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Russian Military Police Deployed in Saraqib Ending Erdogan’s Dreams in It

Russian Military Police in Saraqib, Idlib

The Russian Military Police started their patrols in the city of Saraqib after the Syrian Arab Army and its allies cleaned the city again late last night, this will bury Erdogan’s daydreams of invading the city again or risk facing the Russian forces in Syria.

The Russian Military Police are deployed in the city of Saraqib to secure the M4 and M5 arteries running through the city, Russian official source.

Not that Erdogan is dumb enough to actually engage the Russian forces in Syria, he tried that before by shooting down the Russian Su-24 fighter jet from behind in 2015, but the circumstances today are completely different than those, today Iran is bombing a US military base after warning it and causing over a 100 casualties among the US soldiers, sorry ‘brain injured’, there are no more ‘Freinds of Syria’ comprising of 65 countries those fooled with fake news and those with criminal nature, and the large number of times of lap jumping Erdogan did in the recent years made sure he will have no ally to trust him to join his adventures, adding that the whole world now knows that Syria is fighting al-Qaeda in Idlib, and Erdogan’s army is on the side of al-Qaeda.

Local sources reported seeing Russian fighting units arriving at Saraqib, not only the Military Police, after reports of new reinforcements sent from Turkey in very large numbers, the Russian fighting units are ready for any dumbness of Erdogan.

The SAA and its allies in a record 4 days only absorbed the Turkish huge invasion, regrouped, redeployed and moved on the offense, Air Defense systems and electronic warfare units handled the Turkish military pride strategic drones rendering its effectiveness 10 – 15% compared with when it was first used last week.

Jund Al-Aqsa, Hurras al-Din, Jabhat Ansar Al-Islam groups were among the ISIS affiliates joining Nusra Front and the Turkish Army in its invasion of Saraqib last week, more than 5000 of them had a goal of invading Saraqib and moving to Khan Sheikhoun reversing the SAA achievements in securing the vital M5 Damascus – Aleppo highway.

The SAA and allies units fought fierce battles with the fanatics of Erdogan in Saraqib over the past two days, especially at night, and in many cases with cold arm (white arm – knives).

Saraqib battle broke the bones of Erdogan and his army, the Syrian leadership declared the M5 artery safe for civilian passenger cars. A number of civilians were killed when the drones deployed by Erdogan’s son in law between Wednesday and Thursday of last week targeted their vehicles on the highway.

On another front at the other end of the 70 kilometers long front, the Syrian Arab Army silenced the Turkish Army’s artillery which was targeting the SAA posts in Kafr Aweid and Sufuhon.

The battles will continue and will witness more fierce battles especially that Erdogan’s activists are trying to recruit whoever can carry weapons and is interested to die for the caliphate dreams inside Turkey after sustaining at least 5 times the official declared casualties among the Turkish Army personnel in Idlib, and 10 – 15 times the declared casualties among the terrorists, foreign terrorists killed in Syria are not counted among the dead, the habit continues since the first days of the Syrian crisis, they used to burn their corpses, now no time to do even that, or maybe no need for a variety of reasons.

One of the social media pages calling for the recruits of fools to join Erdogan’s criminals in Idlib:

Erdogan’s social media calling on recruits to join his new adventure in Idlib

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    • Arabi Souri

      For sure Turkey is not Ukraine, Turkey has US military bases which protect Turkey, Russia knows that well that’s why it’s not directly involved to avoid a WWIII, instead letting the Syrian armed forces take care of the invaders.

  1. ahhhhmed

    I hear you. Good luck with the idea. So far things dont look rosy for assads forces. Just now turkey shot another plane down, 100 s dead, plenty of tanks etc destroyed by turkey. And thats just one day. Cut syria in half, give all the refugees on turkeys side half of syria. Theres your peace , and less dead. War wont stop till then, assad is dreaming and smoking the wrong tobaco. And then shame, just a few usa troops in syria, but assad and his friend putin is scared. Keep to facts , not propoganda.

    • Arabi Souri

      You’re very much 2011, come to 2020 and see turkey ? at its real size and how the whole world now hate them because of their criminal acts. How does it feel to be despised by every nation in the world? Not only that, when Erdogan keeps begging everyone to join his adventure and everyone keeps letting him down.

  2. ahhhhmed

    Hi Arabi. I can see you are a better journalist than miri. Your messages at least is more to the point. Good luck there. Have a good day. Stay safe. Let see by friday how things are going there. Ahhhmed


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