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SAA Secures Talfita in Qalamon Mountains

SAA Unit Celebrating

An SAA unit celebrating a successful mission cleaning the world from Wahhabi terror

They provide propaganda and we respond with reports from the ground, that was one of the reasons the promoters of ‘free speech’ in the world banned Syrian based media then Iranian linked media for not following their narrative, the following is from Talfita and Moadamyeh, one to the north of Damascus, the other is to the south, respectively.

Syrian Arab Army moves ‘fast and furious’ in Damascus countryside liberating towns, one after the other, almost daily, pushing the terrorists to the edge of suicide bombing themselves when they fail to flee the areas the SAA is targeting. The SAA is supported by NDF, the National Defense Forces and locals while the ‘rebels’ the Wahhabi Cannibal Sex Jihadists are sponsored by the CIA, MI6, Turkish MiT, Israeli Mossad and a number of Arab ‘intelligence’ agencies like the Saudi and Qataris.

FSA groups are combined mainly from mercenary fighters brought from all sides of the planet to destroy the last secular state in the Middle East and replace it with a number of enclaves, ethnic and sectarian based ’emirates’ to pave the way to justify the establishment of the ‘Jewish State of Israel’. Secular states form an existential threat to an apartheid state based on religious belief.

Talfita town in Qalamon near the Lebanese borders

The first part of the below video report from Talfita town in Qalamon mountains north of Damascus near the Lebanese borders by al-Alam TV’s correspondent Mazen Salmo.

Moaddamiyeh town south of Damascus
Moaddamiyeh town south of Damascus

The second part speaks volumes with video from Moadamyeh to the south of Damascus city confirming the SAA in cooperation with the International Red Crescent has managed to move out about 2,000 women and children from the town infested with Obama Regime thugs aka Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists.

Citizens of western countries, especially the taxpayers, contribute directly to aid Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations against the sovereign and secular state of Syria, willingly and unwillingly by following the same propaganda time and again that led them to destroy Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and a number of other countries.

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