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SAA Discovers a Network of Tunnels and Weapons Depots in Maarat Numan

Network of tunnels and weapons factories found under Maarat Numan

The Syrian Arab Army units continue its military combing of areas near Maarat Numan recently cleaned from NATO terrorists in search of and neutralizing landmines, explosives, weapons, and IEDs left behind by the defeated terrorists.

Their latest discovery was a network of tunnels under the town of al-Hamidia connecting several facilities in the town together which were used by NATO’s al-Qaeda terrorists to manufacture missiles and projectiles, IEDs and other explosives and to store them in big quantities.

One of the depots was under the town’s elementary school. The terrorists also turned the town’s produce cold storage facility into one of their killing tools depots.

This video report by SANA shows the latest discovery:

The video is also available on BitChute

Do note that Syrian journalist Wafaa Shabrouni got injured when a similar IED blew up while her crew was recording a report from Maarat Numan.

Syria’s Idlib province was called by the Syrian people as ‘Green Idlib’ in reference to the province’s agricultural produce, especially of olives of all sorts. NATO terrorists replaced that with the production of death tools.

As Syrians, we can never forget the ‘generosity’ of the western taxpayers in prioritizing the funding of these terrorists over their own welfare, what’s better than killing other people and destroying their country in the minds of the fake humanitarians?

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