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SAA Kills 400 ISIS Terrorists in Deir Ezzor East of Syria

image-SAA Kills More than 400 ISIS Terrorists in Der Ezzor

Syrian Arab Army repelled the continuous onslaught attacks by ISIS terrorists against the garrison of Der Ezzor Airport and inflicted major losses among the attackers.

Thousands of terrorists from the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists from the US created ISIS organization fled Iraqi Mosul and crossed under the protection of the ‘US-led coalition’ with Der Ezzor as their target.

The ISIS Air Force (aka US-led Air Force) targeted a Syrian Arab Army post on the Thardeh Mountain overlooking the main airport in Eastern Syria in September 2016 killing 82 SAA soldiers and allowing the terrorist group to take over the post until date.

The besieged SAA battalions in the Airport, in and around the city of Der Ezzor are protecting over 120,000 civilians in the city, delivering food and aid through airdrops by the Syrian Airforces, largely severed by the September massacre against the SAA post in September last year as the airport became more exposed to terrorists targeting.

Recently, when the Iraqi Army and its allied forces launched their Mosul liberation operation and when the US felt the liberation of the Iraqi main stronghold of ISIS is imminent, the US exerted its maximum pressure on the Iraqi army and managed to halt their operations to allow thousands of hardcore ISIS terrorists to flee the city and gather their forces en route to Der Ezzor resulting in the latest huge attacks against the SAA positions in the city.

Despite all of that, and despite even losing the main passage between the Airport and the Cemeteries area opposite it, the Syrian Arab Army units are still holding ground fiercely and not only withstood and contained the terrorist attacks for more than a week now, they are inflicting huge losses among the terrorists’ ranks, bodies of more than 400 of them were gathered by their colleagues in the vicinity of the areas they’re attacking.

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  1. f4lcng3neral

    They actually enjoy dying. So please don’t stop. It’s a win-win for human mankind. I don’t know any time in history when a filth as hateful, vicious, barbaric and cruel as ISIS has ever crawled upon the face of earth. Even the Vandals didn’t just destroy everything when they conquered Rome. I love Syria, I love every Syrian defending his or her homeland and I love the SAA, because you are capable of what noone before wanted or was ever capable of: Fighting these subhuman creatures and completely wipe them out, for that the Syrian people can be reunited and happy as never before. Regards from Ger

  2. James Sitar

    This media outlet is so closed minded and one qaued iya ridiculous. The united stayes is fighting IS also. They arent backing them. The US backed rebels fighting Assad. Yea some rebels might assist IS but they dont directly assist them. Hey, i hope every IS fighter dies, but you sound like a moron everytime you describe IS with “the US backed Anti Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadist” title. Everyone hates isis, tou dont have to describe them in a way to tey to make pwoplw hate them more. You soind ridiculous


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