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SAA Captures an Israeli Drone Charged with Cluster Bombs South of Syria

Syrian Arab Army captures an Israeli drone loaded with cluster bombs and C4 explosives - SANA

A Syrian Air Defense Electronic unit took control of an Israeli drone over the town of Erneh, Jabal Al-Shaikh (Mount Hermon) southwest of Syria, and brought it to ground safely.

The drone was flying coming from the west – the Syrian Golan occupied by Israel.

SAA officer dismantles Israeli drone loaded with cluster bomb and C4 explosives
SAA officer dismantles Israeli drone loaded with cluster bomb and C4 explosives

Upon dismantling the drone the technicians found it was stuffed with cluster bombs and C4 explosives to protect the internal bombs.

Israel uses drones aggressively to breach the sovereignty of Syria, Lebanon, and other countries, but the US and its stooges get hysterically rabid if any other party uses drones to defend their country from aggression.

Two similar suicide drones packed with explosives were sent by Netanyahu forces last month to the southern district of the Lebanese capital Beirut to target a high ranking Hezb Allah official, the mission failed and the Hezb vowed to target Israeli drones at will breaking a long unsigned understanding that set the rules of engagement since the latest Israeli aggression against Lebanon in the year 2006 which also Israel failed miserably in its aggression and literally begged for a ceasefire on the 34th day of the war they started after Hezb Allah with only Syria and Iran backing it that time managed to inflict serious losses among the Israeli IDF terrorist organization.

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