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SAA Liberates ISIS ‘Capital’ al-Mayadin – Cleans Hatla

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al-Mayadin, The abyssal fortress that has long been bragged about by the ISIS terrorist organization has fallen.

The following report by RT Arabic: The last Syrian bullet into ISIS coffin was laid in the city of al-Mayadin. The Syrian Forces led by the operations commander Brigadier Suhail al-Hassan aka The Tiger achieved a record-breaking in fighting ISIS’s largest gatherings.

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Watch video on BitChute: (, YouTube deleted our channel with no valid reason for the second time after they re-instated it the first time admitting to their mistake…!

These are the first moments after the Syrian Arab Army completed their control over what was called ‘Capital of Good State’ ie. ‘Capital of ISIS’ here in al-Mayadin City, we stand here at the Main Roundabout near the northwest entrance of this city.

SAA Lieutenant Colonel Rami Mawwas: ‘We are now in the city of al-Mayadin, which was considered as the economic, political and military capital of ISIS terrorist organization.’

With the grace of God and with the precise plan set by our leaders and the field commander of the operation, with the iron will of our brave fighters and our heroic ‘tigers’, we managed in a short time to destroy the enemy’s fortifications placed in front of the city, in a short period not more than 3 days we managed to destroy their advanced defenses which led to a collapse in their ranks.’

RT camera managed to reach the furthest points the Syrian (Arab) Army reached to here in the city of al-Mayadin.

We are on the west (Euphrates) bank of al-Mayadin city, the last point where ISIS withdrew through this river to the opposite areas, ISIS is positioned on the other bank of Euphrates River, we are in this area where we can see the weapons depots, these are large depots of weapons… It’s all over the city of al-Mayadin and not only in this place.

We can also see the booby-trapped cars which were readied to blow-up, it was prepared and ready to be blown-up by ISIS.

SAA Officer: ‘We can also see the booby-trapped cars which were readied to blow-up, it was prepared and ready to be blown-up by ISIS. Israeli, US and Western, Eastern (Bloc) weapons, individual weapons, medium weapons, heavy weapons from tanks, carts, armored vehicles.’

The officer adds: ‘Also the logistical supply in this area was huge. Most of the weapons and munition depots and the military manufacturing are in this area.’

We can say here from al-Mayadin City the beginning of the collapse of ISIS (terrorist) organization has actually started by the fall of its economic and military Capital as here are the weapons depots and here ISIS was manufacturing their weapons, has completely collapsed, and as we can see, now we are standing in front of the areas where the (ISIS) terrorists fled to which is also almost empty after they fled for far distances with the advance of the Syrian forces.

End of RT Report.

The Syrian Arab Army continued their operations north and east of the city of Deir Ezzor, cleaned on their way the town of Hatla (Hatlah). This town suffered two heinous massacres against its civilians just because they’re Shiites (Shias).

The first heinous massacre in the town of Hatla was committed in June 2013 by a group of Kuwaiti terrorists fighting under the FSA (Free Syrian Army) banner. The Kuwaiti terrorists killed more than 60 civilians mostly women and children and bragged about their crime before media in the town itself and by their radical leader in the city of Kuwait in the Gulf. Gulfies from Kuwait have been radicalized systematically against Syria especially because Syria was one of the main helpers in liberating Kuwait from Iraq…!

The Second heinous crime against Hatla was committed this time directly by the US-Led coalition. The filthy illegal and uninvited ‘coalition of the willing’ rogue states against the mandates of the United Nations and against the will of the UN Security Council.

This crime was committed in April 2017 leading to the killings of hundreds of civilians in the town using ‘toxic materials.

The only reason the ‘War of Terror’ and the war on it is prolonged in Syria is the insistence of the instigators to not confess defeat to their and their proxies war against the last secular country in the whole region. They still think by committing massacres they can achieve something in the post-war negotiations with the victors of the war who fought and won over the world’s filthiest filth of mercenary anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists.

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