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SAA Clean Mahin & Hawwarin in Homs Countryside

Syrian Arab Army with the assistance of the National Defense Forces are cleaning the towns of Mahin and Hawwarin in southeastern countryside of Homs after cleaning Sadad from the US backed anti-Islamic Wahhabi cannibal sex Jihadist terrorsits, the mercenary terrorists western citizens have no problem living under austerity measures and even shutting down their own government to keep financing these radical cavemen and continue slaughtering Syrians.

Sadad, a Christian dominated remote town with historic role in spreading Christianity was attacked by herds of anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists, 40 of its residents were slaughtered, and a family of 6 were discovered later with their hands tied, blindfolded, shot in the head and thrown in an old well. US & European citizens must be really proud seeing what their support for these cavemen is doing..

Homs countryside: Mahin & Hawwarin Cleaned by SAA
Homs countryside: Mahin & Hawwarin Cleaned by SAA

The following report by Al Mayadeen TV sheds more light (to watch it on YouTube click here):

When the terrorists gathered in the Qalamon mountains from the Lebanese side and near the desert in the Syrian side anticipating the big battle and the SAA offense, the SAA liberated Sfeirah in the north of Syria in Aleppo countryside, now the clock is ticking towards the cleaning of Qalamon area from the terrorists after their supply routes are cut and they’re gathered into killing zones. They won’t be seeing SAA tanks when it’s coming, even with the biggest help these Al Qaeda terrorists get from their US, UK, French, Saudi, Qatari and Ottoman sponsors.

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