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SAA Target Terrorists in Hama and Idlib Countrysides and Discovers Staches of Israeli Weapons in Quneitra Countryside

SAA Artillery - Syria - Syrian Arab Army مدفعية الجيش العربي السوري

Terrorists loyal to the Turkish criminal Erdogan continue their violation of the Idlib Agreement and attack secured areas under the Syrian government’s control in Hama countryside, the SAA responds properly.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units securing the towns and villages in northern Hama countryside responded by targeting the groups of terrorists from Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda Levant) loyal to the Turkish pariah Erdogan in the outskirts of Taman’a town and the villages of Tarii and Umm Jalal in Maarat Noman region, Idlib’s southern countryside.

Russian fighter jets contributed in the response and carried out 18 raids against the terrorists concentrations in the vicinity of Idlib city.

The SAA responded using artillery and missiles against the world’s lowest-level imported criminals Erdogan once wanted to use to overthrow the Syrian state with them and still using them to kill more Syrians and cry on their spilled blood.

In Hama’s northern countryside, the SAA units fired at the gatherings of terrorist groups moving between a number of villages.

Nusra Front terrorists moving between the villages of Mansoura, Tal Wasit, and Kherbat Naquos were fired at by the SAA’s artillery units.

Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that the terrorists sustained losses in personnel, weapons, and gears, and their fortified dens were destroyed by the SAA.

Erdogan terrorists of Nusra Front in the Shashbo Mountain northwest of Idlib were also targeted by the Syrian Arab Army, especially in between the villages of Shahranaz, Shorlin, Karakat, and Sahriyeh in the mountain. Massive losses in personnel and gears were inflicted upon these terrorists.

Idlib’s Agreement between Turkish Erdogan, Russian President Putin and Iranian President Rouhani was supposed to see Erdogan unarming his thugs of Nusra Front nad other terrorist organization operating in Idlib province by middle of October last year, an extension after the other were given to Erdogan and he failed in each time, while his thugs on the ground violate the military de-escalation zones created by the agreement.

In the south of Syria, in the countryside of Quneitra, the Syrian security forces continue their difficult and tedious task in securing the region which was cleaned from the US-sponsored ‘Regime Changing terrorists’ labeled as ‘Moderate Rebels’ by their sponsors.

The security forces discovered large quantities of US and Israeli made weapons, munition, advanced communication systems, and equipment in the Quneitra southern countryside villages.

Among the discovered items were machine guns of 37mm, 23mm, and 14.5mm, RPG and other weapons munition. A demining device of Western make, Thuraya satellite communication and internet transmitting systems, in addition to medical tools, supplies, and medicine of Saudi, Kuwaiti and Jordanian origin.

A number of stolen vehicles used by the terrorists were also found.

Many civilians have been killed and injured upon returning to their farms and fiels by landmines and other munition left by the terrorists, therefore, the security forces are racing to secure these areas before more people get hurt.

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