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SAA Repels ISIS Attack on Khalkhaleh Military Airport in Sweida Countryside

SAA Repels ISIS Attack on Khalkhaleh Military Airport in Sweida Countryside

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) repelled a new coordinated attack by herds of ISIS terrorists on Khalkhaleh Military Airport in Sweida countryside south of the country.

A group of ISIS terrorists based in US-protected Tanf area tried to sneak into the perimeters of the Khalkhaleh Military Airport which was terminated by the vigilant SAA troops in the airport.

The attempt to sneak into the military airport was followed by a heavy vicious attack by the ISIS terrorists on the strategic military airport and was repelled by the SAA units after fierce battles with the terrorists.

SAA inflicted heavy losses among the attackers with large numbers of them killed and many injured and retreated towards their hideouts in the US-protected area near Tanf border crossing.

Khalkhaleh Military Airport is one of the main strategic military airports in the south of Syria based in an open area not far from the Damascus – Sweida Highway about 40 kilometers from Sweida City and 65 kilometers from the city of Daraa.

This ISIS coordinated attack comes a week after the heinous massacre carried out by over a thousand of the remnants of the ISIS terrorist organization hiding in the vicinity of the US illegal military base and under its protection near Tanf border crossing with Iraq and Jordan southeast of Syria. The heinous massacre targeted a number of remote villages in the northeast of Sweida countryside and inside the city and resulted in the slaughtering of over 215 civilians, injuring 180 more and kidnapping dozens of women from the region.

It is believed the US turns a blind eye on ISIS terrorist attacks in the strategy they follow which was exposed by former US secretary of state John Kerry where he mentioned the US saw in the rise of ISIS as a tool to pressure the Syrian ‘regime’. We believe the US is completely behind ISIS and all other terrorist organizations that emerged during and post the illegal invasion of Iraq by the US and UK as mentioned by a former top al-Qaeda commander.

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