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SAA Eliminates 150 ISIS Terrorists in Idlib Countryside

image-SAA Eliminates 150 ISIS Terrorists in Idlib Countryside heading to assist Nusra Front terrorists fighting under the Turkish army command

This report was aired on 11 February 2018, I needed time to get it translated and available and need your support to remain able to continue with this work. To find out how you can help please visit the Donate page from the menu above.

Syrian Arab Army heroes continue their daily battles against the herds of thousands of terrorists from ISIS, Nusra Front, FSA, and other US-sponsored organizations all over the Syrian geography.

At the same time, the SAA keeps a watchful eye for NATO and its allies incursions like the Turkish incursion in the north, the Israeli hit and run attacks in the south and the overall NATO operations.

In its continuous fights, the now experienced SAA units managed to lure tens of ISIS terrorists in Idlib countryside by opening a pocket for them where they fled the battle in front of advancing SAA units and were heading to aid their colleagues in Nusra Front, just to fall in a well-established ambush and get eliminated completely.

Over 150 ISIS terrorists were sent to hell, all their gears and weapons were confiscated and the Syrian Arab Army concludes their operations in that region, for the time being.

Watch this report, transcript below – Contains GRAPHIC footage, viewers discretion highly advised – NSFW (typos in subtitles corrected below):

(Video also available on BitChute:


The battle of Hama, Aleppo and Idlib countrysides the Syrian Arab Army started early November with a large military momentum starting from Hama’s northeast and Aleppo’s southeastern countrysides have accomplished its military, political and field goals.

More than 4000 square kilometers was the geographical area the Syrian Arab Army managed to clean and control during the military operation, it included more than 500 villages, town, and suburbs, in addition to securing the perimeters of Abu Dhohour Military Airbase, the second largest military base for the Syrian Arab Army in northern Syria.

Syrian Arab Army Commander: ‘Today marks the last day of encircling and tighten the noose on ISIS terrorist organization, they tried to flee towards Nusra Front in Idlib, they fell in the ambush and trap of the Syrian Arab Army, they were encircled, divided into groups and eliminated completely, all their military gears were confiscated.’

ISIS committed themselves to the call of Nusra Front to head for the call for duty, all its fighters headed to the battlefronts (lead by Turkey) and they failed. A strategic road has been reopened, it cuts short the distances from Salamiyah to al-Hamra through Tal Aldaman until Hraibel, and in God’s will, the people will return to their houses, farms and their secure normal lives.’ The SAA officer added.

The ISIS terrorists’ fortification, their complete military gear, and weapons arsenal, they prepared during the 6 years of war, today it falls under the might of the Syrian Arab Army. Modern variety of weapons, heavy armored vehicles, rocket launchers, US rocket launchers were confiscated after combing the area.

The SAA Officer: ‘As you can see we have IDs and documents from all nationalities in the world and from all supporters of terror, and we have over 150 bodies (of terrorists) here on the ground now, there are bodies spread all over the place, not counting those who blew themselves up, the confiscated weapons include all sorts of automatic machine guns, modern day and night anti-armored rocket launchers, day and night thermal snipers, tanks, BMP armored vehicles, everything they had.’

Syrian Arab Army commander concludes: ‘It’s a highly organized well armed terrorist organization, they had all requirements for battles; they were completely crushed and eliminated and they were highly trained battle-hardened terrorists.’

A Syrian – Russian military delegation inspected the weapons, gears, and munition the terrorist organization had.

This victory the Syrian Arab Army achieved was a tremendous blow to the supporters of terror and to its financiers, as confirmed by the SAA battlefield commanders.

End of Transcript.

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