaxy S III from Samsung, the flagship device of the manufacturer in 2012, is a pre-release firmware and thus, it might not be completely stable and there are not yet all upcoming new features by Samsung (partly from the Galaxy S4) included.

As usually, the flash of an official firmware does not increase the binary counter of your Galaxy S3 smartphone and it will not change the system state. The firmware I9300XXUFME7 was published by the known portal SamMobile while also a new modem is included – I9300XXUFME7.

The development by Samsung for the upcoming release of the Android 4.2.2-Update for the Galaxy S3 smartphone is not yet done to 100 percent and thus, as mentioned, there are not yet all new features included. It is not sure which features Samsung will include in the ROM-Update für the Galaxy S3 from the current flagship device, the Galaxy S4.

In addition, SamMobile mentions that it might be possible that Samsung will skip the Android 4.2.2-base for the ROM-Update and directly use the upcoming Android 4.3 version as new base for the firmware update for the Galaxy S III which is to expect later in this year – but before autumn. If it will be based on Android 4.2.2 it is to expect that the update for the Galaxy S3 will be rolled out by Samsung in July or August this year, of course.

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3

More information and the link for the download of the leaked new ROM (I9300XXUFME7_I9300OXAFME7_OXA) for the Galaxy S3 from Samsung can be found at SamMobile, of course.

Do not flash it if you do not have any experiences with the Windows tool Odin or in general how to flash a (unbranded stock rom) on a Samsung device.

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