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samsung galaxy gear specs

Samsung Galaxy Gear: Presentation together with Galaxy Note 3?

The evidence that Samsung is already presenting its new SmartWatch at the IFA in Berlin is increasing. The IFA in the German capital Berlin will begin in early September and it seems that Samsung will not only present the new Galaxy Note 3 at the IFA, but also the new Android SmartWatch – the Galaxy Gear.

Now even the alleged technical specifications already surfaced on the internet and the technical specs of the Galaxy Gear SmartWatch from Samsung do sound really interesting.

Samsung had already submitted an application to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on July 29 in order to protect the brand name “Samsung Galaxy Gear” and it was clear that it can only be a new SmartWatch by Samsung. Of course, the new SmartWatch by Samsung is a part of the famous Galaxy series, which is also good for the upcoming promotion and marketing of the Android SmartWatch from the known manufacturer Samsung.

In addition, many are already interested in the Samsung Galaxy Gear and it is known that the interest of the people in terms of such “smart watches” is increasing worldwide. Thus, that Samsung is soon presenting a SmartWatch comes as no surprise. In addition, that Apple will follow with an “iWatch” with iOS, which is then compatible with several iPhones, is just logical. According to the submitted application by Samsung to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the name is intended to apply for a “portable electronic device in the form of a wrist watch, a bracelet or a bangle.”

Samsung mentioned as potential functions and applications of the device (Samsung Galaxy Gear) the “connection to the Internet, phone calls, receive of emails and the organization of messages” as well as the “handling of personal data.”  In addition, the interaction with smartphones, tablets and portable computers (laptops) is mentioned by Samsung, too.

Well, the news magazine Bloomberg now reports that the Samsung Galaxy Gear will be presented in Berlin at the IFA on September 4, and thus, probably together at a typical “Unpacked Event” by Samsung with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the latest model of the successful Note-series by the manufacturer.

Samsung Galaxy Gear
Samsung Galaxy Gear

The usually well-informed blog SamMobile has meanwhile already received the alleged technical specifications of the new Samsung SmartWatch – the Galaxy Gear:

Accordingly, the upcoming SmartWatch by Samsung will feature a Samsung Exynos 4241 dual-core processor, clocked at 1.5GHz. In addition, the Galaxy Gear will have an ARM Mali-400 MP4 GPU as graphical unit under its hood and this sounds interesting, of course.

The RAM is specified with 1GB and the display of the Samsung SmartWatch is said to have the size of 3 x 3 centimetres. However, although SamMobile is often well-informed, the alleged technical specifications are still rumours.

Of course, the display of the Samsung Galaxy Gear will be a typical AMOLED-screen by Samsung and feature the resolution of 320×320 pixels. In addition, the Galaxy Gear by Samsung will have built-in support for Bluetooth and NFC, beside a 2 megapixel camera which is said to be also on board of the SmartWatch – perhaps for video chats.

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