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SAA Surprises the Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta

With early hours of dawn yesterday 17 October 2015, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) carried out a swift military operation in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus countryside and advanced on several axes within Noula.

A source revealed to ‘Damascus Now’ that the SAA has already penetrated Marj Sultan area in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus Countryside, advancing in the village of Noula and the surrounding orchids and has fortified its positions around the village.

More than 200 terrorists positions were targeted by the SAA in Marj towns especially in Der al-Assafir town, considered to be the assembly point of terrorists groups and where weapons depots are hid and used by the terrorists in the area.

SAA surprises terrorists in Marj Sultan area, Eastern Ghouta
SAA surprises terrorists in Marj Sultan area, Eastern Ghouta

Controlling Noula village will open the way for the bigger battle at Marj Sultan and at al-Nashabiyah, the terrorists main town in Eastern Ghouta, the source added.

The Syrian Arab had already taken control of all hills over viewing the cities of Harasta and Duma from the side of al-Assad Suburb north of Damascus, as terrorist groups started retreating notably from their positions near the Syrian capital.

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