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SAA Working Silently on Cleaning Qaboun Industrial Zone

Jobar & Qaboun

Jobar & Qaboun near Damascus

The Syrian Arab Army working silently and very efficiently on cleaning the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus and one of the most dangerous axes they’re working on is the one in Qaboun Industrial Zone.

Their enemies are the fiercest suicide terrorists from Nusra Front but that only gives them more determination to continue defending their families and country. Battles in the northern outskirts of Damascus between Qaboun, Jobar all the way to Barzah once completed will secure the northern entrance of Damascus and the number of indiscriminate shelling with mortars by the terrorists will decrease till eliminated.

Al-Qaboun Industrial Zone – Damascus

After studying the area and preface shelling against the gathering sites of the Nusra Front terrorists, the SAA will launch their offensive to complete the ring around NATO backed Wahhabi Cannibal Sex Jihadists financed by the most retarded regimes in the world, the Al Saud. Then it’ll be a matter of hours before declaring the entire area secure.

Some factories and smaller workshops already resumed working in the very vital industrial zone where hundreds of families lost their income due to the infestation of their source of living by the cavemen who came to promote democracy in Syria, Wahhabi style.

The following report sheds more light on the battles there (to watch it on YouTube click here)

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