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Breaking: SAA Restores Nassib Border Crossing

Nassib Border Crossing - Syria - Jordan - Daraa - Map by Central Media

Syrian Arab Army crowned its military operation in the south and southwest Syria and managed to clean the main Nassib Border Crossing with Jordan from US-sponsored FSA terrorist groups.

After one of the swiftest, professional, and intense 2 weeks military operation by the Syrian Arab Army, the SAA managed to restore the Nassib border crossing with Jordan thus opening the vital M5 Highway connecting Aleppo in Syria’s north to Amman in Jordan through Syria’s main cities Hama, Homs, and Damascus.

This is the most strategic breakthrough in this hybrid operation that was carried out by both the SAA and the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Reconciliation Center in Hmeimim.

Tens of villages in Daraa countryside joined the reconciliation efforts after years of oppression and horrors under the US-sponsored terrorists, many of the armed groups within went as far as joining the SAA advancing forces in pursuing the more fanatic and radical anti-Islamic Wahhabi FSA groups, including al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front and ISIS. Many other towns and villages showed some resistance but eventually were liberated by the SAA.

Nassib Border Crossing - Syria - Jordan - Daraa - Map by Central Media
Nassib Border Crossing – Syria – Jordan – Daraa – Map by Central Media

The cleaning of Nassib border crossing is as a strategic victory for the Syrian state almost equal to the cleaning of Damascus Eastern Ghouta from the terrorists due to its economic value.

The Nassib Border Crossing will be reopened within days after this major achievement and after the SAA’s engineering units mop the whole route from IEDs and dangers leftovers by the terrorists. Goods from all of Syria and Lebanon can now be exported by land to and through Jordan continuing to other countries in the south, such countries like the GCC group has seen prices of essentials rise as much as 3 times after the closure of this same crossing.

Syria’s produce is 5 times cheaper (1/5th of its price) from those of any of its neighboring countries, thanks to the State’s policies in supporting and subsidizing all essentials in the country.

Lebanon, though not deserving in its majority who conspired against Syria, will breath better now having its goods exported through this very important land route.

Thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army, the help of the Russian Aerospace forces and the vast support of the people of Daraa and its countryside, the eliminating of terrorists strangling Syria’s economy and threatening its statehood was achieved. We hope the Kurds in the north and northeast of Syria would learn from all these lessons in not to depend further on the US, Israel or the Saudis in their adventure of creating another Israel in the territories they control or plan to handover to Turkey. The Syrian leadership and the Syrian Arab Army have determined to clean the whole country from all terrorists and separatists and to restore the country to the last inch.

The SAA’s new target is to clean the south and southwest remaining pockets of terrorists especially those ISIS-affiliated groups of the FSA protecting Israel. The next missions in the south will be easier using the newly cleaned highway.

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