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SAA Inches towards Saraqib; Cleans Towns in Aleppo

SAA Syrian Arab Army - Aleppo - Idlib - Hama

The Syrian Arab Army is inching towards Saraqib, another city on the Aleppo – Damascus M5 artery after cleaning the strategic city and NATO terrorists’ bastion of Maarat Numan.

While the terrorists commanded by NATO ‘strategists’ resorted to a technique of opening a number of fronts including bombing residential neighborhoods in Aleppo to scatter the SAA’s focus and strength, they were not expecting that the Syrian Arab Army had similar plans and opened stronger and heavier fronts for them forcing them to retreat and regroup while they were losing their reinforced fortifications.

The work of years of fortification and barricading by the terrorists fell in front of the advancing of the masters of the battlefields the SAA units in a matter of days and is now a few kilometers from Saraqib.

This report by the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen news channel is from Khan Touman, the latest town the SAA cleaned from NATO forces and NATO terrorists:

Videl also available on BitChute

Transcript of the English translation of the video report:

Six days were enough to bring back Khan Touman in the southern Aleppo countryside to the Syrian Arab Army, Tilal Maher, Ma’rata, ‘Mahrouqat’ and Jerf Al-Sakhr, in addition to the Khan Touman warehouses, formed fire control of the town and brought it down.

SAA Soldier: In the past two days, we have advanced on the axis of the Khan Touman warehouses and Khan Touman Mechanics site, we were able to establish a strong and large military base, while destroying the most important and dangerous fortifications of the militants.

The Syrian Arab Army advance in the Rashidin 5th District and the Association of Journalists tightened the noose on Jabhat al-Nusra militants in the Rashidin 4th and led to the siege of the Turkish point in the south.

Syrian progress from the west and east of Aleppo-Damascus international highways simultaneously confused the militants’ calculations in the area and exhausted their defenses, which collapsed in the face of the weight of concentrated army strikes and attacks.

SAA Soldier: The strategy of this region for the mechanics site, the bulgur plant and the hill of Ma’rata tends to support the work of the army, which is advancing by Rashidin, this area is overlooking Khan Touman and we have been able to control it with fire control which is assisting the army to enter it from the side of Ma’rat al-Numan to open the Aleppo International Road.

The strategy of engaging by fire governs the reality of Aleppo fronts, the countryside and the city, the circumvention and incursions carried out by the Syrian Army forces contributed to a breach on the southern front and gave a strong impetus to the liberation of the entire southern and western countryside of Aleppo, thus reopening and securing the road From Aleppo to Ma’rat al-Numan in Idlib countryside and from there to Hama, Homs, and Damascus.

End of the transcript.


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